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Chapter 594 - Chapter 594: Young Miss

Chapter 594: Young Miss

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio   Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Shen Yan hurriedly embraced his wife and said with a conciliatory expression, “Darling, it’s a peaceful era now. There won’t be any chance to go to the battlefield. She’ll just go to school and study. Besides, there are so many elites in that school. If a battle became inevitable, they would vie for the opportunity to step forward. A little girl like Xi wouldn’t stand a chance.”

Lu Shan fixed her eyes on Shen Yan with a deadly stare. She gnawed on her lower lip so fiercely that it paled, her anger evident in the quivering of her features.

Shen Xi quickly intervened, “Mom, Dad is right. I’m just going to study. Once 1 graduate, I’ll come back. It’s just a little over four years, very soon.”

Shen Yan nodded repeatedly beside them.

Flying fighter jets used to be Shen Yan’s dream, but between his dream and Lu Shan, he chose Lu Shan, who was more important to him. Shen Yan felt comforted that Shen Xi could pursue this path. He considered his dream fulfilled by Shen Xi.

The news of Shen Xi receiving the admission letter made its way to both families. The prospect of their cherished child, who was as dear to them as their own eyes, taking to the skies as a fighter pilot, nearly sent both families into a tailspin.

Shen Xi had to put in a lot of effort to persuade both families to agree.

Considering Shen Xi’s brazen act at Li Zhe’s engagement banquet, the t.i.tle of “Young Miss of the Shen Family” became a sensation in Beijing.

Although people did not discover the true ident.i.ty of the Shen family’s young miss, the incident of Shen Xi storming into an engagement banquet to s.n.a.t.c.h the groom became the talk of the town.

Everyone was curious. Shen Yan, the father of the Shen family, was supposed to be abroad. Was he not rumored to be single? Where did this daughter spring from? And she was s.n.a.t.c.hing men away from their partners?

Later, it was rumored that Shen Xi was the daughter of Lu Shan, the heiress of the Lu family, and had no relation to the Shen family. It was just a coincidence that her father happened to have the surname, Shen.

In recent years, among the four major families in Beijing, only the Guan and Gu families had grandchildren. Everyone knew about it. Some even mocked that the Shen and Lu families were true enemies. One family chose to abstain from marriage and having children, while the other family, refusing to fall behind, also refrained from entering into matrimony and starting a family.

However, both families were revealed to have had grandchildren. Moreover, it was the same person, arousing the curiosity of the gossipy crowds in Beijing.

The two families had an inherent sense of rivalry. “If you don’t have children, I won’t have children. If you have children, I’ll have the same one.” This bizarre and mysterious atmosphere pervaded the air.

A laugh of desperation escaped Shen Xi as she looked at Shen Hui and Lu De,

“Grandfathers, did you two spread those rumors outside?”

Lu De awkwardly touched his nose and said, “It was that old coot Shen Hui who started it. He spread the news about the engagement banquet, claiming that it was the Shen family’s young miss. 1 couldn’t stand it, so 1 contacted the media and said that you were from the Lu family.”

Shen Hui became offended. “Can you blame me? Once the name ‘Shen Xi’ came out, everyone knew she belonged to the Shen family. Now, in Beijing, if anyone bearing the surname Shen dares to instigate trouble with the Guan family, it’s obviously from our Shen family. What does it have to do with me?”

Seeing as Shen Hui washed his hands of the matter, Lu De instantly lost his cool and glared at him, “Do you dare to say that you didn’t contact the media and spread the news secretly? Do you dare to say that you didn’t whisper to your friends, saying that you have a granddaughter? Are you even human?

Look at your shameless old face!”

Shen Hui could not maintain his composure under Lu De’s words. He grabbed his wrist, his chest heaving with anger. “What did I do? When someone asked me, can I just lie? I’m not as immoral as you, claiming that Xi has no connection to the Shen family and that she belongs to the Lu family. What’s more, is Lu Shan reproducing all by herself? It’s a joke!”

In a gesture of exasperation, Shen Yan and Lu Shan placed their palms against their foreheads. Shen Xi sighed and said, “Well then, let’s have my parents get

married and have a wedding.”

Shen Yan and Lu Shan’s eyes sparkled at the mention of getting married and having a wedding.

Shen Hui and Lu De exchanged a glance, then turned their eyes away from each other with disdain.

Shen Xi looked upset and said, “I’m already this old, and my parents still haven’t gotten married. People who don’t know might think I’m an illegitimate child. It’s difficult when things aren’t clear, and others may take advantage of it.”

Lu De: “Who dares! I’ll tear them apart!’

Shen Hui: “Who dares! I’ll destroy them!”

At this moment, Shen Hui and Lu De were in agreement. No one should dare to bully their little precious Xi..

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