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Chapter 498: Deep cooperation

"The source stones have been unloaded."  Vivian personally took inventory several times to ensure that not a single one was missing before running to Chu Tian to report, "Big brother, please accept it!"

"No need, no need.  Vivian is one of us, can we not rely on you?"

Vivian's heart felt warm and she happily said, "Of course, I am part of Miracle City in life and a Miracle City's ghost in death.  I will not do anything bad to Miracle City, big brother Chu Tian can trust me!"

The Elven King couldn't help giving a soft cough.

Has this girl already forgotten what race she came from?

Miracle Banking's source stones reserves suddenly increased by over a hundred thousand.  This would cover all the bad debts and the losses of the war, stabilizing Miracle City's financial situation.  Miracle City could boldly use this money, Chu Tian wasn't afraid of not being able to repay this in a year.

"The Elven King works faster than I imagined, so I can't not keep my end of the deal.  Yingying, take out the Smart Brain."

Yingying placed an entire Smart Brain in front of the Elven King, "Your majesty, Elven King, this is Miracle Commerce's newly build Smart Brain.  Its performance has been slightly enhanced, being able to perform one billion and three hundred million processes every second. The spiritual body has been trained and can follow orders and can learn things, but it is still simple.  If there are any problems that need to be fixed in the future or you need to increase its processing speed, our Miracle City will take responsibility and waive the post sale fees!"

This deal was not very cost effective.  The tens of thousands of source stones earned from the interest of storing a hundred and fifty thousand source stones in Miracle Banking for a year, using that to buy a Smart Brain was a huge deficit.  This was because with Miracle Commerce's current production line and their Smart Brain factory, a single Smart Brain only cost several hundred source stones to make.

This couldn't be accounted with just this.

Something rare was more expensive.  Other than Miracle City, the Eternal Forest was the first place to have a Smart Brain, so their management would be much easier in the future.  The Elven King has more time to spend on other matters, which was worth it.

The source stones placed in the Eternal Forest had no use anyway!

Chu Tian then said, "I am someone who knows how to repay grat.i.tude.  The Elven King has solved a large matter for Miracle City, so Miracle City will be filled with grat.i.tude.  How about we discuss a plan of deeper cooperation with the Eternal Forest, are the elves interested?"

What medicine was this fellow taking?

"Your majesty, the Elven King is very clear that Miracle Commerce have many new technology, but are lacking in terms of resources and power, causing Miracle Commerce's expansion in the Forest of Chaos to be limited.  The Eternal Forest in comparison has ten thousand years of resources, with many large forest cities, having a large influence in the Forest of Chaos, but not using this resource to its full value.

The Elven King looked at him with a strange gaze, "You're thinking….."

"We should work together and help each other, wouldn't all of this change?"  Chu Tian didn't like beating around the bush and directly spoke his thoughts, "We will work together to open the forest.  I will take out my technology and you can provide the manpower and resources, creating shared benefits. For example, the Eternal Forest has a large stockpile of spatial crystals and quite a few people with rare spatial energy.  This placed in the Eternal Forest wouldn't be used even in a hundred years, but they are incomparably valuable to Miracle Commerce. If the Elven King takes them out, with the spatial technology provided by us, we can create large amounts of Transport Towers and s.p.a.ce Warehouses on the forest, creating extraordinary value.  Wouldn't it be a win-win situation for us?"

The Elven King's eyes lit up.

It was as Chu Tian said, both sides would greatly benefit.

The elves' store of resources would just be a store in the end, it wouldn't be used to produce anything.  Although Miracle Commerce had a large amount of products and technology, without enough influence and background, it wouldn't be possible for them to develop in the forest for now.  In this situation, if both sides work together, wouldn't they soar off?

Vivian loudly shouted, "This idea is great!  Royal father, let's do it!"

"The elves have many talents that are wasted, how about having them work with Miracle City."  Chu Tian saw the Elven King's heart was moved so he struck while the iron was hot, "They can display their value and bring benefits to the elves."

"Then, what kind of people do you want?"

"As long as they are knowledgeable and talented, we want them.  For example, symbol masters or people with background in alchemy.  Other than that, special talents like those with spatial energy, spiritual energy, or life energy.  The more the better, I want them all."

"Your appet.i.te is too big.  The elves have many experts and most of them are well known.  If the Elven Council found this out and rejected this proposal, this matter wouldn't be easy to solve."

Chu Tian shrugged his shoulder, "This all depends on the Elven King's methods.  I believe that everything the Elven King does will be pa.s.sed down in history. As the most important reformer in the elf clan, why do you care about these hindrances?  The king should have the boldness and aggression of a king!"

The Elven King gave a soft snort, "You're saying it too simply."

"Based on the Elven King helping me, I am honest in cooperating with the Eternal Forest.  If the Elven King can't even do something like this, it's better for me to find the Dragon Lord in Dragon City to cooperate with instead."  Chu Tian stretched his hand out in an uncaring matter, "The Dragon Lord's resources are not inferior to the Eternal Forest and the Dragon Lord will not resist a way of making money."

"Big brother Chu Tian, don't!"  Vivian scratched her head in anxiety, especially when she heard that Chu Tian was prepared to cooperate with that black dragon.  She was very worried, "We can't be hindered by those old men anymore!"

What are you worried about silly girl!

Only half of this brat's words were true.  If he worked with the Dragon Lord, he can imagine his losses.  Cooperation depended on strength as support and with how weak Miracle City was, how could the Dragon's Ridge discuss fair terms with them?  The entire forest knows that black dragon's greed and Death Wing also coveted Miracle City, so wasn't this basically impossible?

Miracle City was choosing to cooperate with the Eternal Forest because they could only cooperate with the Eternal Forest.

"Alright, alright, you don't need to provoke me."  The Elven King said to Chu Tian, "Let's hear the plan first."

"The elves will take out spatial crystals for us to build Transport Towers and we'll build a transport system in the forest.  Other than that, the elves will send as many experts with spatial energy as they can to Miracle City. Vivian will lead them in creating s.p.a.ce Warehouses, forming a logistics network.  The Elves also need to support Miracle City's communication buildings in the elven cities and around the elven cities."

Logistics, flow of people, and information transport.

This was the foundation of development.

"This is no problem."  The Elven King nodded, "How do we divide the revenue from the Transport Towers and s.p.a.ce Warehouses?"

"Miracle Commerce 80%, Eternal Forest 20%.  Other than that, the elves can only use and support them, they can't control them."

"This is too harsh."  The Elven King's face changed, but he didn't get angry with his self control, "The Eternal Forest will only get 20% after all their efforts?  Don't you think Miracle Commerce is benefitting too much?"

Chu Tian had a sincere appearance, "You have to know that even if the spatial crystals are precious, it isn't as if Miracle Commerce can't buy them with their channels in the different kingdoms.  Other than providing the core technology, Miracle Commerce is also providing the core Eye of the Star and Smart Brain to control it, which are all irreplaceable."

"You shouldn't forget, without the elves' support, Miracle Commerce would find it hard to develop in the Forest of Chaos.  Without the Eternal Forest's support and permission, Miracle Commerce can't develop in the elves' territory, isn't that right?"  The Elven King said, "Sixty-forty. The elves have made enough concessions, we hope Miracle Commerce can do the same."

Chu Tian casually shook his head, "Your majesty, Elven King, in terms of need, the elves are depending on Miracle City.  If it wasn't for Miracle City, who knows when your push for reform could happen. As for Miracle Commerce?. With the Treant's protection, we can calm everything down and slowly expand outwards.  If we meet a bad situation, Miracle Commerce can give up Miracle City. With our team and technology, can't we expand on the continent? Therefore, we have no reason to make concessions."

The Elven King yielded again with knit brows, "Seventy-thirty!"

Chu Tian was still unmoved, "Your majesty, Elven King should consider it, this bit of benefit, does the Eternal Forest and the elves really need it?  Wrong, completely wrong. After we cooperate, the elves will gain access to the Transport Towers and s.p.a.ce Warehouse technology. You should understand that the added benefits of these technology is more precious than the direct benefits!"

The added benefits referred to the benefits of usage in terms of the Transport Towers and s.p.a.ce Warehouses.

The benefits of use referred to the direct usage rights to the Transport Tower and s.p.a.ce Warehouse.  For example, if the Transport Tower can teleport one hundred people per day, the elves would have the right to twenty positions.  The elves can use the Transport Tower twenty times directly as long as they followed the procedures. It was the same with the s.p.a.ce Warehouses.

It was like Chu Tian said, the direct benefits of the Transport Towers and s.p.a.ce Warehouses weren't important to the elves.  What was truly appealing was the development of the elven cities, breaking the barriers the elves had created for countless years.

Chu Tian calculated the Elven King would not reject, so he gave this harsh condition.

Miracle City wouldn't let outsiders use these key technology too often.

20% was already Chu Tian's bottom line, he couldn't add anything else.

The Elven King saw that he couldn't persuade this fellow, so he could only helplessly sigh, "Alright, I have one condition.  The development must focus on the elven areas first and only after the elven areas are developed, we can use the extra resources to develop the surrounding areas.  Other than that, we will build an elven small town near Miracle City, which I hope will benefit Miracle City. Finally, I hope that Miracle City can lift the ban on some products for the Elven Forest like the Source Energy Weapons or the Smart Brains."

No problem!

The three large powers were closely watching Miracle City, so other than the elven controlled areas, they couldn't develop elsewhere.  They would first connect Miracle City with the elves and it wasn't too late to expand after they became stronger.

The Elven King signed a contract with Miracle City.

Miracle City would add an additional ten Transport Towers and fifty s.p.a.ce Warehouses to the elven controlled Forest of Chaos areas.  They would also increase their coverage area by thirty times, adding a hundred arenas, trial fields, shopping centers, and restaurants in the areas.

The main area was governed by the elves, so the resources and manpower would come from the elves.

Miracle Commerce's side would allow the Eternal Forest to form a small town with ten thousand elves on a small mountain.  The small town would pay taxes to Miracle city, but it wasn't controlled by Miracle City. Moreover, Miracle City would provide some special products to the elves, such as the Source Energy Weapons and the Smart Brains.

Even if the Elven King didn't mention it, Miracle Commerce would sell in the future.

After all, these things didn't have small prices!

After the Elven King got these conditions from Chu Tian, without knowing how he bypa.s.sed the Elven Council, the first batch of several thousand Eternal Forest elven elites were sent to the elven small town, including several hundred talents Chu Tian wanted.

Everything was progressing smoothly!

Miracle Commerce had a deep cooperation with the Eternal Forest and was using the elves' strength to expand.  The influence of Miracle Commerce would be unprecedentedly strong in the Forest of Chaos!

However, while Chu Tian was busy coming up with conditions with the Eternal Forest.

An urgent piece of news came from the Great Zhou Country side.

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