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Chapter https://updatenovel.com/book/2980/3306032.html?c=On-the-Other-Side: On the Other Side

Rean looked at the continental barrier of the Free Continent as he talked with Sister Orb. "There's definitely a formation protecting the continental barrier, right?"

    Sister Orb confirmed. [Exactly. It's a lot st.u.r.dier than the one protecting the Jhiod Continent.]

    Rean smiled in response as he used his connection with the Soul Gem Dimensional Realm to bring Luan out. Obviously, the Kibin still lived inside Luan's forehead. At the same time, the Light bending skill covered the area where Luan appeared, making it impossible for the monitoring formation to detect them.

    "Alright, Fluki. Come out," said Luan with a low voice.

    A moment later, Luan's forehead shone as the Fish-Bird spirit jumped out of Luan's forehead. "Uaaaaa... So sleepy... couldn't you have called me later? I was having quite the nice nap, you know?"

    Surprisingly, Fluki, the Kibin, was now in the same cultivation realm as Luan, at the Middle Stage of the Elemental Transformation Realm. Though, it wasn't that he couldn't have cultivated further. Instead, because he was using Luan's virtues for its cultivation, he couldn't surpa.s.s his level. It was similar to the cultivation of Rean, Roan, Celis, and Kentucky. They could only break through and cultivate together.

    Rean didn't seem to care, though. "Come on, look there. It's your beloved continental barrier. It's time for us to cross to the other side and make our way to the demon beasts' territories."

    Fluki looked at the barrier and immediately shook his head, saying, "What are you talking about? I can totally feel the presence of something blocking the continental barrier from inside. It's just like back in Jhiod Continent. You know I can't swim in the continental barrier if such a thing exists."

    Rean nodded. "Of course, we know that. Just a second."

    'Sister Orb, have you gained control already? We only have a few hours before the Rambram Sect's spatial gates close. The Rambram Sect will definitely find out that we aren't really back in Butiva.' Rean hurried Sister Orb.

    [Don't worry, don't worry. Why did you put me in charge of it? Now that the system processing power has increased threefold, it's simple. After all, we did spend several years conquering the rest of the regions, right? Since Walfure Region is also a region bordering the continental barrier, it was easy to mess with it.]

    As soon as Sister Orb finished saying her words, her sphere-like form shone with Spatial Power for a moment, connecting to the outside. That Spatial Power then shot in the direction of the continental barrier, disappearing inside.

    At first, no one saw anything different with the enormous continental barrier. However, Fluki immediately sensed the difference that Sister Orb's action created. "Oh! There's now a tunnel open in the thing blocking the insides of the continental barrier. Was it you guys?"

    Rean and Luan nodded. "But of course! Now then, do you think you can bring us through?"

    "Sure." Fluki nodded and quickly put Rean and Luan inside its mouth. Right after, he asked them, "You're sure that thing won't close while we're pa.s.sing through, right? There's quite a dangerous power in the formation blocking the continental barrier's insides."

    [Don't worry.] Sister Orb rea.s.sured them from inside the Dimensional Realm. [Let alone letting the tunnel close. The Rambram Sect won't even notice that a tunnel was created at all. Once we're through, I'll close it, and then we're gone like ghosts.]

    That's all Fluki had to hear before he jumped inside the continental barrier. Following his senses, he moved through the chaotic power of the continental barrier as if he was taking a bath. If anything, he felt quite good to be inside the continental barrier again. After all, that was the place he was born and lived until some time ago. Of course, Fluki didn't find any other Continental Barrier Living Beings like himself since the Rambram Sect blocked it.

    The continental barrier at the center of the Realm of G.o.ds was several times thicker than the ones further away. Fluki took almost two entire hours to go through the tunnel created by Sister Orb. Nonetheless, it was still the same continental barrier as the others, so he had no issues doing that.

    It went without saying that with the continental barrier's power, monitoring it inside was not something easy to do. The spheres of energy that watched everything were not present inside. That being said, they pa.s.sed through it without anyone noticing as well.


    Suddenly, a hole in the continental barrier was made as if something was shot from the inside. However, that hole disappeared as fast as it appeared due to all the elements and Divine Energy there. Naturally, the one responsible for that was Fluki, who came out of the continental barrier. "Alright, we're on the other side. I'm going back to sleep, so don't bother me until you need to cross the next barrier." Soon after, Fluki brought Rean and Luan out of his mouth and quickly entered Luan's forehead.

    "Uncle Rean, where are we now?" Luan couldn't help but ask.

    Rean didn't mind explaining, telling Luan, "This is the Sahara Continent. It's also a continent controlled by the Rambram Sect. We need to go through twelve more continents before we reach the continental barrier of the spirits' territory."

    "Spirits' territory? Weren't we going to the demon beasts' one?" Luan was confused for a moment.

    "We are." Rean quickly nodded in response. "However, the humanoid races' territory is located at the southeast side of the center of the Realm of G.o.ds. The demon beasts are in the northwest, the exact opposite. If we make a straight line there, we'll need to pa.s.s through the continents of the center of the Realm of G.o.ds. There's no doubt the Rambram Sect and its allies will start looking for us, so we'd rather not get too close there."

    "I see..." Luan understood Rean's thinking. "Pa.s.sing through the spirits' territory would be safer, especially after what you showed with Circuitry Formations, right?"

    "Correct," Rean nodded. "I'm just not very sure as to how long it'll take to get there."

    Sister Orb knew why. [That's true. As good as the processing power of the system has gotten, it can't simply take control over formations at the continental level in an instant. Just so you know, it still took me those few extra years of conquering to do so.]


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