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Seeing the sudden burst of figure, the soldiers of the government army were shocked. They couldn't stand up with their tired waists. The uphill road just got a few cramps for them.

The first batch was the sharp knife army of Afuhan, and many of them have partic.i.p.ated in the famous Kelisi war in recent years. They could lead the new recruits to fight and gain experience, without them, the entire army would become losers in a minute.

If Qin Feng wasn't fast enough, he would have been knocked down by the government army.

He took out the annunciator early, and the leader of the government army saw the signal flag decoding and confirmed the ident.i.ty of Qin Feng.

"Hua Xia special force?"

The rank of the leader was a lieutenant colonel. He seemed to be quite resistant to Hua Xia soldier. He frustrated and shook his head, he seemed to be complaining, how the head of government invited this level of reinforcements. His name was Kelifu who was responsible for the impact of the front, went to the battle site at the fastest speed, must grab the fortress before the rebel. If the flat land couldn't be taken, the entire rebel army would climb to the plateau, and the subsequent government forces would be in a downward pressure. When the entire group army would be in pa.s.sive status, it would be difficult to suppress the rebels. Even if they were in advantages of number, it would have to pay a painful price. Now that the country was in chaos, the government's war resources were obviously not enough. Government army must reduce every loss. Whether it was soldiers, materials, or firearms, they must try their best to save it.


Qin Feng said in fluent English, "Our detachment is responsible for attacking the cliff on the east side. It is relatively steep. If the rebels are interested in climbing from there, it would be more difficult. You should look after the smooth road. That road is definitely a battleground for the rebels, and we must prepared to fight hard."

After listening to Qin Feng's words, Kelifu despised. "I have been in the army for fifteen years. Do you think I need a little boy like you to guide me here? I doubt that you have not partic.i.p.ated in a military battle."

When Qin Feng heard this, he really wanted to smack his face, but now the situation was tense, and he couldn't wait any longer. He looked at his watch. "According to the rebel march time, I estimated that they would appear in eight minutes. At the entrance of the gentle slope, we have no time, please throw away the weight, go into battle lightly, sprint all the way, enter the ambush point. "

Kelifu heard it, but he was not in a hurry. He lit a cigarette without hesitation. "Relax, we estimate that they will take at least half an hour to get there. What are you afraid of? After climbing the mountain road for so long, the soldiers are tired so they can slow down a little."

"What did you say?"

When Qin Feng heard it, he looked unbelievable. He chased him and directly screwed Kelifu's collar. He was 1.9 meters tall, his shoulders were wide, his body was tough, but the beer belly was uplifted which showed that he had indulged himself for a long time, "Hurry up, otherwise it would be too late."

In fact, the half hour that Kelifu said was completely fabricated by him. He knew that the rebels would arrive soon, but he just did not want to surrender to the special forces of Hua Xia in front of his soldiers. First of all, Qin Feng was only a major whose rank was lower than him. In addition, Qin Feng was a Chinese soldier. In Kelifu's opinion, only the soldier from Europe and the United States was consider to be powerful, and the Hua Xia military were thin and without fighting power.

Because Kelifu was screwed up by Qin Feng, he was angry. There were four or five soldiers armed with gun surrounded him. All of them turned their guns at Qin Feng. If Qin Feng did not let go, they would fire without hesitate.

Kelifu said proudly, "In my place, you have to listen to me, and if you dare to not respect me, I would shoot you down now."

Qin Feng released his hand. Kelifu thought that Qin Feng was surrendered. When he was about to tidy up his collar, Qin Feng took out the knife cone in the sleeve unexpectedly, put it on Kelifu's neck at a very fast speed. Kelifu had no time to react, the bright blade had come, if Qin Feng wanted to kill him, Kelifu should be dead at the moment.

The Guards were also frightened. Although the troops were still on the plan, but without the urging of Kelifu, the movement was slowed down. In this way, the entire government army would probably be suppressed by the rebels on the entrance of mountain.

Kelifu was so scared that he was pale and screamed loudly. "Hua Xia soldier, what do you want to do?"

At this time, there were dozens of guns pointing to Qin Feng, but he did not fear, and scorned, "You can let your men shoot me, so that you can compare which one is faster, the speed of the blade or the bullets."

Kelifu certainly dare not to try, he said anxiously, "all of you, put down the gun."

Of course, he had already felt the deterrent power of Qin Feng. This Hua Xia soldier was different from the previous ones. His combat power was absolutely amazing, and his ability of judging on the battlefield was also very strong. This was definitely the best soldier in Hua Xia.

Kelifu always respects the strong, he didn't like the coward. It was the courage of Qin Feng won his respect.

"We all listen to you."

Kelifu said earnestly, "I'm ordering now, throw away the package and move forward at full speed."

"Roger that."

After Qin Feng let go of him, he couldn't wait to take action and disappeared in the dense shrubs. Kelifu stood in the same place and couldn't help to think that he was definitely a fighting madman. There would be a good show to watch tonight.

Afterwards, he threw away all the weights, keeping only the firearms and cartridge holder, and then commanded the army to move at full speed.

When Qin Feng returned to the cliff, Green Snake had led everyone to make a temporary trench. The big stone that was horizontal and vertical increased the difficulty of climbing up the cliff. The soldiers hid behind the stone, through the gap between the big stones, they could see the rebels who climbed up clearly. As long as someone dare to raise their heads, they would shoot them one by one.

The reason why the trenches were built dozens of meters away from the cliff was to avoid the bombs which were thrown directly onto the cliff by rebel forces when they were climbing up the cliff. If that was the case, the soldiers in the trenches would have no time to react.

After withdrawing ten meters away, it effectively avoid this problem, but it also gave the rebels more s.p.a.ce to gather. However, Green snake had confidence in their sniper's shooting skill. As long as they dared to climb up, in 0.3 seconds, they would be shot on the head.

Qin Feng glanced at it and felt that there was no problem here. He called Ha lei. "Go, come with me to the gentle slope on the east side and help the government army to ambush."

Hearing that, Green snake said anxiously, "There are so many people of the government army, do they still need us? We only have dozens of people defending the cliff, I'm afraid our gunfire is not enough, are you sure you want to leave us?"

"Kelifu seems to be not professional enough. I am afraid that they would have problems over there. I have to take care of him."

Qin Feng said anxiously

At this moment, the sound of boom came from the east side.


Qin Feng looks awkward and took the gun. "Go, Ha Lei. Quick!"

Green snake shouted a few times behind them "Come back!" But there was no response at all.

Da Kuan the machine gunner said: "Sister Green Snake, Ha Lei looks like a funny guy but he wins the heart of Qin Feng."

"You don't know, after He Xiao's dead, Qin Feng intends to train him and let him enter the core group, replacing He Xiao's position."

Green snake was a bit worried, not only worried about the safety of Qin Feng, but also worried that she could not lead the team defend the cliff successfully without Qin Feng.

In case the enemy failed to attack from east, would they attack this side with full power? A total of twelve people, even if they were iron people, it's impossible for them to sustain the attack of hundreds of people.

Da Kuan sigh, "Hey, Harley's life is really good, when would be our turn to win Qin Feng's favor?"

"You, don't discourage, get your job done. Try your best to smash hundreds of enemy, then I would praise you in front of Captain Qin."

"Fine, I will."

Da Kuan said exciting.

For them, being able to enter the core circle of the gold special team was just an unattainable dream. It was equivalent to the Hall of Fame of all special forces in Hua Xia. Although it was slightly one-sided, according to the merits of the gold special team, everyone who entered the core circle would have a bright future. This was not a secret in the military. The reason why Qin Feng's rank had not been promoted was mainly because of his discipline.

In fact, this was a small trick of Qin Feng. He didn't want to promote himself. He deliberately violates the rules and disciplines. He always made his success compensated his failure. At the end of the day, even if the leader intended to promote Qin Feng, because his reputation was not well, his supervisor would be afraid that others would argue about it, so his supervisor never dare to promote him.

Qin Feng and Ha Lei rushed to the battlefield on the east side at the fastest speed. At this time, the war had started. Even though the government army had speed up, it was still not fast enough. It was too late to get into the positions. The government army started to fight with the rebels who reached the high point of the plateau at the same time.

No one on either side stood firm, each of them seized half of the land, launching the most violent attack, and tried to repel the opponent's leading troops. As long as they could win the first position, they would have advantage in the whole battle.

It would even have a huge impact on the entire Afuhan war situation.

With the cover of shrubs and the dark of night, Qin Feng return to the government's position quickly, and soon found Kelifu, who was tearing his voice and commanding the battle.

He seemed very emotional, perhaps he hadn't experienced such a fierce battle for a long time, and he hurriedly ordered the artillery. "Quick, four o'clock, two shoots, aim! Fire!"

"Quick, at six o'clock, oblique."

Kelifu measured with a night vision telescope, but the specific position was unclear. Especially when they were light equited, many sh.e.l.ls were thrown a few miles away. There were not so many sh.e.l.ls. Every sh.e.l.ls must be cherished. It may make the troops pa.s.sive if it missed the target.

"Lower thirty-five degrees, turn right, fire!"

Qin Feng took the words and shouted.

Under the tense of the artillery, they thought it was the command of Kelifu, and they did it according to the order of Qin Feng.

Kelifu heard it, he was nervous. "f.u.c.k, I hadn't spoken yet! Who was ordering?"

When the voice just came out, the sh.e.l.ls had burst, accurately hit the target, and directly smashed a piece of boulder on the slope, and a large number of rebels fell from the hillside.

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