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Chapter 729 - Chapter 729: Lin Qinghe Is Dead

Chapter 729: Lin Qinghe Is Dead

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

A figure suddenly rushed out and grabbed the rope!

Shi Qian’s body fell, and the rope almost shook out of her hand.

She immediately reached out with both hands and hugged the rope tightly.

Only then did she have the chance to look up.

It was as if someone was pulling a rope up there.

But she couldn’t see who it was.

“Qian Qian!” Fu Sinian called out. He was holding the weight of two people alone. The veins on his forehead were bulging, and his voice was a little dark.

“Sinian!” Shi Qian called out excitedly.

“Climb up.”

“Okay.” Shi Qian immediately climbed up using the rope.

Fortunately, she didn’t fall very far. She climbed back up in a few moments.

Fu Sinian immediately let go of the rope and went to help Shi Qian.

“Lin Qinghe!” Shi Qian called out loudly. The rope had already slid down under her gaze!

Then, there was the sound of something heavy falling to the ground!

Shi Qian’s heart tightened as she prepared to look down.

Fu Sinian hugged her and pressed her head to his chest.

Shi Qian’s heart raced as she thought about what had happened to Lin Qinghe.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here,” Fu Sinian comforted her softly.

“Lin Qinghe, she…”

“Young Master Fu!” Jiang Feng ran up and was already out of breath.

“What happened?”

“Yes.” Jiang Feng nodded. “Someone reported a case. Two cars came. Rong Zhan stopped them and is negotiating.”

“Deal with this place properly,” Fu Sinian instructed in a low voice.


Shi Qian was at a loss as she listened to the conversation.

Now her mind was blank. She didn’t have the energy to think about anything.

From the moment she opened her eyes until now, what had happened was too stimulating. Her body had reached its limit. She only wanted to lean in Fu Sinian’s arms and close her eyes for a while.

She knew that as long as he was around, she felt the greatest sense of security.

Fu Sinian looked at her badly mangled hands and bruised wrists, his gaze terrifyingly dark.

Su Ruoqing was still staring at the commotion. She saw that Fu Sinian had only saved Shi Qian. Lin Qinghe had fallen from the tall building, but she was not sure if Lin Qinghe was dead.

Now, the person in charge of the investigation was also blocked outside. He couldn’t even enter.

She glanced at the surveillance image on the computer again. It was dark.

Fu Sinian carried Shi Qian to the first floor.

Dong Zi immediately brought the camera he had found to Fu Sinian.

“Have you investigated everything?” Fu Sinian asked in a low voice.

“I did. That’s all there is. 1 scanned it a few times with a detector.”

Shi Qian looked up from Fu Sinian’s arms and realized that Bai Jianshen was treating Lin Qinghe’s injuries. Lin Qinghe even cried out in pain from time to time, proving that she was still alive.

“Carry her to the stretcher,” Bai Jianshen instructed.

“Wait.” Fu Sinian stopped him. “Use the body bag.”

Bai Jianshen was a little puzzled, but he still followed Fu Sinian’s request and put Lin Qinghe into a bag before carrying her out.

Rong Zhan walked in and his face stiffened at the sight.

“Those people left?” Fu Sinian asked Rong Zhan.

“They’re gone.” Rong Zhan nodded. “Is Qian Qian okay?”

“She’s injured.” Fu Sinian’s tone was filled with heartache.

Su Ruoqing was still monitoring the situation. She finally saw the scene she was looking forward to.

Lin Qinghe was carried out in a body bag.

Although Fu Sinian had suppressed it and no one came in to investigate, as long as Lin Qinghe died, Shi Qian would be involved!

He didn’t want others to investigate, did he?

Did Fu Sinian think that he could protect Shi Qian like this?

She had another plan..

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