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"Then I can only say that you are too inexperienced. In Hua Xia, the fighters like me are countless, I'll take you to see if I have a chance."

Qin Feng shouted, "Stop dawdling and organize storm troopers."

Kelifu often looked very dragging, but he was very efficient when he comes to action. This was due to his genuine military background. Although he had indulged himself all these years, his energy would burst out in an instant when it came to an emergency.

Soon, the first-rate storm troopers whose number was up to one hundred were formed. All of them were top-notch soldiers with first-rate military attainment. He integrated the superior firepower of the whole regiment and provided them with enough bullets and guns, as long as they could get a firm foothold on the forward positions, these firepower bombs were absolutely sufficient.

After arranging the team, Kelifu came to Qin Feng and said, "Is it time for us to set out?"

"What are you waiting for?"

Qin Feng take a glance at the fighters, they were in high and vigorous spirits, they didn't mean to retreat from the battle. It seemed that the slovenly Kelifu had trained some good soldiers on weekdays, "Set out! Take out your blood. This is a desperate struggle, either the enemy or us would be alive. Come on!"

Qin Feng shouted loudly, he clearly saw the uncontrolled excitement of the soldiers, they hadn't been so excited for a long time. Although everyone was afraid of death, the real soldier wasn't afraid of challenges, even if the road ahead was perilous, they always believed that they would tread through the mud and run to the other sh.o.r.e of victory.

Under the guidance of Qin Feng, Kelifu and, Ha Lei and the storm troopers whose number was up to one hundred behind them all rushed up, ignoring the sh.e.l.ls coming from the surrounding. Under the circ.u.mstance of gunfire, none of them got cold feet or retreated. They were all soldiers from the h.e.l.l, having no fear of life and death. The spirit was completely different from that when Qin Feng first saw them. Such a soldier needed to have a leader who had positive energy to incite. Qin Feng's arrival gave them a tranquilizer, let them had strong faith and have determination to win.

It was less than one hundred meters away from the ramp, Qin Feng's speed advantage become more and more obvious. Many black soldiers who was said good at running were unable to catch up with him, Qin Feng held a machine gun and carried another on his shoulder. Even so, at a distance of eighty meters away, he was the first to see several rebel soldiers who climbed up to the ramp. In the high-speed running, Qin Feng didn't stop to shoot, he could still keep a hundred percent hit rate. Before the enemy see Qin Feng, their heads had been shot, and then they were hit to fly away directly, falling down to the underside of the cliff.

Kelifu saw the scene far away, he couldn't help but sigh, "My gosh! What kind of marksmanship is it? It's so fantastic. It's amazing. It's simply a sharpshooter."

Ha Lei laughed in silence, strafing directly with a light machine gun. The Minimi light machine gun that had such a strong recoil broke out a powerful killing force. Five or six rebel forces who climbed up in a row were beaten directly, which made Kelifu could not help sighing. It seemed that he should not make light of Chinese soldiers as he used to. The two men were much better than most of their government forces.

If there was not Qin Feng and Ha Lei 's shooting ahead that greatly slowed down the climbing speed of enemy, a large number of rebels would have gotten their favorable position when the government forces ran to the edge of the ramp.

The rebels couldn't get a firm foothold on the ramp in such an emergency, they fired sh.e.l.ls intensively once again.


When Qin Feng saw this, he hurriedly turned back, shaking his arms and shouted. "Dispersal, dispersal, squat down, squat down, quick!"

Qin Feng was the closest to the ramp, he was less than 30 meters from it. Ha Lei was in the position that ten meters behind him. Kelifu and others gathered together. More than one hundred people crowded together, if they were unlucky, some of them may be killed by one sh.e.l.l.

The guy who loaded sh.e.l.ls under the ramp must be killed at first, otherwise the storm troopers would suffer from it.

"Ha Lei, come on! Follow me."

Because Qin Feng was already very close to the ramp, so the sh.e.l.ls that flew over almost wiped the top of his head. The sh.e.l.ls didn't explode at such a close distance from him, Qin Feng and Ha Lei were very safe. Only they could get rid of the rebel forces' artillerymen in this situation.

The two of them crept on the edge of the ramp, investigating under the ramp through the crevice between two big rocks. f.u.c.k, when they saw it, they were shocked. No wonder the rebel forces were severe, and their attacking force was pretty fierce. There were at least thousands of people standing under the ramp. It should be the spearhead of the rebel forces, and the main forces behind them in the wild place must be at least fifty thousand people.

"Have you seen the direction of four o'clock? The artilleryman is hiding behind the old banyan tree. There was a camouflage net, he is hiding quite deeply."

After observing for a while, Qin Feng quickly found the place where the sh.e.l.l was loaded, "It is an included angle position, it is not easy to shoot it. You stare at it here and I go to the west side to have a look. Play attention to my gesture."

"Roger that."

Ha Lei obeyed.

Qin Feng rushed all the way and came to the corner of the west side quickly. In this position, it was very clear to see the location of artillery, but it was far away from here and it was not easy to shoot.

But now he couldn't think too much about it. The storm troopers behind were subjected to a fierce artillery bombardment. There had been more than twenty people who were dead or injured. If this went on, the storm troopers would have been bombed before reaching the ramp.

Qin Feng made a gesture to Ha Lei, Ha Lei understood all of it, they almost shot at the same time. The bullet that Qin Feng shot went through the camouflage net and then hit the rebel artillery box directly, Ha Lei shot on the commander of the artillery position.

Boom. The sh.e.l.ls were detonated, the whole position was completely ruined. At least more than one hundred people around were affected at different degrees. There were not many bombs in the artillery position. Otherwise, the whole ramp would collapse. But even so, Qin Feng still had done something great, he didn't expect that he would hit the sh.e.l.l box with a shoot. The box was hidden in a particularly concealment. It could be seen that the rebel forces hid it deliberately, but it was still detected by Qin Feng. The firepower of the whole rebel army was all stopped.

Qin Feng whistled towards Kelifu who was in the back row, he seized the opportunity, rushed to the ramp quickly with the storm troopers, then stopped urgently at a position and made arrangement immediately. Qin Feng had been watching the situation of the rebel forces on the west side. After the artillery camp was bombed, their commander became angry from embarra.s.sment, he convened all the fighters to attack the ramp at the same time in his temper. The hostilities came to this point, there were already no tactics for it,what the most importance thing was fort.i.tude, the people who was not afraid of death and dared to fight would win the final victory.

Ha Lei hid behind a large stone. The Minimi light machine guns played a huge role. It was strafing without any letup, annihilating rows and rows of enemies. Without the protection of artillery, this group of rebel forces couldn't get a firm foothold at all. Once an enemy climbed up to the ramp, he was shot on his head. They tried five or six times continuously, all of the a.s.saults end in failure. However, on the side of Kelifu, except for the twenty-two people who died at the beginning of the bombardment, it was unexpected that no one died after defending the several times of a.s.sault of the rebel forces, only two were slightly injured, but that's not a big deal.

Because the task received by the rebel forces was to cross the Sade Plateau at the fastest speed, directly reaching the government station and occupy the central area of Afuhan. However, they never expected that they would suffer such fierce attacks in the plateau. If they could not reach the central area on schedule, it would be sure to announce this rebellion failed.

After several blows, they had confirmed that it was difficult to pa.s.s through from here, if they continued to rush, they could only send themselves to death. They also needed to maintain their strength now. Once the rebellion failed, if they had enough numbers, they could still protect themselves, the government forces didn't dare to kill them all. However, if all the soldiers were dragged to death in these meaningless charges, then who suffered losses were themselves.

At this time, seeing that the action of the rebel forces was weaken, Kelifu asked all the main forces that behind him to come up. If the rebel forces no longer attacked, then the government forces would come out.

However, to make such a decision, he still had to tell Qin Feng.

"We will fight a counter-attack and directly hit the rebel forces away from the plateau."

Kelifu said.

"Holding the ramp is tantamount to take advantage of terrain. Never counter-attack. Just ambush and wait here."

Qin Feng said, "I will go to the cliff and have a look."

Although a large number of rebel forces could be seen far away, most of them had ran toward the edge of the cliff, which was the same as expected, because of desperation, the rebel forces that fail to a.s.sault for several times could only took risk to try to attack the cliff.

Qin Feng finally came back, Green snake shouted with excitement, "I just heard you were hitting intensely there. I really envy you. We didn't even have a bird here."

"Don't worry, they will be here soon. The rebel forces were abused heavily by us. They can only come up from here."

Qin Feng said seriously, "Don't be careless. Tell the brothers to pay attention to safety."

"Don't worry, as long as they dare to come, I would annihilate them completely."

Green snake patted her chest and said confidently.

"Stop patting, your b.r.e.a.s.t.s are so big that they are swaying."

Qin Feng hummed, "Both of them are even more lethal than two grenades."

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