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In the profound dark eyes of the female corpse, shined two red glowing lights, like two demonic lights, they emitted an aura that eliminated the evil thoughts in a human’s mind.  It spilled out overwhelmingly, like a river flowing, filling up the entire main hall.

What a terrifying aura!

But during these few seconds, its long black hair began to turn white, as if for some reason, it was becoming weaker.

“You have awakened me!”  The fox faced Corpse King walked forward a step, its black lips gently quivered, the voice seemed to come deep from its throat, as if it had come from the depths of h.e.l.l, “You are all too weak, not suitable…...not suitable!”

What did that mean?

The Corpse King’s intelligence was way beyond the level of the Spirit King!

The Yang brothers had already lost all their courage just from the Corpse King’s terrifying aura.


The four of them turned around to flee.

The fox faced Corpse King’s body was covered in black qi, it stepped forward a single step and its body disappeared, reappearing around ten meters away.


A single palm!

A head flew high up.

A fist!

A person’s chest was caved in.

Then taking another 2-3 steps, flickering as it moved, its speed was incredibly fast, easily catching up the the other two, two hand shot out and two hearts were easily pulled out.

Pa, pa!

The two hearts were crushed in its hands.

The fox faced Corpse King was too fast, each one of its moves made it disappear, it was impossible for people to follow its movements.

“Yang Kun!”  Chu Tian raised the Netherworld Sword as he shouted, “If you don’t want to die then let’s work together!”

Too strong!

It was too strong!

The famous vicious Central State Five Sabres.

The Corpse King easily dealt with four of them.

The Corpse King had not even used its true strength yet, otherwise it wouldn’t be standing there and everyone would already be dead!

“Fine!”  Yang Kun nodded his head, “Brother Hei, Brother Qu, we’ll take care of it first, then we deal with the brat!”

“You guys……”  The corner of the Corpse King’s eyes began to grow wrinkled, its eyes revealed a mocking gaze, “You ants!”

“You’re only a dead corpse, how dare you be so arrogant!”

Yang Kun roared as he rushed forward, both his hands were covered in his power of his golden arm source spirit, he ran forward to attack the Corpse King.

The Corpse King lightly stepped forward a single step, its body disappeared and it reappeared ten meters away.

Yang Kun’s attack struck the air.

Qu Yun and Hou Chengyin quickly went forward to provide support.

“The Corpse King is being distracted.” Chu Tian shouted at the Flame Ghost brothers, “You can’t help here! Take Cai Die away!”

Their elder had already died.

Why would the two of them stay here?

They would first take Cai Die and retreat.

Chu Tian looked at Yun Yao, “Let’s go!”

The fox face Corpse King was surrounded by the five of them, its face remained indifferent, without showing a single expression, its eyes shined with a red demonic light.  This terrifying gaze was like a sword, piercing through the human body.  

The Corpse King’s hair slowly turned white, its flesh slowly began to turn wrinkly, as if very careful, it slowly said word by word, “The weak ones…...must all die!”

From the seven orifices of the fox faced Corpse King, a black smoke began to pour out.

These slowly turned into the shape of a skeleton, around ten meters tall from its head to the ground, it threw back its head and roared, like an unparalleled Demon King!

Yang Kun shouted in panic, “f.u.c.k!  This thing has a source spirit?”

Chu Tian stared at the fog skeleton and said, “A spirit doesn’t have a soul, of course it can’t create a source spirit.  The Corpse King has been sleeping for a long time, the Yin Qi has been gathered until it created a Heavenly Soul Spirit, so it became something that is like a source spirit.”

Yang Kun angrily said, “Who the f.u.c.k cares wait it is!  Quickly attack!  Take care of it!”

Yun Yao held the Thunder Spirit Bead high up and a bright glow shined out, as dazzling as the sun.

The countless lightning turned into countless profound runes, interlocking with each other, profound beyond compare, this was a power for suppressing demons, it instantly filled the area around the Corpse King and sealed off its movements.

A light became to shine in the Corpse King’s eyes and from its throat came a low and deep roar.

Ice cold, contemptuous, it was a roar filled with brutality.

It was like an ancient Demon Beast’s roar.

The black fog skeleton began to move, as a giant palm shot forward like it was swatting away a few water drops, as its wild strength swept away the lightning!

If the Spirit King was facing off against the Thunder Spirit Bead, it would have to go all out.

When the fox faced Corpse King was going against the Thunder Spirit Bead’s power, it actually treated like child’s play.  The lightning’s natural power in restraining demons, was no use against the fox faced Corpse King.

This…...wasn’t a normal Corpse King!

Qu Yun shouted, “The Thunder Spirit Bead’s strength is not enough, Brother Hou, use your Evil Breaking Beast and try!”

The power of the Evil Spirit Beast with 200 years of sacrifice was very strong and it was a naturally born demon suppressing being, it was because of the Evil Breaking Beast that Yang Kun’s group could break through the Corpse Monster blockade.

The Thousand Year Corpse Monsters were afraid of the Evil Breaking Beast.

It should also be able to cope with this Ten Thousand Year Corpse King!

The Evil Breaking Beast was standing on Hou Chengyin’s shoulder, from its mouth came a dense cloud of black mist, instantly encircling the Corpse King.

“Refine it!”

Hou Chengyin’s eyes glowed with excitement!

This evil filled fox faced Corpse King, it has been cultivating for over ten thousand years, if it could be refined, the Evil Breaking Beast would be sure to evolve and become a super spirit beast that surpa.s.sed the Awakened Soul Realm!

The minute the Evil Breaking Beast’s black mist touched the demonic figure.


It was like the dark mist had met a fan, it was instantly swallowed by the demonic figure.  The Evil Breaking Beast gave a pitiful cry as blood poured from its seven orifices and it fell down from Hou Chengyin’s shoulder.


Hou Chengyin’s greedy look disappeared as he screamed.


The fog skeleton suddenly roared and a spiritual wave surged forward, the five of them instantly felt a deep soul wrenching pain, followed by a dark red cloud surging forward.

This dark red cloud was comprised of billions of tiny little wind blades, it was like a meat grinder surging forward.

Hou Chengyin and the Evil Breaking Beast didn’t even have a chance to dodge, they were instantly blown into the air and sliced into tiny fragments, becoming a heap of chopped meat, slamming into the wall and turning into an extremely abstract picture.

The largest fragment wasn’t even larger than a fingernail!

The cloud churned like a tornado, after killing Hou Chengyin, it returned to above the Corpse King’s head, its palms stretched out as it began to concentrate a fist sized energy ball.

Chu Tian quickly activated his Gla.s.s Body, “Be careful!  It’s about to explode!”

The cloud ball exploded and covered a range of several hundred meters!

Yun Yao quickly stimulated the Thunder Spirit Bead with all her strength, quickly condensing a dense thunder barrier around her.  Yang Kun quickly used his golden arm source spirit to block, but Qu Yun did not have any defensive techniques, he could only watch as the dark red cloud covered his body.


Flesh and blood scattered!

Another one had been sliced to pieces!

The fox faced Corpse King took a step forward, walking out from the center of the storm.  A fist shot out at the thunder barrier and the barrier shattered as the wild strength slammed onto Yun Yao’s body, Yun Yao was like a kite that had been cut, flying a dozen meters before landing at the main hall entrance.

She had broke more than ten bones and the Thunder Spirit Bead had lost all its light, as if it fell into a deep slumber, losing all its power.

“Great Spirit Power Fist!”

Yang Kun punched out with his golden fists.


The slender pale palm, easily caught the giant first.

Yang Kun could not escape and he revealed a face of panic, “Not good!”

The fox faced Corpse King’s hand grabbed at the golden arm source spirit and grasped Yang Kun’s arm, a black mist began to enter Yang Kun’s body.


Yang Kun gave a pitiful cry as his body turned black, the originally incomparably strong body, suddenly disappeared and turned into one as thin as firewood.

The demonic eye glowed.

Yang Kun was crushed into the ground and exploded into a cloud of powder.

Yun Yao and Yang Kun, these two strong people, were defeated this easily.


It was impossible to win!

This fellow was too strong!

The ancient grave’s suppression was no use!

The fox faced Corpse King easily dealt with Hou Chengyin, Qu Yun, Yun Yao, and Yang Kun, finally it turned its head and its demonic eyes fell on Chu Tian’s body, as if it was not anxious to make a move, it sized up Chu Tian and then said with a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Compared to them…...You are a little different!”

While it spoke.

A large part of the fox faced Corpse King’s hair turned white.

The fox faced Corpse King coldly said, “I’ll give you a chance, make your move!”

How strong was Yang Kun’s body?

He was still killed that easily.

Chu Tian did not dare fight in close range with the Corpse King, he stimulated the ring on his right finger and a blade of sword qi shot forward.

Chu Tian did not have any hope of injuring the Corpse King, he was only stalling for time, he would seize the chance to run to Yang Kun’s corpse and pick up the Soul Controlling Bell with his right hand.

The fox faced Corpse King stretched out a finger.

A small ball appeared.

It sent out a strange power from its finger and diverted the sword qi, that shot right at Chu Tian.


There was no solution!

In terms of speed, Chu Tian was even slower than Yun Yao, in front of the Corpse King, he was like a snail.  Chu Tian released his Demon G.o.d’s Sword source spirit and the Netherworld Sword was covered in a radiant glow, he slashed and sent out a green sword qi.

Almost in an instant!

The Corpse King took a step and disappeared, appearing in front of him, its right hand grabbed out and gripped the sword blade.

“This is bad!”

Chu Tian had no way to take back the sword, rather it was as if guided by an invisible force, the Netherworld Sword was taken by the Corpse King.

He had been disarmed!

It’s over!

Chu Tian had never been up close to the Corpse King, the strange and beautiful fox face, that deep dark pair of eyes with a red light shining, an unprecedented aura of danger covered his body.

“Is…..It isn’t!”  When the fox faced Corpse King saw Chu Tian’s source spirit, its demonic eyes drifted over it a few times, finally revealing a disappointed face, “No, you aren’t the person the Saint Lord is waiting for!”

Killing intent.

Like a tsunami surging forth!

If the fox faced Corpse Kill wished to kill, Chu Tian would without a doubt, be dead in a second!

He had no choice.

He had to take a chance!

A terrifying pressure erupted from Chu Tian’s body, a fierce and imposing shadow appeared behind him.

When the fox faced Corpse King saw the Shadow Source Spirit, its body trembled and it could not help taking a few steps back.

“This is…….”

The fox faced Corpse King had stopped, it didn’t make a move.

Ad this time, the Corpse King’s hair turned completely white, like a person at the edge of death, its demonic eyes were stubbornly locked onto the Shadow Source Spirit, on its beautiful fox face, it transitioned from surprise to shock and finally to a look of acceptance.


“It’s you!”

“The prophecy…...came true!”

The fog skeleton fake source spirit surrounding the fox faced Corpse King, gave a low roar and collapsed on its own, as if it was unable to confront the divine power of the Shadow Source Spirit.

What kind of nonsense was this Corpse King saying?

First let’s not worry about it!

Who cares about it!

It was important to escape first!

This was not running away, it was a strategic retreat, who let this fellow be this abnormal, the ancient tomb’s suppression had no effect on it, what kind of fight was that!

Under the cover of the Shadow Source Spirit, Chu Tian flew into the sky, just like an arrow, as fast as lightning as he ran over thirty meters away.

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