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Chapter 96: The value of the hidden sound stones

Jing Xian shouted with a hoa.r.s.e voice, "This time, the sale of the company's resources should be hard to rescind, but you should forget about obtaining anything else!"

"Stop thinking so poorly of me!"  Chu Tian patted his shoulder, "You were in the wrong first, so that's why I acted this way, but one step at a time.  Now it isn't the same, I am proposing a mutually beneficial partnership.  I'm properly talking about business with you."

Mutually beneficial partnership?

It'd be weird if I believe you!

In the eyes of Jing Xian and Jing Hao, Chu Tian already wasn't a person.  He was simply a greedy devil!

Meng Qingwu couldn't help shake her head at the side.

Evil people would attract evil people!

Chu Tian was also very bad!

But these two fellows weren't good people.  Only a wicked person like Chu Tian could eat them up.

"Everyone sit down!"

Chu Tian beckoned with his hand and Meng Qingwu sat down beside him.  Jing Xian and Jing Hao did not dare to move.

"What?"  Chu Tian slanted brows raised as he slammed the table, "You dare not give me face!"

"Sit, we'll sit!"

Of the two of them, one was shivering in coldness and the other had been beaten black and blue, it was clear they were in a distressed situation.  They carefully sat down on the chairs without daring to let their b.u.t.ts touch it, as if there were nails on the chairs.

"With the matters that just happened, we are now even."  Chu Tian revealed a smile, "Although the negotiations were a little bad, the results are quite satisfying!"


Can you not be satisfied?

Using five hundred source stones to buy property worth several tens of millions!

Chu Tian didn't care about what the two of them felt, as he casually said, "Now I want to discuss another business with you.  If this business succeeds, I get the meat and I will give you the bones!"

How could Jing Xian and Jing Hao believe this devil's words?

They had already paid their respects to their eighteen generations of ancestors!

"Take a look."  Chu Tian pulled out a large jade bottle and poured out a few pills out from inside, "This is called Qi Refining Pill, it is specially made by our company.  Regardless of little talent a person has, as long as they use this Qi Refining Pill, they can instantly enter the Body Refinement Realm.  There are no side effects and the results are instant."

Is this true?

After Jing Xian heard this, his whole body began to tremble.

Miracle Commerce not only made a breakthrough in new technology, but they've also made a breakthrough in pill refining?

Refining pills was very different from creating new technology.  To refine a new pill, it required very profound insight!

Miracle Commerce truly wasn't simple.

They didn't lose anything from being forced like this!

Jing Xian doubtfully asked, "What do you want to do?"

Chu Tian said, "Once this kind of pill enters the market, you should be clear of what the price will be.  As long as a few are made, it can easily be sold for thousands, maybe even tens of thousands!"

He was right.

If this pill really did what Chu Tian said.

This would be a thing that large families would fight for!

To train outstanding juniors, large families did not hesitate on the cost!

This kind of pill could save one or two years of painful cultivation, spending ten or twenty thousand gold coins was nothing!

Chu Tian continued, "The main component of the Qi Refining Pill is the Three Lives Demonic Insect.  The Three Lives Demonic Insect is a kind of rare material, but it is not an incredibly rare elixir.  Do you understand what I mean?"

Jing Xian's expression changed, "This pill can be ma.s.s produced!"

This was simply unbelievable!

The majority of cultivation increasing pills required Elixirs rich in source energy to create.  These Elixirs needed to grow for over hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years.  This was not something humans could cultivate.

Chu Tian had refined quite a few cultivation promoting pills.

Like the Source Spirit Pill.

Or the Infant Soul Pill he was about to refine.

But these pills were very strong and the required rare Elixirs as their main ingredient.  These couldn't be asked for and couldn't be bought regardless of how much money one has.  Even if it was bought for a high price, it was impossible to ma.s.s produce it.

Pills that couldn't be ma.s.s produced

Naturally they weren't suitable for being sold in stores.

The Qi Refining pill was different.  Although the main ingredient was a rare material, it could still be obtained, so they could be ma.s.s produced!

From a business perspective, the Qi Refining Pill's value was greater than the Source Spirit Pill or the Infant Soul Pill.

"Miracle Commerce has perfected the method of refining the pills, but we still haven't found a proper supply channel yet."  Chu Tian spoke up to here and paused for a bit, "Tianchen Commerce is one of the top companies in the Southern Summer Country, I believe that you have the ability to provide enough raw materials."

Jing Xian's heart began to skip, "You're thinking….."

Chu Tian nodded his head, "Let's work together!"

This was definitely a large business opportunity!

Would Chu Tian sincerely work together?

He had just stolen their property and now he had poisoned the two of them,  They already had no way of rejecting Chu Tian's orders, if Chu Tian ordered them to provide the materials, they would have to follow his orders!

"We'll sign another agreement!"  Chu Tian's voice was full of confusion.  "From today onwards, Tianchen Commerce will be the supplier for Miracle Commerce and Tianchen Commerce will be able to enjoy a share of Miracle Commerce's research.  Everyone will get rich together, how about that?"

The more materials Tianchen Commerce provided.

The more pills Miracle Commerce could refine.

The more pills Miracle Commerce refined, the more profit Tianchen Commerce would receive.

Jing Xian felt all of this was a little unbelievable, "Are you serious?"

Chu Tian lightly said, "What Father says, I won't go back on.  Unlike you guys!

Jing Xian carefully pondered for a few seconds.

Under the current situation, did he even have the option to reject?

Even if he didn't want to accept, he still had to accept.  Who let their lives fall into the hands of the enemy?

Jing Xian felt a heavy helpless feeling as he finally nodded his head, "Alright, I agree to represent Tianchen Commerce in becoming Miracle Commerce's supplier!"

Both sides signed the supply contract.

Chu Tian lived up to his words and didn't try to cheat Tianchen Commerce again.  He not only agreed to the market price, but at the same time, he also allowed both sides to take a dividend of the profit.

Jing Xian's mood finally became a little better.

If this cooperation can happen smoothly, perhaps he could make up for his errors!

Chu Tian continued, "Miracle Commerce needs a large amount Three Lives Demonic Insects, but I also need to buy a large amount of Nether Flame Gra.s.s and Electromagnetic Crystal Stone!"

Meng Qingwu was slightly stunned.

What kind of medicine was Chu Tian taking?

The Three Lives Demonic Insect was the main ingredient for the Qi Refining Pill, so of course this material was important to Miracle Commerce and they need as much as possible.  But what use did Nether Flame Gra.s.s and Electromagnetic Crystal Stones have?

"Nether Flame Gra.s.s?  Electromagnetic Crystal Stone?"  Jing Xian revealed an awkward expression, "These things are a little rare so the price is quite high.  It is normally used so Tianchen Commerce doesn't have much of it….."

"The money, there won't be a single copper missing!  The goods, you will hand over to me!  Do you understand?"


Chu Tian needed to cultivate the Netherworld Ghost Flame to cultivate the «Netherworld Flame Sword».  This Nether Flame Gra.s.s was the best material for cultivating the Netherworld Ghost Flame, but it was much more expensive than the meteor gra.s.s.

As for the Electromagnetic Crystal Stone, it obviously had its use.

Chu Tian did not have money to pay a deposit, but he didn't intend to pay it anyway, "You get the money on delivery, one hand with money and one hand with the goods!"

Jing Xian's old face wrinkled into a bitter melon.

You aren't even paying a deposit?

If Miracle Commerce cheated them,  they wouldn't receive even a single copper coin.

But, what could they do?  Could Jing Xian ask Chu Tian to pay a deposit?  That would be seeking death!

This matter was decided like this.

Both sides had achieved something and it ended with this.

The happy negotiations ended here.  Tianchen Commerce dragged back their defeated army, everyone supporting each other as they headed back dejected.

Meng Qingwu watched them leave and she couldn't help smiling as she said, "You're really too vicious!"

Chu Tian didn't care as he curled his lips, "To deal with this kind of people, this method is necessary."

"But I'm curious."  Meng Qingwu's autumn water eyes looked over, "You can already control them with poison, why would you cooperate fairly with them?"

"Young miss, I am a virtuous person, I only used the poison because it couldn't be helped.  You should know that it weighs heavily on my conscience."

"Pei!  Be honest!"

"Eh……Forcing them to sell, this kind of extortion wouldn't last.  So, I wanted to give them a little sweet, this way we can secure a long term supplier.  This isn't a loss for us."

This benefit had to be given.

Otherwise how could they be expected to properly do things for Chu Tian?

With the Nether Flame Gra.s.s, if they knew Chu Tian was going to cheat them, would they still take out the Nether Flame Gra.s.s they had.

Chu Tian required the Nether Flame Gra.s.s now to cultivate the Netherworld Ghost Flame, otherwise he would have to delay his «Netherworld Flame Sword» cultivation.  To him, this would be a very big loss!

Chu Tian then added, "As for the heart eroding poison, that is just an insurance.  There is no one in Central State that can solve this poison.  As long as the heart eroding poison is in their body, they can't do anything against us."

A strange look flashed in Meng Qingwu's eyes.

Using kindness and cruelty!

Administering rewards and punishment!

Chu Tian's character was very wild, but his mind was very calm.  Regardless of the situation, he always had his reasons.

He was very clear with his favour and grudges.  Sometimes he was incredibly cruel, but sometimes he was also very generous.  He couldn't stand sand in his eyes, but he also had principles when doing things.


Very contradictory!

What kind of person was this?

Meng Qingwu found that with a deeper understanding of Chu Tian, it became harder and harder to understand him!

"Young miss, although I am very handsome, there's no need to stare at me!"

Meng Qingwu's elegant face spat, "Stop flattering yourself!"

Chu Tian laughed, "Come, let's take a look at our new territory!"

The two of them rode the bronze ox carriage and went over to the meteor gra.s.s basin.  The basin was very large and it could grow a lot of meteor gra.s.s, but there was only the few plots open in the center area.

The size of the meteor was not very big!

And there wasn't a lot of outer s.p.a.ce materials!

The meteor gra.s.s basin's production was limited and could only support the cultivation of a few people.  It was hard to tell if it could support them to the point of Diamond Body, but no matter what, they didn't need to worry about resources for their practicing in the next few months!



Chu Tian said good twice.

There was meteor gra.s.s stored inside of the warehouse.  Inside it were over five hundred thousand finished meteor gra.s.s products.  With the current market price, just these five hundred thousand pieces of meteor gra.s.s was worth five million gold coins.

Other than that, there were still two-three million pieces growing in the basin.

Not to mention using these pieces of meteor gra.s.s to cultivate, just using these pieces to temper their body, it was enough to build solid foundations for everyone.

Meteor gra.s.s was called meteorite gra.s.s thirty thousand years in the future.

Meteorite gra.s.s was a fabulous body tempering material, it's price was over ten thousand times the current price!

Other than the strongest families on the continent, who else had the ability to own a whole field?

With this much meteor gra.s.s to refine one's body, it was impossible to imagine the effects.  Even if one's natural talents were bad, they would still be able to become a natural talent!

Chu Tian felt that he was a step closer to that far away dream!

Meng Qingwu said, "Have you seen enough?  Let's go back then!"

"What's the hurry?"  Chu Tian gave Meng Qingwu a mysterious wink, "This time we've harvested two treasures at once, the meteor gra.s.s basin is only one of them!"

Meng Qingwu tried to understand Chu Tian's words.  Her black eyebrows wrinkled as she said, "The other one is……the Hidden Sound Stone?"

Chu Tian snapped, "Young miss is truly intelligent!"

No matter what Chu Tian did, he always had a clear reason for it.

While Chu Tian was extorting Tianchen Commerce, Meng Qingwu was a little suspicious.  Chu Tian didn't just want the meteor gra.s.s basin, he also took the Hidden Sound Stone mine.

Although the mine was very big.

But the Hidden Sound Stone wasn't valuable!

Chu Tian was not a greedy person, but he had chosen to take the Hidden Sound Stone mine.  There had to be a deeper meaning!

Did the Hidden Sound Stone have another use?

Chu Tian brought Meng Qingwu over to the mine in the cart.  Here, it was a very large scaled open field mine.  There were several warehouses that were filled with Hidden Sound Stones.

Actually it was Meng Qingwu's first time seeing this strange material.

The quality of the Hidden Sound Stone was very strange.  It was like stone and jade, but at the same time it wasn't.  In her hand, it felt very smooth.

Chu Tian picked up a Hidden Sound Stone as large as a fist and he took out a red crystal stone pen from his chest.  In a few seconds, he drew out a simple level one array.

"What are you doing?"

Chu Tian placed the inscribed Hidden Sound Stone into Meng Qingwu's hand, "First activate it, then try speaking into it!"

Meng Qingwu released her spirit energy and injected it into the array, then she gently said, "Hey!"


A loud sound reverberated through the warehouse.


Meng Qingwu was scared as she quickly dropped the Hidden Sound Stone.

Chu Tian's joke had worked as he happily laughed.  Meng Qingwu took a while to recover before angrily staring at Chu Tian as she said, "What are you doing!"

"This is a sound amplifying array, it has to cooperate with the material to have an effect!"  Chu Tian picked up the Hidden Sound Stone and when he talked into the Hidden Sound Stone, his voice was amplified over ten times.  It was just like a giant beast's roar, "How is it?  Very shocking!"

Meng Qingwu could not help nod her head, "I never thought a human's voice could be this loud!"

Chu Tian said, "Actually, this Hidden Sound Stone is a very strange material.  It can automatically receive sound wave energy and it can release sound wave energy, that's why strange sounds frequently occur around Hidden Stone Town.  This kind of "amplification" is only one of the Hidden Sound Stone's most basic uses, the Hidden Sound Stone's value is much higher than it seems."

Receive sound wave energy?

Release sound wave energy?

Store sound wave energy?

What could it be used for?

Chu Tian interrupted Meng Qingwu's thoughts, "This stuff has its use, load it into the carriage.  We're going back to the city."

The two of them lifted several boxes of the Hidden Sound Stone onto the cart.  The eighteen black robed people all carried several boxes of meteor gra.s.s and Hidden Sound Stones.  With their task complete, the two of them drove the cart back to the city.

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