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Chapter 581: Wall Breaker

The s.p.a.ce Gate was a large investment plan, needing over a hundred Eyes of the Star alone and an astronomical number of spatial crystals.  With Miracle Commerce's current finances, they would need to pay a large price to make a s.p.a.ce Gate, even needing to borrow a large amount from the banks and a large amount of resources from the four giants.

But everything was worth it.

Chu Tian had Meng Yingying act as his a.s.sistant.  Not working with Chu Tian for a long time, Meng Yingying was filled with excitement, happily running around preparing resources for him all day.

It had to be said, Meng Yingying had grown quite a bit during this one-two years!

She managed Miracle Commerce's production department for a long time and was very clear on Miracle Commerce's resources and human labour.  At least she was clearer on this than the boss Chu Tian.

"We're bringing over the required resources from the various regions, it'll take around three days for it to be sent over."

Chu Tian nodded, "The workers?"

"I borrowed five hundred scholars from the Yun Sect, three thousand artisans from the Giant Mountain Range, and adding in Miracle City's workers, I feel we should have enough."

"Good job."  Chu Tian gave a look of praise, "I will immediately start working, it'll take ten days to complete."

Chu Tian chose an appropriate valley in Miracle City and began building the s.p.a.ce Gate there.  Chu Tian and the scholars began to draw the diagrams of the s.p.a.ce Gate bit by bit, reaching over three hundred pages.  Each page was pa.s.sed to the artisans and they began to build it based on the design.

Miracle City quickly began work on building the s.p.a.ce Gate.

On the other side.

Meng Qingwu was being battered by work.

"Blue Jade City has been ambushed by the spirit insects!  There are over a hundred thousand casualties!"

"Stone Source City has been suddenly attacked by the spirit insects!  Their protective city barrier has been destroyed and they suffered heavy casualties!"

"Bramble Cloud City has been attacked by the spirit insects!  They have stolen large amount of resources and have lost several towns!"

"Purple Silver City's surrounding mines have been attacked!  They have suspended production and the City Lord is asking for help from the alliance!"

The Sea Race's withdrawal angered the Subterranean World, causing them to increase their attacks on the surface world.  The spirit insects moved through the complicated underground crevices, so they could appear anywhere they wanted in the forest, causing quite a bit of headache for the Forest Alliance's main cities.

The wild ambushes from the Subterranean World had a large influence on the Forest of Chaos.  Even if the Forest Alliance had enough soldiers and experts, with how the Subterranean World's spirit insects randomly appeared, they didn't have a way to deal with them at all.

Meng Qingwu looked at the reports with a heavy heart.  She knew that with this situation, the cities of the alliance will incur more and more losses.  These cities will have doubts about the alliance itself and this will threaten the stability of the Forest Alliance.

Chu Tian's s.p.a.ce Gate wasn't finished this quickly, now Meng Qingwu had to stabilize the situation.

"Reporting in, news has come from the Great Zhou Country!

"The Eagle Ruler has suddenly sent two Eagle Kings to help the Blood Eagle King, as well as sending two hundred thousand soldiers.  They seemed to be preparing for an all out attack on Great Zhou and Great Zhou can't resist this with their current strength!"

The Eagle Burial Kingdom was directly entering the three kingdom alliance through the Great Zhou Country?

Miracle Commerce had spread rumours to create divides between the Eagle Ruler and the Blood Eagle King, but it seemed like these rumours had been broken.  These spirit beasts were not fellows without any brains.

The three kingdoms were not strong compared to the Forest Alliance, but that did not mean they were disposable.  The three kingdoms not only had value in existing, they had a large value. Although the kingdoms were not strong, they had a deep origin with Miracle Commerce.  If they were used to expand to the surrounding countries, it would spread Miracle Commerce's influence.

Once the three kingdom alliance collapsed.

It would be a large loss to Miracle City!

The Eagle Burial Kingdom was this determined, steeling their hearts to destroy the three kingdoms.  This was something Miracle Commerce absolutely would not permit!

Meng Qingwu made her decision, "The Subterranean World is hara.s.sing us, so we'll also hara.s.s them.  Have their excellencies Death Wing, Thunder's Fury, Burst Claw, and the Elven King enter the Subterranean World and attack their cities!"

Miracle Commerce's influence in the Purgatory World was not strong, but with the four giants moving at once, the Purgatory World was now stabilized.  Not to mention there was the s.p.a.ce fortress in the Purgatory World, something none of the Purgatory World influences could attack.

Leaving Atu to stabilize everything, the four giants could attack the Subterranean World through the Purgatory World.  By attacking the cities Alexis controlled, it would divert the Subterranean World's attention to a certain extent.

"The Eagle Burial Kingdom's army is gather, it'll probably be a b.l.o.o.d.y battle.  We should avoid a direct conflict with them." Meng Qingwu came up with actions to help these cities, first suppressing this situation before dealing with the Eagle Burial Kingdom situation, "How is the research for the 'Wall Breaker' going?"

"The 'Wall Breaker' is a very complicated missile and because of how hard it is to build and how rare the materials are, we've only made ten of them so far.  We don't know what the effects will be, we haven't tested them yet."

Meng Qingwu said without even thinking, "Test them directly on the battlefield!"

The subordinates looked at each other, "Battlefield?"

Meng Qingwu connected to Nangong Yun and brought out several of Miracle Commerce's stocked fighter planes.  These fighter planes were the same as the one Chu Tian used to head to West Sea City, they were all Miracle Commerce's newest flying machines.  They could reach ten times the speed of sound at their highest speed, which could even avoid the weakest Heaven Domain Experts.

"Big sister Qingwu can be a.s.sured."  Nangong Yun was very excited seeing the mission Meng Qingwu gave her, "I will definitely blow the Eagle Burial Kingdom army to pieces!"

"No, your mission isn't to deal with the Eagle Burial Kingdom's main forces!"  Meng Qingwu shook her head, "I have investigated the Eagle Burial Kingdom's forces, the five Eagle King armies are the most elite troops among their forces.  Other than the Dark Eagle King's army that was destroyed in the War Hound Plains, the other four Eagle Kings' armies are in the three kingdoms' area."

"What does big sister Qingwu mean?"

"The Eagle Burial Kingdom's main forces have many flying units.  Although our new flying machines are powerful, it will be hard to break their air blockades."  Meng Qingwu gave a map to Nangong Yun, "This is the Eagle Burial Kingdom's map, I have already marked several strategic locations on it.  These strategic locations contain the Eagle Burial Kingdom's army supplies and equipment, your task is to destroy them as quickly as possible."

Nangong Yun was shocked, "Alright!"

The Eagle Burial Kingdom's elite airborne troops were in the Great Zhou Country, while the first cla.s.s were left on the other battlefields to maintain the situation.  Would that mean there were only second and third cla.s.s troops left in their own country?

Meng Qingwu said, "There are quite a few Heaven's Punishment airships in the three kingdoms, but because they are too slow, they aren't much use in battle.  So, I have gathered them at the border of the Eagle Burial Kingdom, these airships should be helpful when the fighter planes attack!"

Meng Qingwu had already prepared everything!

If these airships directly attack the Eagle King armies, they were simply no different from large targets.  The Eagle Burial Kingdom's airborne troops were very strong, capable of intercepting the bombs in midair and they could send high alt.i.tude demon beasts to destroy the airships.

They wouldn't have this worry if they were attacking cities.

On one hand, the cities were not on guard like the army and on the other hand, the reaction speed of the city guards were much slower in comparison.  The Eagle Burial Kingdom never would have thought that Meng Qingwu would deploy airships to their borders, ready to attack at any moment. They also wouldn't know that Miracle Commerce had already created these powerful fighter planes.

Nangong Yun chose her people before preparing to set off.

"This is our 'Black Thunder' fighter planes' first real battle!"  Nangong Yun lectured everyone while walking back and forth, "We have to perform beautifully and display the might of our Miracle Commerce, understood?"


"Set off!"

Fifteen Black Thunder fighter planes activated and disappeared over the horizon from Miracle City's airport.  Nangong Yun was personally flying a Black Thunder plane and quickly reached ten times the speed of light. The fighter planes were all stable and didn't show any signs of breaking down.

The Black Thunder plane's structure was not complicated, mainly relying on a combination of source energy arrays to power it.  Therefore, there was enough s.p.a.ce for a powerful engine, weapon, and energy tank. There were four energy tanks in the plane itself and when they flew over the War Hound Plains, they had used most of the energy.

Nangong Yun had the planes stop in the War Hound Plains and she took out new energy tanks from the s.p.a.ce Warehouse.  When they began moving again, various kinds of weapons were prepared. This time they were flying right into the Eagle Burial Kingdom.

There was the Heaven's Net over the Eagle Burial Kingdom, so there was no problem in terms of communication.

"This is Black Thunder One!"  Nangong Yun said through the communication device, "Calling for Heaven's Punishment Sixteen!"

A sound with a bit of static came from the communication device, "Heaven's Punishment Sixteen here.  We are already over the target and can receive orders to start bombing at any instant."

Nangong Yun said, "Give me information on the target."

Nangong Yun was responsible for the most important strategic point.  This was a large scale fort that combined barracks, a granary, and equipment storage.  It was built on a giant isolated cliff that had a powerful defensive barrier and very powerful air defenses.  As for the protective barrier, Miracle Commerce had already clearly investigated it.

As they came closer and closer.

Nangong estimated that with their current speed, they would arrive at their target in at most ten minutes.  There were four Heaven's Punishment at fifteen thousand meters in the air, it would take around a minute for their bombs to land on the target.

"Pay attention to my orders!"  As Nangong Yun came closer and closer, the fortress was already becoming larger in her line of sight.  She suddenly ordered in a loud voice, "Began the bombing!"

"Order received!  Beginning bombing!"

The airship's bombs had not fallen yet when Nangong Yun's fighter plane had already reached the fortress.  At ten times the speed of light, even if the plane was designed to reduce friction and sound, it created a gigantic sound that set the fortress on alert.

Too late!

Nangong Yun shouted, "Die!"

The fighter plane's Source Energy Cannons lit up and four-five beams of light cut through the air towards the fortress' barrier, but they only created water like ripples on the surface.  After all, with the strength of this attack, it was not enough to break the fortress barrier.

At this time, there was a missile that suddenly appeared underneath the Black Thunder plane!

This missile was jet black and being fired at ten times the speed of sound, it continued to speed up until it reached at least fourteen-fifteen times the speed of sound.  It was like a drill that slammed into the barrier of the fortress.

The missile did not create a powerful explosion, but a strange energy was released from within, instantly causing a large layer of runes cover the entire surface of the fortress' barrier.  It was like water flowing through the high energy barrier, but it suddenly began to freeze just like a layer of ice.

"Break for me!"

Nangong Yun fired the Source Energy Cannon again.


Just like a mirror shattering, the large barrier of the fortress suddenly shattered into pieces just like ice.  There was an incomparably sharp whistle that came above them at this time, the bombs from the Heaven's Punishment airships were about to hit.

Nangong Yun flew her fighter plane to the edge of the fortress and watched the countless bombs fall down like raindrops.  They fell where the barrier of the fortress had cracked and instantly turned everything under the barrier into a sea of flames.

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