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Qin Feng gave him a kicked. "f.u.c.k, 500 more sit-ups. Dare you negotiate with me? You don't need to get off the plane, just wait for our triumphant return."

"Ah? It's hard to come out and have fun, how can I not go down!"

After finishing speaking, Ha Lei lay on the ground, holding the back of his head with his hands, and began to do sit-up. Green Snake didn't know what to do, she tried to persuade Qin Feng: "Don't make him physical or mental suffering, we just have one person who has super good endurance, we would be in trouble if he disables."

Qin Feng had his mind. When he saw Ha Lei was almost done, he pulled him up and said: "We are now over Sa De, it's time to go."


Harley said with a sweat on his hand, and said with excitement, "I have already warmed up, and I will kill people as I wish. Don't stop me."

The two helicopters hovered over the plateau for a while, and found a safe zone to land. The team members of the two groups jumped off in order, although at a height of several kilometers, it was an easy job for them, regardless of the direction of wind, they could always control the landing position accurately so that the deviation was less than 100 meters.

Dare to jump could only be said to be an basic skill. However, it was difficult for people to control the position of the parachute under the influence of wind direction, wind speed and floating suspension force above the sky.

After ten minutes, all the members gathered around.

This is the southwest corner of the plateau, with thousands of square kilometers of land, densely covered with shrubs and low desert forests, Among them, there was a relatively rare species of Meconopsis, which had been cast in this dry and rainy climate.

The surface of the plateau was very hard, and Qin Feng observes the surrounding situation with a night vision telescope, according to the detection of the thermal sensor, there were a lot of heat sources in the surrounding area within a few tens of kilometers. There should be a large number of people pa.s.sing through here.

Crossing this hamper, that was the fortress of the government army, whether it was possible to win the entire Afuhan overnight, it was a big challenge for the Anderson rebels. But they didn't have time to stay. They should take the capital without letup in the evening so that they could take control of the entire Afuhan government. At that time, everything would be under Anderson's rule.

Green snake leaned aside and whispered: "Captain Qin, I think the enemy would get here from the west. Because it was relatively flat, and there is few messy vegetation, which is suitable for fast shuttles. They are eager to enter the government station, so they wouldn't want to delay on the road. Those steep places would certainly not be considered."

"But their commanders must be clear that, this kind of flat place, because both sides are dangerous, it is certainly easy to ambush. It's been six hours since the insurgency begin, and the government forces have time to set up here and snipe the rebels from getting into the government station. So, will the rebel commander be so careless?"

The reason why Qin Feng was Qin Feng was that he always likes to think more than any others. He would repeatedly a.n.a.lyze the development of the entire war, then change his mind and thought about the problem from the perspective of the other commander. If he was him, what should he do?

"But we only have such a few people, there is no way to attack both sides, we can only defend one side. Which side do you think is better?"

Green snake was certainly convinced by Qin Feng, but she still felt that the rebel commander should not be so experienced.

"The gentle zone would be left to the government army. They would come soon. I have already sniffed their breath. We have fewer people, so it is easier to defend from the cliff. You and Ha Lei take some people go first, I will meet the government commander, then we will fight together, at that time we have to cooperate with each other."

Qin Feng said, handing the night vision telescope to Green snake and then he announces: "Now Green Snake is the temporary commander, all of you have to obey her. We need to be fast."

No one dares to refute, after speaking, Qin Feng disappeared in the dark so quickly.

His speed in the mountains, plateaus, and jungles was even faster than that on the flat bottom. With so many thorns, tree forks, and rugged gravel, his reaction had always been the fastest. With instinctive reactions, he could avoid obstacles in a high-speed march. It was impossible to catch Qin Feng in this kind of terrain.

Soon, he found the Afuhan government army marching toward him. At least 100 thousand of people. It's obviously that, in order to attack the raging rebels, the head of government also spent a lot.

Afuhan had been in turmoil all the year round, Maimargh had been watching it. In the year of the Bay War, Maimargh had let Afuhan suffer. After a war, Afhan's economy had regressed for 20 years, and it had only slowly recovered in the past two years. However, Maimargh had always wanted to control this small Middle East country that accounts for one-tenth of the world's oil reserves. The att.i.tudes of Afhan's previous political parties were quite tough, and everything could be discussed except oil. This was the lifeblood of Afuhan. If it was taken away by other country, this country would not be a country, and it would never turn over again.

However, this government, although resolutely resisting the country of Maimargh, was not for the sake of national interests, but was full of corruption and darkness. A large number of oil pipelines were controlled by the government. The entire government and the army were full of copper smells everywhere. Everything was for the purpose of trading money. After a few years, the people were not living well, the military discipline was scattered, and the past iron and blood regiments were no longer there. Qin Feng looked at the marching stride from the opposite side. The government forces' physical strength were very weak. They only ran a few steps and then floating up. It was not solid.

After the accident, the Hua Xia military contacted the Afuhan government for the first time. They welcomed the military a.s.sistance from Hua Xia. If it were other country, the Afuhan government would definitely consider whether it would be the alliance of Maimargh. It was said to help Afuhan, but what if it was a traitor?

But for Hua Xia, they would not have any suspicions. Since the founding of Hua Xia. It had always adhered to the principle of safeguarding world peace and advocating human peace. While developing its own national economy, it had helped the developing countries in the world as much as possible. The external rescue had always been the biggest one. And unlike some capitalist countries that every move had a clear purpose. Even if it was a donation or rescue activity, it would privately negotiate an agreement with the disaster country before it could be dispatched.

Hua Xia had never asked for rewards. The real unconditional rescue was only for its own peace of mind. Over the years, there had been no fewer than 50 countries and regions that had been helped, with a large amount of money. The affected people may had exceeded over one billion. It was definitely a great chronicle in the history of mankind. No matter how the world pattern changes in the future, the precious wealth left by Hua Xia for the people of the world would be remembered forever.

Soon, Qin Feng met the opposite side.

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