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Chapter 593 - Chapter 593: Notification

Chapter 593: Notification

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio   Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Nevertheless, Guan Yi could also tell that Shen Xi was one who had a mind of her own, so he had to temporarily give up on his matchmaking plan. As long as Shen Xi and Meng Yu got along well, there remained the possibility of them ending up together in the future.

With a look of guilt, Guan Yi apologized, “I’m sorry, I overstepped.”

Shen Xi smiled and said, “It’s alright. Parents always think for their children, and I understand. By the way, since you’re here today, we can discuss Meng Yu t s future arrangements.”

Guan Yi’s heart tightened, “Arrangements? Did something happen to Ah Yu? 1 thought he no longer had suicidal tendencies.”

Shen Xi sighed softly and said, “He’s not suicidal now, but he seems like a lost soul. My cousin and I have been discussing sending him abroad for treatment, but we still need your opinion on this matter. After all, you’re his father.”

Initially, Shen Xi tried to discuss Meng Yu’s treatment abroad, but Meng Yu seemed uninterested. However, if this dragged on any longer, Shen Xi feared that Zheng Huai’s prediction might come true and that Meng Yu would eventually lose his mind and descend into madness.

“Don’t worry, my cousin said he would accompany Meng Yu to his mentor for treatment until he fully recovers,” Shen Xi added.

Guan Yi pondered for a moment and finally said, “Then let’s send him out. It will be troublesome for your cousin, but I’ll arrange the treatment expenses and Dr. Zhengs compensation when I get back.”

Shen Xi smiled and said, “That’s a small matter. Let me take you to see Meng

Yu, and if there’s anything else, I’ll have my cousin talk to you.”

Guan Yi nodded, allowing Shen Xi to lead him to Meng Yu t s room.

Shen Xi let out a gentle sigh at the sight of the elderly man with slightly disheveled gray hair. His concerned eyes were fixed upon Meng Yu, who remained motionless, lost in an empty gaze out of the window. If it were not for the sins planted by the Gu family, things would not have taken such a tragic turn.

The thought of the Gu family brought a glint of darkness to her eyes.

In her previous life, she always thought that Meng Yu and Gu Xing knew each other and were probably good friends. Otherwise, Meng Yu would not have been there to see Gu Xing off to prison when she was incarcerated.

Now, it seemed that she had misunderstood.

In light of the truth that she had uncovered thus far, there was clearly an irreconcilable hatred between Meng Yu and Gu Xing.

Hence, it was possible that in her previous life, Meng Yu discovered the truth and used legal means to send Gu Xing to prison. It was also possible that Gu Xing intentionally entered the prison to escape Meng Yu’s pursuit.

Irrespective of the circ.u.mstances, when Meng Yu came to see Gu Xing, he saved her from a crazy cellmate who held her hostage. Otherwise, before she could seek revenge for her parents, she would have been killed by the deranged inmate before her release from prison.

She did not know if her rebirth had changed the course of history. Would Meng Yu still visit Gu Xing in prison three years later?

Shen Xi looked at the motionless Meng Yu sitting by the window and felt a tinge of helplessness in her heart.

The next day, after sending Zheng Huai and Meng Yu abroad, Shen Xi returned to the villa with Zhao Yuan. Coincidentally, Shen Yan and Lu Shan were at home.

Upon seeing Shen Xi’s return, Shen Yan’s face lit up with joy as he held a piece of paper and exclaimed, “Xi, your acceptance letter has arrived! The school said you should report for registration after New Year’s.”

On the other hand, Lu Shan sulked on the sofa, looking as if someone owed her millions, and said with a huff, “Xi, we agreed on Stanford University. Why the sudden change of heart? You’re a delicate girl. Can you handle the hardships of a military academy under harsh conditions? You’ve only been back for six months, and now we’re facing another separation, where we might only have the chance to see you once every two years. It infuriates me!”

Zhao Yuan was also displeased to hear the news and advised, “Xi, I heard military academies are very tough. Why did you suddenly change your mind?

And the acceptance letter came so quickly.”

Shen Xi smiled and said, “When 1 was flying a helicopter before, I met a teacher from that school, so I applied.”

As soon as Lu Shan heard about flying a helicopter, her resentment toward her husband immediately surged. She pointed at Shen Yan and accused him while crying, “Shen Yan, it’s all because of your tinkering with those machines. Why did you insist on giving Xi a helicopter? And now, she’s going to fly a fighter jet.. If she goes to the battlefield, I won’t let you off the hook!”

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