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All the government troops present were stunned. They had fought for so long that, in the end, they were no stronger than this shoot. It had blown up at least dozens of people. The most important thing was that it blows up half of the road where the enemy could go through. The enemy could only attack through a road which was less than 3 meters, the speed of attacking of the enemy had slowed down a lot.

On the contrary, government soldiers could attack on a wide s.p.a.ce with width of about dozens of meters, so government army charged with the momentum of an avalanche, their number was significantly more than the rebels soon.

Kelifu looked at Qin Feng inexplicably. Because he could not believe the scene that just had happened. "Is this your order?"

Qin Feng grinned and laughed. "Of course. Don't hesitate, go on bombarding."

"Are you sure it was not by chance?"

Kelifu still couldn't believe how a Chinese commando could be so powerful. Could Chinese military academy teach such exquisite military skills? Shouldn't it be the Soviet Union's Fulongzhi Military Academy the strongest?

"How about let me command the cannon again?"

Qin Feng laughed. "If I make any mistake, I will take full responsibility."

Kelifu thought for a while and nodded silently. "Well, I can give you a chance to do it."

When his word finished, he yelled at the artillery behind him. " Now, all people listen to his command."

Qin feng raised his thumb and stood between his eyes. His thumb kept moving back and forth, trying to find the most suitable direction slowly. Kelifu stand next to him has been looking at the front with a night vision telescope, urging Qin Feng from time to time. "Hurry up, The rebels is coming up and they are repairing the aisles urgently that had been blown up."

At this moment, a typical middle east Hu Kou wind blew over. It seems that the wind had a strength of at least six or seven degrees. The shrubs on the hillside were blown swaying. Many soldiers who were either thin or weak were unable to stand still. If they didn't stabbed their saber into the ground and hold it fiercely, they would had slipped down the hillside.

Now they had to rush onto the plateau. Otherwise, large numbers of soldiers were likely to be blown down the mountain by such a strong wind. In that case, not only would large numbers of soldiers have life-threatening dangers, but also their sniping plan would failed completely.

But here's the problem that the direction of the wind was northeast. This wind just caused a little chilling on the back of rebels, it would never blow them away. On the contrary, it was a problem for the government troops. It seems that many soldiers were sliding down the slope one after another. Fortunately, it was also good that the shrubs in this area were relatively dense. And the soldiers could continuously grasp the trunk of the shrubs, which could postpone the speed of decline, but it was not the right way to go on like this.The most important thing now was that the government army must find a way to beat the rebels as soon as possible so that soldiers could slowly climb onto the plateau. Otherwise, if the situation didn't change, the army would be defeated without being attacked in the end as the strong wind continued blowing.

"At the direction of three o'clock, go up forty-five degrees and turn right for half a round."

Qin Feng said, "Fire!"

When his word finished, gunners adjusted the direction of the cannon quickly then they fired their last sh.e.l.l with a loud bang. This sh.e.l.l could be said to be the last hope of the soldiers. As long as the rebel forces could be suppressed, it would make time for the embarra.s.sing government army.

Kelifu watched the artillery sh.e.l.ls nervously, it drew a beautiful curve in the air. Then a m.u.f.fled sound. The other half road for the rebel had been blasted. Hundreds of the enemies who standing closely with each other were all affected, and the whole ramp was shaken fiercely. The frightened rebels had to withdraw quickly, fearing that there would be rocks fell down on both sides.

"Oh,my G.o.d. It is nice."

Kelifu raised his arms excitedly and hugged Qin Feng tightly. "Well done! I didn't expect it to be so successful, as I imagined."

"Don't waste time, order now, let's charge!"

Qin Feng pushed Kelifu away immediately. "What's on your body, it's a little odor."

"Is there any?"

Kelifu sniffed nervously, as if it were a bit. Then he said:"Gentlemen, those who do not want to be blown down the mountain by the wind, charge to the plateau with me. Let's drive all these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds rebels down the mountain. Come on!"


With Kelifu's incitement, all the soldiers who was climbing behind the shrubs were filled with power instantly. They burst out with the most powerful force, then ran step by step to the plateau.

There were few shelters on the plateau, it was almost a flat open area. This was a natural landform. It was rugged originally, but after years of strong winds, even the hardest rock was smoothed. As time went by, it had formed such a platform that looked like it had been prefabricated by cement. So the ground was very hard. If it was pierced with saber, it would only penetrate half of it at most. The frozen layer was too thick to be penetrated.

"All crawl forward, never put up your head."

Qin Feng shouted hurriedly, "Kelifu, quick, let them spread out, all of them should spread widely on both sides."

But Kelifu didn't realize the danger was coming at first. When he saw the light from the downside of opposite ramp shining in the sky, he finally recognized that danger was coming. It turned out that after the rebels were evacuated by artillery, they did not really flee away. Instead, they were hiding tens of meters below the ramp. They planed to threw grenades when the government army reach the plateau.

If the government forces failed to disperse in time, they would be treated as a sieve and they would be blown up.

Kelifu took a step to a big rock and shouted, "Quickly, move to the both sides, spread out, all squat, squat down, squat down!"


Numerous luminous grenades were attacking to this side, as dense as raindrops, Qin Feng found that Kelifu was in danger. He rushed to him, "Watch out!"

He leaped forward and pushed Kelifu directly down from the big stone. They rolled over for more than ten meters on the hard ground, and when they just arrived the bottom, the big stone where Kelifu was standing on was directly blasted away into pieces.

Kelifu covered her waist with pain and said, "Oh, no. Chinese special forces, my waist is hurt. It's all my life. I have to depend on it so that I can conquer beautiful women one after another."

Qin Feng did not have time to talk nonsense with him and dragged him hurriedly to the west. On the other hand, Ha Lei was behind them, he was observing the situation on the other side of the river. He did not find any enemy for the time being. However, he knew that, the rebels would surely climb up again after this bombarding of grenades.

This was similar to the "Battle of hacksaw collar" in the Second World War. Maimargh and ToYO repeatedly vie with each other for a position on Okinawa Island. Before the soldiers of their own country launch a charge, they often launch a burst of artillery fire to strike first. If they suppressed the enemy's fire, they would get twice the result with half the effort.

"It is estimated that the rebel force is about to a.s.sault. We must organize our a.s.sault immediately so that we could reach the entrance of the opposite ramp to sniper them. Otherwise, the rebels would take that position again. We are out of sh.e.l.ls. It is estimated that the equipment and ammunition thrown on the mountainside have already been blown to the foot of the mountain by the strong wind. We have no other choice but to fight with these guys at hand."

Qin Feng grasped Kelifu and said seriously. "This is the only chance for us to win the battle."


Kelifu felt that Qin Feng was reasonable. After he got up, he deliberately touched Qin Feng's tough chest. "Wow. Your chest is so hard. I used to think that Chinese are all small bamboo poles. You are a bit different."

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