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Chapter 397: The Elven King's gift

The Elven Council members were all elected.  One must meet a series of requirements to be voted in, for example, one must be over five hundred years old, have a cultivation above the 3rd True Spirit Layer, have great moral character, obey the ancient rules, be combination of talent and virtue……Because of this election system, the Elven Council was filled with stubborn old things that wouldn't bend from the ancient ways.  Elves that surpa.s.sed the True Spirit Realm could live up to a thousand years. The current speaker was already a fossil of a thousand years and with his strength, he could live another three-four hundred years.

The elves' vitality was  too strong.

This caused the newer generation's metabolism to be very slow.  The new generation of elves would always be under the influence of the older generation and the Elven Council changed from old to new very slowly.  With these old men in charge, even if there were new people with new thoughts, they would also turn into a stubborn old man after being with these old men for one-two hundred years.

The elves' etiquette, the elves' believes, the elves' morals, they were all tightly restrained!

It had locked the elves of the continent for close to ten thousand years!

Ten thousand years was not long for the elven culture, it was at most ten generations of leaders.  However, to the spirit beasts and humans, it was enough to change their world!

A race that had overlooked tens of thousands of races on the continent before.

Had now declined to such a state.

Even in the Forest of Chaos, the elves' influence was also declining.  The elves were not focused on how to revitalize their race, but rather how to maintain their image, how to protect the elves' n.o.ble appearance, and how to separate the n.o.ble elves from the other races of the continent.

As everyone knew, in the eyes of the humans, the elves were a strange race.  Even the aggressive spirit beasts already disdainfully looked down on the elves.  

"This human Chu Tian is so cruel."  An council member righteously shouted out, "For a single victory, he actually destroyed a forest that had been growing for hundreds of years, not caring about the animal lives living inside.  This kind of selfish behaviour will be limited and resisted by the elves."

"That's right, reconsideration!"  Another council member stood up, "All beings are alive and the strong cannot disregard the lives of others at will."

"Such a crude method is simply corrupting the forest, this is blasphemy to forest and nature!"

If there were humans here, they would certainly break out in laughter by the elves' discussion.

In order to protect a small piece of the forest, one had to give up victory?

Only the elves would do something like this.  To the humans, this was just stupid!

A council member suddenly pointed at the elder sitting beside the speaker, "Vice speaker Ulysses, you had a chance to execute this human,  but you let him back leave the Tree of Life Tribe. So, everything that has happened, you are partly responsible for."

Ulysses said with a frown, "I have already investigated this matter and will submit the information regarding this to everyone.  Chu Tian's matter is excusable, there was no malicious intention to kidnap an elf at all. Chu Tian is a human with ability rarely seen in ten thousand years and if the elves mishandles this matter, perhaps we'll be cursed for ten thousand years."

"Don't mention Chu Tian's matter."  Another council member said, "Vivian is most serious offender of the elven rules in a hundred years, but not only did you not punish her, you even let Vivian go.  Doing this kind of thing and not being punished, how does this conform to the elven laws? This will have an adverse effect on the young elves, have you ever considered this?"


"The vice speaker has handled this matter improperly."

"No matter what happened with the human, Vivian has broken the clan's rules!"

Ulysses was a bit unhappy, "Vivian has mastered the spatial technology which is a great technology that can change the elves' lives.  I allowed her to return with Chu Tian to learn more, so she could contribute to the elven race."

"The elves' lives are good now, there is no need for change!"

"What can the elves learn from the primitive humans?  This is simply insulting the n.o.ble elves!"

While most of the elves were shouting, there were a few that didn't say a word who were the elven reformists.  Only there were too many old fashioned members and according to the elven traditions and rules, there would be no results for several days once they started arguing.

The Elven King was a bit anxious in his seat, "We'll end today's discussions here.  We'll discuss this matter later."

The speaker did not have any objections.  The elves had a habit of dragging things out, after all, their lives were too long.  A matter that could be done in a day could also be done in ten days, so they could just discuss more tomorrow.

After the Elven King dismissed the council, he walked into a corridor alone.  The Elven King's Palace's corridors were built into the cliff, so there was a jade white waterfall falling down the side.  When one glanced over at the view, they could see the entire Eternal Forest.

The sun was sending out its rays.

Every inch of the Eternal Forest was covered in this majestic and solemn might.  The orange and red twilight sunlight drizzled over the forest filled with vitality, as the elves were singing and painting away.  That peaceful and aloof atmosphere made even the most ambitious person lose themselves.

There was a faint helplessness on the Elven King's sculpted face.

For the elves current situation, he had the idea, but was helpless.  The elves on the continent were in a state of disunity and all the elves were befuddled by immersing themselves in a life of peace.  Would the flames of war in the forest finally wake them up? Perhaps it was already too late.

Ulysses arrived beside the Elven King, "News has come from Green City, there are plagues in the surroundings and there are foreign races rebelling, causing the city to be completely messed up.  I'm afraid the situation is very bad. If we don't send soldiers soon, we'll lose this newly seized city."

"Send troops?"  The Elven King shook his head, "Do you think the council will agree?"

Ulysses revealed a stunned expression, "We spent all that strength and finally seized a city, do we have to give it up just like this?"

"We have no choice but to give it up."  The Elven King said this before spark appeared in his head.  When the spark appeared, it was like it had fallen in oil and instantly created a fire, making a thought fill his mind, "Give it up doesn't mean throwing it away, it can be used for something else."

Ulysses was a bit surprised, "What are you saying?"

The Elven King turned to Ulysses, "I'm very interested in that human youth named  Chu Tian. They did a good job with managing that small town, but a small town is only a small town, not to mention it is on the edge of the forest.  They can't really achieve anything in that kind of environment."

Ulysses could already guess the Elven King's idea, "Your meaning is?"

"We can't use the elven army, but we can find a friend we can rely on to help.  I think what Chu Tian needs the most right now is a city and only by having a city in the forest, could he display his full talent.  I'll give him a city because since this city would fall into someone else's hands, we'll just use it to help a friend out."

"Chu Tian's power is too weak.  This city's meaning is not normal, can he really control it?"

"There are risks, but we can only secretly help them control it."  The Elven King said this before saying, "But, don't forget, humans are a race that like taking risks as long as there are enough benefits.  They know it is dangerous, but they will not hesitate, this is the greatest difference between humans and elves."

Ulysses felt helpless and dejected.

It was indeed like this.

The Elven King waved his hand and said, "Go, this city will be under the name of the Eternal Forest and he will be the legitimate City Lord.  As for whether he can control the city or not, it will depend on his own skills."


Ulysses left the Eternal Forest.

When he rushed to Oldman Small Town on his dragon hawk after an entire day, Oldman Small Town was currently in a celebration of a major success.  Different races and different powers were all having a friendly chat over wine in the small town.

Ulysses entered the underground city.

Although Oldman Small Town was not big, it was illuminated like it was daytime.  All the buildings were organized and each street was like a blood vessel, with each merchant walking on it being the blood.  This allowed the small town to be filled with vitality, one that couldn't be seen in the elven cities.

The small town had a theater, a restaurant, and a dojo, with each one being unique, attracting a lot of popularity.  However, the most lively place was the Oldman Market.

Oldman Market was already very famous now.  No matter how many materials there were in the forest, they would be digested as long as they were transported to the market.  If the locals wanted to buy pills, talismans, or daily supplies, it didn't matter how much they wanted, the small town would be able to provide it.  This strong supply and demand allowed the market was filled with vitality as many small merchants did business.

Goblins, mouse clans, and rabbit clans, these weak races were all around.

The ogres did not go robbing.

These big fellows understood that they needed resources to trade in the small town, so they sold their large strength in Oldman Small Town.  They used the source stones they earned to enjoy their favourite canned food or even have a large meal in the restaurant.

Oldman Small Town had no discrimination.

Each race was treated equally and it was very harmonious here.

This prosperity was supported by the s.p.a.ce Warehouse.  If this great technology was controlled by an elf, it could be used by the elves.  The Elven Council old fogies would most likely look at it in disdain, which made Ulysses feel very aggrieved and helpless.

"What did you say?"  Chu Tian was almost squashed by this pie that fell from the sky, "The Elven King wants to give me a city?"

"That's right!"  Ulysses said in a certain voice, "This is a large city in the core of the Forest of Chaos, a place with several spirit veins gathered together.  It is very hidden and is one of the main hubs of the Forest of Chaos, rich beyond your imagination. If you can control this city, you'll have the right to speak in the forest."

Miracle Commerce's people were all stunned.

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