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Chapter 221: Killing the demon with an array

Thunder State City, countless people were anxiously waiting for the news!

"It's a disaster!"

"The three Marquises lost!"

"Thunder State's Storm Cavalry has been decimated!"

"Thunder State is done for.  The demon will be attacking soon.  Run, everyone run for your lives!"

"The Western Marquis' son, the Golden Arrow Marquis' son, the Divine Wind Marquis' only daughter, and the geniuses partic.i.p.ating in the battle have all disappeared!"

The entire Thunder State City was about to explode!

There was a small group of Storm Cavalry that made it back.  They were all covered in black smoke with torn flesh and they were bleeding everywhere.  It looked very terrible and everyone was shocked.

"The demon is about to attack!"

"Everyone, run!"

The panic spread faster than an epidemic and in only a few hours, the entirety of Thunder State City was filled with fear.  Everyone gathered their families and their possessions as they quickly prepared to run.

Such a large scale retreat had never occurred before in the history of Thunder State.  If everyone left Thunder State City, wouldn't Thunder State City become a dead city?

This was the Main City of a county!

The Thunder State soldiers went forward to stop them.

When the crowd was blocked, the close to boiling crowd began to riot out of fear and anger.


"You don't have the skills to protect Thunder State City and you won't let us run!"

"Before we die by the demon's hands, we'll die by your hands.  Why don't you make it quick!"

The countless angry rioters attacked the army and Thunder State City fell into chaos.  Countless houses were lit and the soldiers surrounded the rioters, beating several of them to death.

"Mom!  Mom!"

A girl with pigtails had been separated from her family and was sitting in the chaotic streets crying.

"A great misfortune on Thunder State, a great misfortune on Thunder State!"

"Who can save Thunder State!"

An old man looked at the dark sky of Thunder State City and gave a few sad roars.  Spitting out a mouthful of blood, he fell to the ground.

Meng Yingying was standing in the streets, feeling completely stunned.

Why was this happening?

How could they lose!

This was impossible!

Lin Mu and Fang Han rushed over, "Second miss, this place is dangerous.  We should retreat."

"No, Chu Tian isn't back yet!"  Meng Yingying said with a firm look, "If he doesn't come back, then there is still hope!"

When they saw Meng Yingying's firm expression, the two of them revealed helpless looks.

It wasn't that they didn't believe in the boss!

The problem was….even the three Marquises had lost.

While Thunder State City fell into a riot, the Divine Wind Marquis, the Western Marquis, and the Golden Arrow Marquis returned to the city.  The three of them had dirty faces and looked like beggars, not having any elegance of a marquis.

"Stop!"  The Western Marquis flew into a rage, "Are these rioters trying to revolt?  Who'll follow the kingdom's laws if we don't kill them!"

"Forget it!"  The Golden Arrow Marquis gave a long sigh, "There no need to blame them.  As the protector of Thunder State, this marquis could not protect them.  It is all because of my incompetence."

The Golden Arrow Marquis announced, "Open the gates and let the citizens escape!"

The Divine Wind Marquis gave a heavy sigh.

The countless injured soldiers were stunned by the Golden Arrow Marquis' orders.  Where was the old invincible Golden Arrow Marquis?  At this moment, with his broken armour, his entire body had been charred black!

With the extra marquises here, how could this be?  How could this be!

Pa, pa!

The spears were thrown to the ground.

Countless soldiers joined the ranks of the people running away.

Who wanted to leave the place they lived in for so long?  Who wanted to live a life of wandering aimlessly!  However, Thunder State was no longer safe.  Other than running away, what other choice did they have!

The three Marquises silently watched the chaotic Thunder State City.

This was their first time feeling so weak!

"Feichen is not back, so he is probably lost in all the chaos."  The Western Marquis knit his brows, "d.a.m.n!  I shouldn't have come to the turbid waters of Thunder State!"

The Divine Wind Marquis stared off into the distance.  Although it wasn't very likely, he was truly hoping that young man could once again make another miracle.

Thunder State was one of Southern Summer's eight counties.

Once they lost Thunder State, the national strength would decrease.  Southern Summer was fighting the Spirit Beasts to the north and was already in a dangerous situation, so how could they suffer such a large attack?

No one knew.

The chief criminal of this disaster was currently trapped in a small valley.

The h.e.l.l Fire Demon was born in the Abyss World, which was a world without any principles.  It only knew how to kill and plunder!

How could it know the methods of other world beings?

Chu Tian, Yun Yao, Feng Caidie, and Nangong Yun all took a corner of the valley.

Everyone was holding an array flag that was releasing a giant array, which was sealing the h.e.l.l Fire Demon.  This array was formed by the diluted divine blood, so while the array was not very strong, it still contained the weak power of a Spiritual G.o.d!

The h.e.l.l Fire Demon was trapped by this power.

It did not know how to fight back, but its instincts told it that if it did not escape, it might be in danger!


While h.e.l.l Fire was feeling restless, it suddenly took a step forward.  The h.e.l.l Fire Demon was very strong.  When Nangong Yun and the others felt this strength, they almost felt the array flag being forcefully pulled out of their hands.

"Hold it tight!"

"You can't let go!"

"If you do, we will all die!"

Chu Tian's feet were embedded into the ground as he gritted his teeth and gripped the flag.  The other three were also resisting h.e.l.l Fire, fighting with all their strength.

The h.e.l.l Fire Demon had fought with the three Marquises and chased the little fox, spending a large amount of its strength.  Right now, it was very hard for it to escape from the array.

The h.e.l.l Fire Demon roared into the sky.

Several wandering green flaming demons were summoned from afar, immediately rushing to the little valley.  These flaming demons had strength comparable to the Ill.u.s.trious Soul Realm, so they couldn't be underestimated.

"Don't be affected!"  Chu Tian shouted, "This fellow is almost out of strength, we just need to hold on a little longer!"

When the green flaming devils arrived at the little valley, the little white fox charged in front of them and sucked in most of their energy.  Then a black figure followed by snowflakes fell from the sky.  When the green flaming demons were attacked by the countless snowflakes, they immediately shattered to pieces.

The h.e.l.l Fire Demon struggled several times only to end in failure.  It's strength was slowly becoming weaker.

"It's almost done!"  Chu Tian ordered, "Go Chen Bingyu!"

Chen Bingyu immediately pulled out a small flag and leaped into the valley.

The h.e.l.l Fire Demon sent a fist at her, but whether it was the speed or power behind it, it had all been reduced.

Chen Bingyu easily avoided the attack and circled around behind the h.e.l.l Fire Demon.  Jumping up, she placed the flag.

A large chunk of the fire on h.e.l.l Fire's back was extinguished.  With the little flag in the center, countless blood red energy filaments instantly spread halfway around its back.

A mountain like pressure fell onto it.


The h.e.l.l Fire Demon fell to the ground and it struggled to stand up several times.  Chen Bingyu pulled out a second flag and once again began to move.

Unexpectedly, the h.e.l.l Fire Demon's head suddenly turned 180 degrees and sent a green fireball at her.

Chu Tian was shocked, "Be careful!"


Fog suddenly appeared!

The little fox suddenly appeared in front of Chen Bingyu and swallowed the fireball into its stomach.  There was a clear rise and its little stomach became much rounder.

"Good work!"  Chu Tian then ordered, "Insert it into the knee!"

A flag was inserted into h.e.l.l Fire's knee.

Suddenly, blood red filaments appeared surrounding its right leg.  h.e.l.l Fire was completely kneeling on the ground with no way of standing up.

The four of them felt a kind of relief.

The h.e.l.l Fire Demon no longer had the ability to resist.


Chen Bingyu inserted a flag into the right shoulder and the blood red filaments lit up.  It entwined the demon's arms, making it lose all the strength in its arm.

Each array flag had an array inscribed on it.

These arrays were formed from the Spiritual G.o.d's power and the h.e.l.l Fire Demon's strength had been completely suppressed, not having a mean to fight back at all.  No matter how strong the h.e.l.l Fire Demon was, whether it was ten thousand or one hundred thousand years old, in the face of a Spiritual G.o.d, they were nothing more than ants.

"It can't hold on!  Let's keep going!"

Under Chu Tian's instructions, the array flags were inserted into h.e.l.l Fire's body.

There were a dense amount of blood red filament on h.e.l.l Fire's body, making it lose all of its demonic power.  There was only a dark green body releasing smoke, not being able to release any green abyss flame at all.

"Ice Soul Palm!"

Chen Bingyu released a palm.

The dark green stone was completely still.

This thing was quite firm!

Chu Tian shouted, "You can't break its body, so don't worry about the other layer.  The h.e.l.l Fire Demon has a demon heart inside which is its core, destroy it!"

Chen Bingyu looked past the dark green stone sh.e.l.l, looking inside the h.e.l.l Fire Demon.  There was a heart valve beating according to a certain pattern that was slowly transporting energy around its body.

"Don't kill me!"  The h.e.l.l Fire Demon send out a wave of energy, "I will become your servant!"

Nangong Yun and Feng Caidie was shocked.

The h.e.l.l Fire Demon was very strong.  If it could restore its strength, then it might even be above the Three Rulers.  If it could be used for humans, then it would be a very strong goon.

"Do you think I would believe an Abyss Demon?"  Chu Tian gave a cold laugh and was not moved at all, "Do it!"

Chen Bingyu released her Snowflake Source Spirit and condensed a giant ice cone that pierced through the demon's life source.


The h.e.l.l Fire Demon gave a pitiful cry.

The stone sh.e.l.l slowly collapsed like bricks losing its foundation as they instantly turned into stones.

It's dead!

This incomparably hard to deal with monster that even the three Marquises could not fight had actually been defeated by Chu Tian's array.  Although they had killed the Abyss Demon, the four of them were exhausted.  Even Chen Bingyu had lost all her spirit energy, losing all of her battle strength.

"It died?"

"We won!"

"We actually won!"

"Father will definitely be proud of us when he finds out!"

Nangong Yun, Feng Caidie, and Yun Yao cheered with excitement.

Although they had only been helping, the incredibly strong h.e.l.l Fire Demon had been destroyed by their hands.  Everyone would have been proud of this!

The little fox licked its claws as it waved it big furry tail.

Its sparkling eyes were staring at h.e.l.l Fire's corpse.

Suddenly, its eyes lit up.

The little fox spat out a little wooden man.  Holding the little wooden man in its hands, it jumped onto h.e.l.l Fire's corpse, it forcefully shook it.

A purple coloured thing came from h.e.l.l Fire's corpse.

Nangong Yun asked in a surprised voice, "What is that little thing doing?"

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