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Chapter 1072 Immortals And Sickness

The Werewolf Continent was peaceful. It did not fall into a disarray after the Werewolf King's defeat. On the contrary, the Werewolf Royal Family realized their weaknesses and worked hard on improving it while stabilizing their society.

What Lith wanted to achieve had been achieved here, marking the Werewolf Continent to be the first place where the conflict had ended.

Lith's clan had spies in this society's administration, and through them, it was found out that their strength had soared after the initial defeat.

The Werewolf King was in seclusion and seriously comprehending the elemental laws, focusing on achieving a breakthrough. There was a huge risk involved in it as he was old now. Breaking through may potentially result in his death, but there was nothing to gain if there was nothing to risk.

Due to news of his breakthrough, the administration was on high alert. If the king died, they may be stripped off their main race tag and could be attacked by everyone. Getting their resources plundered would be the best case scenario with the worst being genocide and getting turned into slaves.

Their overall prowess had been raised with the cultivation of an average person going from Rank 2 to Rank 4. It was a ma.s.sive feat. Mortals were well aware of cultivation and were given better education and access to become one.

Some places in the world did not give cultivation access to mortals freely like how it was in the Vampire Continent. The Werewolf Continent was one of them, but now they've changed their methods.

In the Vampire, Demon, Dragon, Elven, and Angel Continents, everybody had free access to cultivation guides upto Rank 3 and sometimes even 5.

They could walk into their nearest find and find the said guides. If there was no library, they could search it online, and get unrestricted access to the materials.

The Werewolf Continent had realized this importance and lifted off the restrictions. They were preaching everyone to walk onto the path of cultivation.

In a few decades, the strength would rise exponentially in this continent.

Lith focused on the affairs of the Angel Continent next. People were saying that the Angels were feeling sick due to the rise in Dark, Death, and Destruction elemental energies. The ones in trouble were only mortals so far without cultivation, and the damage was immediately contained once the authorities realized it.

Lucifer was probably undergoing ascension in the Angel Continent.

The Angel Continent also saw no attacks from the Demons. Those guys were busy celebrating the 'warm' atmosphere and the rising elemental energies.

Six out of the Nine Floors of h.e.l.l held banquets. They were open to everyone in the world. If someone had the strength to endure the harsh environments of those floors and the suppression it caused, they were free to feast here.

Other than the Angels, the Elves were busy doing something strange.

There were rumors circulating about a change in s.p.a.ce element occurring in this continent. The s.p.a.ce Path experts were saying they would sometimes feel more energy and sometimes it would be almost negligible.

s.p.a.ce elemental energy was being really uncertain so their cultivation was being hindered. They had to move away from this continent to cultivate.

Lith thought some gate was going to open up soon and was causing this. He didn't give it much thought and moved onto the affairs of the Human Continent.

Now, the Human Continent was where Lith's main focus was on. The most drama was happening here.

The Supreme Rank Darren Whitter had finally appeared!

The society was in chaos and every Emperor Rank was called to Raizen.

Even hidden experts were summoned and currently, Raizen was the safest land on the continent with such powerhouses in it.

Lith took a sip of tea and tuned into the meeting happening in the Human Court. There was no place in the world that this trusty tablet of his couldn't show!


Lizbeth sneezed and distracted Lith from watching the Human Court meeting.

Fei and an orange cat resting on her lap turned to look at her too.

Lizbeth rubbed her nose and sniffed. Once she was done, she saw the others around the table staring at her.

"???" She tilted her head in confusion and wondered why everyone was staring at her.

Lith looked at her nose turning red with her cheeks being flushed. There was heating coming off her body and she smelled somewhat sour.

"You have a fever?" Lith asked.

"Eh?" Liz pointed at herself. "Me? Fever?"

She placed her palm on her forehead. "No… there's no fever."

"You have a fever." Fei said this time. "How can you get something so simple? Aren't you an immortal?"

Liz knitted her brows. "That's what I am saying. How can I have a fever when I'm an immortal?"

"But you have a fever." Lith interjected. "How many times have you fallen sick in the past few years?"

Liz blinked and began thinking about it. She counted the times on her fingers and after a few seconds, said, "Hmm… it was the normal amount. Not a lot."

Meryl felt the conversation's IQ drop to the surrounding cold temperature. She yawned and rolled on her Master's lap, turning to the side and hugging her flat belly.

Reflexively, Fei rubbed the orange cat's back while paying attention to Liz. In response, the orange cat stretched, meowed, and then went to sleep, thinking about how her Master was the best and how good her scratches felt!

Her Master also had a really nice smell and comforting presence. She was warm too. The only pity was that she wasn't wearing a jacket or something in which Meryl could go and bury herself. Her shirt clung to her body and she wouldn't fit in if she went in.

The Supreme Rank humanoid Druid disguised as a cat was getting high on the Yellow Phantom's catnip-like presence.

Meanwhile, Lith looked at Lizbeth and asked, "What do you think is the normal amount for an immortal to fall sick?"

Fei stopped scratching the cat as all her attention lay on this question. A sly smile formed on her face as she looked forward to what Lizbeth was going to answer.

The almost about to fall asleep cat woke up due to the lack of scratches. She let out a gentle meow and got a hand in front of her face, scratching the bottom of her chin.

The cat purred happily and rolled on Fei's lap, close to her stomach, and let the hand scratch all over her, going back to sleep.

Lizbeth finished thinking about the question and answered, "Um… about once in two months? One month or three months?"

She wasn't sure about this so she gave Lith a broad answer.

Lith nodded. "That's correct…"

Lizbeth heaved a relieved sigh.

"…only if it was a mortal. An immortal never falls sick due to common cold or diseases. The answer is zero times. It's not normal to fall sick even once after turning into an immortal."


Lizbeth frowned and sat upright, staring at her Master with a dumbfounded gaze.

Fei smiled in response and her good mood was reflected on the cat as she began petting her aggressively, making the orange ball voice out satisfied meows.

"How is that possible?" Liz asked. "I've fallen sick around twice or thrice a year and that's the lowest amount of sickness I've ever suffered in years after reaching Saint Rank. Are you saying I wasn't supposed to fall sick even once?"

"Yes." Lith said flatly and took a sip of tea. "What I'm surprised about the most is how you even managed to reach Saint Rank without resources or guidance."

Lizbeth took the plate of pastries present in front of Lith and forked a bite-sized pastry. She articulated her words correctly while eating it.

Gulping it down, Liz said, "I've spent all my money on cultivation resources and books. My comprehension was good and after understanding the laws in alchemy, I found myself ascending. It gave me a level of high that became addictive, so I kept understanding more and more laws, eventually reaching where I am."

"Hm?" Fei stopped caressing the cat. "You did not learn any martial arts while ascending?"

Liz shook her head.

"What about mastering any weapon?" Lith asked.

Liz shook her head again. "As I said, I only had money to buy alchemy related things and I was broke for the rest of the time. How can I afford those expensive martial arts manuals? Even if I could, I didn't have the time to learn them."

Lith and Fei were visibly surprised. To come this far purely based on comprehension was unheard of. From her appearance, the two could easily guess that she had not fought a single battle in her life and stuck to being in seclusion, studying and bettering her knowledge.

Fei's surprise made her forget about the cat momentarily, which annoyed her as this was the second time she was about to fall asleep but stopped getting pats at the last minute.

"Meow…" The cat gently bit Fei's thigh, trying to draw her attention, and rolled around.

Fei's hand reflexively went to scratch the cat's back again while her focus remained on Lizbeth. The cat, finally getting her Master's attention again, melted in her warm embrace and tried to sleep.

Lith took a sip of tea and said while shaking his head, "It's no wonder you're sick, feel hungry, and need to shower everyday. The alchemy books don't have the basics of basics related to cultivation so you never learnt any of those. Anyway… good job. You did well to reach this far purely on your comprehension skills."

Lizbeth tilted her head and asked, "What do you mean by basics of basics, Master?"

Lith went back to look at his tablet. "Nothing. Go take some rest and recover from your fever. Wear some thicker clothes next time you're coming out of your room. The temperature in Nightingale is always three times less than your average temperature in the Human Continent at night."

Lizbeth nodded her head in understanding. "I'll go rest then."

She gathered all her books and teleported away.

Lith focused on the Human Court's session after she was gone and found something really interesting that made his eyes flicker.

"Fei, have a look at this!"

Lith turned his tablet to show the scene to her.

As Fei saw it, her eyes flickered as well and she said out loud, "Oh… that's interesting…"

Her hands stopped petting, snapping a certain cat awake once again.


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