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Chapter 730 - Chapter 730: She Still Can’t Leave Her in the Lurch

Chapter 730: She Still Can’t Leave Her in the Lurch

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Su Ruoqing put away the binoculars and turned to look at the computer. She pressed playback and watched the video.

With this and the conflict between Shi Qian and Lin Qinghe that she had recorded previously, she could produce a very exciting video with a little editing.

At that time, as long as this video was released, Shi Qian would not be able to defend herself and would still be investigated.

Lin Qinghe was a human life!

Fu Sinian carried Shi Qian to the nanny van outside.

Bai Jianshen immediately came over to treat Shi Qian’s wound.

Shi Qian sat in Fu Sinian’s arms and reached out her hands. One of her palms was badly mangled by the rough cement, and the other was covered in small wounds.

The pain was excruciating.

She bit her lower lip hard. She still couldn’t take it.

“Qian Qian, I’ll disinfect you first. I still have to clean the wound. It hurts a little. Bear with it.”

Shi Qian nodded, pretending to be strong. However, in the next second, she cried out in pain.

“It hurts, it hurts!”

She pulled her hand back as she cried out.

“Give her an anesthetic.” Fu Sinian’s forehead was covered in sweat. Shi Qian was injured, and he felt worse than if he was injured himself.

“Okay.” Bai Jianshen nodded.

After the injection, Shi Qian immediately felt the pain ease.

However, after what had just happened, she was still afraid and did not dare to reach out.

“Be good. Quickly clean the wound to avoid infection. It’s already anesthetized. It won’t hurt anymore.”

“It hurts After Shi Qian finished speaking, tears fell like beads from a broken string.

Fu Sinian raised his hand to wipe her tears.

“Sinian, it really hurts.” Shi Qian cried harder.

Fu Sinian was helpless. He hugged her head and buried her face in his arms.

“Be good. Bear with it for a while. It’ll be fine in a while, okay?” He coaxed her extremely patiently.

Shi Qian cried for a while before she was willing to reach out.

Under the effect of the anesthetic, her entire hand was numb and there was no pain.

Only then did Bai Jianshen start cleaning her wound again.

Shi Qian’s entire palm was bruised. There was not a piece of good skin left! Moreover, there were many small stones in the flesh that had to be picked out one by one.

Shi Qian leaned into Fu Sinian’s arms and didn’t see the cleanup process. Fu Sinian watched the entire process.

“Why did you save Lin Qinghe? At all times, you have to think about protecting yourself. I’ll settle the rest.” Fu Sinian’s heart really ached. Even though he was angry that she didn’t know how to protect herself, his voice was still gentle.

“If Lin Qinghe dies, even if I’m framed, I’ll have to bear this burden and it’ll become my nightmare. 1 might never be able to forget this scene in my life. I’m not just saving her. I’m doing this for myself.”

Fu Sinian couldn’t find anything to refute.

She was kind-hearted, even if Lin Qinghe had once done so many things to hurt her.

She still couldn’t leave her in the lurch.

“Young Master Fu, the wound has been cleaned.”

Only then did Shi Qian look up from Fu Sinian’s arms and saw the hand that was wrapped like a big bun.

“Dr. Bai, how long will it take for this injury to heal?” she asked worriedly. She was still worried that it would affect her filming.

Fu Sinian immediately heard her worry.

“Rest well if you’re injured. You’ll be fine when you recover.”

“If the wound heals quickly, it will scab in a week. It will affect your life but as long as you pay attention, you will recover quickly.” Bai Jianshen gave a relatively clear answer..

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