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Chapter 1073 Drama In Human Court

Human Court, Raizen.




A group of Emperor Ranks kneeled in front of a throne and shouted.

Sitting atop the throne was a man in loose blue daoist robes, possessing an authoritative expression on his face as his long white beard flowed along with the light breeze.

"Ancestor, we've been troubled by every single race. From the Devils to the Witches… there's pressure from all sides," a kneeling official stated.

"Everyone thought that we lost our Supreme Rank and were preparing to attack us."

"Ancestor, so many of ours have died. Our mortal population is the lowest it had been in a million years. Many immortals have died too."

"Ancestor, we dare not ask, but you must enlighten us about your whereabouts. The Demon Queen had rampaged in the continent unhindered without you here."

There were many complaints and cries from the official Emperor Ranks. The Supreme Rank Human Ancestor Darren Whitter listened to them all and did not interrupt.

After ten minutes when everyone had turned silent did he raise his hand and say, "It has been difficult on you without my presence, and I understand your plight. I was in secluded cultivation, cut off from the worldly affairs. Slowly brief me on everything that's happening, we'll talk on one issue at a time."

The words lit up the eyes of the officials present along with the unofficial Emperor Ranks standing at one side of the room. The Ancestor was personally going to talk about the issues and help resolve them, it was quite a big deal!

"Then Ancestor… we would first like to talk about the issue of your seclusion." An Emperor Rank audaciously said. "Why would you go into it during such crucial moments in the kingdom? The Demon Queen had attacked and you were there a few days prior to it. Why go into seclusion when she had just visited?"

Silence descended into the hall as something that shouldn't be asked was asked.

Darren squinted his eyes at the person who had asked this and let his explosive aura suppress everyone in the room.

"Child, are you hinting something here?"

Some Emperor Ranks cowered in fear while some were sweating profusely. Who would've thought that the first thing someone would ask would be this!

The Emperor Rank, a person wearing black robes and having a long ponytail, kept his head bowed and replied, "This junior dares not, Ancestor. These are the questions the general populace is asking. I'm merely a messenger."

Darren stroked his beard and stared at the Emperor for a few seconds.

"Very well then. I'll satiate your curiosity. But don't forget…"

A powerful pressure shot forth from Darren and had everyone in the room plop down on the ground.

"…where you're standing. I'll let this audacity slide. There won't be a next time."

The Emperor Ranks trembled while the one with a ponytail had a sly smile on his face. He kept his head bowed and continued to listen.

Darren leaned back on the throne. "While roaming in the immortal lands, I came across an ancient tome. It gave off an unsettling feeling and to understand its threat, this ancestor studied it. In just a day's time, there was an enlightenment which could not be ignored. Hence, I went into secluded cultivation without informing anyone."

"We understand, Ancestor!"

With this small acknowledgment, the court then moved onto another problem.

A variety of things were discussed in the span of the next few hours, ranging from all the trivial to the most important matters.

"For the last matter of the day, Ancestor, there's something a few communities are raising concerns about." This time, it was a red-haired female Emperor Rank wearing white daoist robes.

She was not from the official ranks and was standing at the sidelines, listening and watching the court session.

"What is it?" Darren asked and stroked his beard. The troublesome court session was finally going to end with this matter, he couldn't wait to finish it and take some rest.

The lady bowed her head slightly and said, "A certain community wants to know the Ancestor's bloodline. From where the revered ancestor hails from and what cultivation base he has."

Darren felt a bit off when the lady asked the initial sentence. However, the latter ones made him think that the community that was asking this question was perhaps trying to draw inspiration from his cultivation base and bloodline. Or they just looked up to him and were curious to know.

Darren felt it was a trivial matter. "The cultivation base is based on the Nether Spirit Flaming Fist. It's a Dark and Fire oriented—"

"Oh! So the Ancestor is of the Flaming Emperor's bloodline?" The lady interrupted and asked.

Darren frowned, but then thought that the girl might just be pa.s.sionate and couldn't stop herself from saying it out loud.

"Yes, that's right. The revered Flaming Emperor, one of the scariest rulers to have ever existed." Darren said with a subtle boastful tone.

Crack. Crack.


The lady with red-haired cracked her knuckles and neck while taking a step forward.

"His Highness was indeed correct."

"??" Darren frowned. Something wasn't right.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

"So this man does belong to that bloodline." The man with a long ponytail stepped forwards and smiled while staring at Darren.

Darren sat at the edge of his seat, his expression serious.

The Emperor Ranks in the room were on high alert and immediately took an attacking stance around the two suspicious individuals.

"Heh. To think that I once served this man…" The man with a ponytail covered his face and laughed.

The lady with red hair slashed her hand at the side and had a bright red color spear appear in her palms.

"With this man, vengeance will be served. The torment mom went through… it would never be equal even if I wiped out your whole bloodline."

The lady's appearance slowly changed and her true self was then revealed. Pristine smooth skin, a pair of dirty red eyes, and a tall stature… it was exactly similar to the Devil maid serving Lith, Keith."

f.a.n.n.y, holding her signature spear, fearlessly walked towards Darren despite being surrounded and threatened by the Emperor Ranks.

"It would've been much better if mom personally killed you. However, His Highness is right. It's better if she rests and leads a normal, peaceful life, away from anything that could trigger her past memories."

"You shouldn't talk so much, miss. Go ahead and capture him otherwise he'll run away. He's very adept at escaping." The man with a ponytail had his appearance slowly change as he said this.

His ponytail dropped down and his hair turned brown from black. His frame became slightly leaner, narrower, and taller.

Pushing his hair back, the man smiled and looked at Darren. "Do you remember me, Darren? You made me work to the bone and treated me like a servant, despite me possessing equal prowess as you."

"Arbour?" Darren knitted his brows and asked. "Arbour Linn?"

"Haha, that's right!" Arbour walked towards Darren and said.

No Emperor Rank was able to restrict him as Arbour was a Supreme Rank existence. The Emperor Ranks were just annoying flies in his eyes.

"Remember that day when you fled like a dog with his tail in between his legs after encountering Her Majesty, the Vampire Queen?"


Arbour's snap made all the Emperor Ranks in the room fall down with a thud.

Only him, f.a.n.n.y, and Darren were conscious and staring at each other.

"So that's how it was…" Darren got up from his throne and said while grinding his teeth. His brows were knitted and he seemed angry.

"You infiltrated the Emperors in my absence and are now here to… challenge me? Kill me?"

Darren slammed his fists together, making a sonic boom traverse around the room, destroying the interiors and somewhat scratching the brown-haired man's body.

"Not bad. You seemed to have indeed undergone secluded cultivation to give me these minor scratches." Arbour said and laughed.

"Dog of the Vampire Queen…" Darren gritted his teeth and said hatefully. "Just because you've joined the Vampire Royal Family, don't think I'll ever spare you. The betrayal you've performed that day is deserving of you getting thousand deadly lashes every half a day with your cultivation sealed."

Darren's aura exploded and covered Arbour and f.a.n.n.y. He used his spiritual power and somewhat suffocated the two.

f.a.n.n.y wasn't worried about such cheap tactics. She swirled her spear beside her and made the aura disappear.

Slowly walking towards Darren, she continued, "You will never get an easy death. Not now, and not in the future."

f.a.n.n.y then showed him five fingers. "I'll give you five seconds. If you kill yourself within that time limit, you'll have made the best decision of your life. Think wisely."


"Heh. Miss, you underestimate this b.a.s.t.a.r.d's intelligence. He'll never resort to using his brain. There's no point in counting, just capture him." Arbour said while slowly casting a net around the room to not let Darren escape.

All of the nonsense from him and f.a.n.n.y made Darren lose his composure. He was a decisive and calm person, but everything had its limit. He couldn't endure such slander anymore and erupted.

Taking out a sword from his s.p.a.ce ring, he looked at Arbour and said,

"You bastaaaard—!"

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