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Chapter 207: The cursed lake

The next morning in Miracle Commerce Headquarters.

Chu Tian gave several things to Meng Qingwu last night.  These were all things related to Miracle Commerce, like the core mechanisms of the electromagnetic communication device.

The Yun Sect's research could not stop.

With Chu Tian not in Central State, Meng Qingwu would take responsibility for it!

The New Yun Sect had over a hundred elite scholars mainly responsible for finding flaws, fixing defects, and running tests to obtain data.  They would use this data to improve their research and make it applicable.

Meng Qingwu had the Heavenly Book Source Spirit, which increased her intellect, shortening the time needed.  Just by learning from the memories within her Heavenly Book Source Spirit, she had already surpa.s.sed normal scholars.

He would let her be in charge with Yun Tianhe acting as support.

This arrangement made Chu Tian feel a.s.sured.

Meng Qingwu had a depressed look on her face, "So you still decided to partic.i.p.ate in the end?"

"This is not related to the Calm Martial Ruler's orders at all."  Chu Tian had a very mysterious smile, "I am actually very interested in the mission, or rather very interested in the Abyss Demon that fell over Thunder State.  Perhaps it has what I need on its body!"

"You don't even know how strong it is and you dare risk your life this easily?"

"Relax, I have a secret weapon on me."

The diluted Spiritual G.o.d blood that Chu Tian had was not only good at dealing with curses, but it was also very useful against demons.  An Abyss Demon that had just arrived for a few days wouldn't be that strong.

This was not her first day knowing Chu Tian, so she knew this person kept his promises.  Since he said he was going, she could not stop him at all.

Meng Qingwu was a smart girl.  Since she couldn't stop him, she would support him, "What do you need?  I'll help you prepare it!"

"I need a high cla.s.s beast pelt and a silver forged pole….."

Chu Tian listed a large amount of materials.

Meng Qingwu could tell that these things were used for an array.  With Miracle Commerce's current strength, it was not hard to prepare these, so she called someone to prepare them without saying anything else.

"Chu Tian!  Chu Tian!"  Meng Yingying anxiously ran inside, "I saw the announcement.  Are you really going to Thunder State?"

Chu Tian nodded, "I'm leaving tonight!"

Meng Yingying quickly shouted, "Take me with you!"

"Yingying!"  Meng Qingwu's beautiful eyes stared at her and she severely reprimanded her, "You're not allowed to create more chaos!"

"I'm not creating more chaos!"  Meng Yingying grabbed Chu Tian's arm and forcefully swung it, "I want to go and take a look with you.  I've never been to anywhere further than the Main City.  Thunder State, that is a place that's ten thousand miles away.  Isn't it alright for me to go for experience?"

"No!"  Meng Qingwu was normally gentle, but once she became serious, she was very strong and decisive, "Chu Tian is going for an important mission and not going there to play.  Do you plan on distracting Chu Tian?"

"I…..I also have a mission!"  Meng Yingying did not dare look at her elder sister.  She hid behind Chu Tian and revealed a rebellious look, "We are cooperating with the great general to produce food cans, so our production has increased.  Sooner or later, we will have to sell outside of Central State.  The military is focused on Thunder State right now, it is a good opportunity to open the market!  Don't you think so?  Chu Tian!"

The little girl forcefully winked at Chu Tian.

No matter what her little sister said, Meng Qingwu would definitely not agree.

After all, her little sister was the most important family member for Meng Qingwu.  She would not allow her little sister encounter any danger.

"Think about it young miss.  Yingying is already in the 3rd Awakened Soul Layer and has reached the Diamond Body Realm with the Starlight Immortal Body.  No one will be able to hurt her with this defensive power."  Chu Tian was helping Meng Yingying, "Yingying wants experience, so let her come.  I will call Lin Mu and Fang Han to protect her.  She will not enter the disaster zone and will just provide support, so there won't be a problem."

Meng Yingying had the Starlight Immortal Body.  Even if her battle strength was not high, her defense was indeed very strong!

Even a normal 4th Awakened Soul Layer Cultivator would not be able to hurt her.  Making her do support work placed her in no danger at all.

Meng Qingwu knit her brows, still feeling a little bit hesitant, "This……"

Chu Tian said, "Yingying cannot live in a safe environment forever, and letting her see the disaster zone is a good thing.  With me there, it'll be fine!"

Meng Qingwu clenched her teeth and stared at her little sister as she said, "You have to listen to Chu Tian's words!"

"Yeah!  Long live Chu Tian!  Solving it this easily!"  Meng Yingying happily rushed out the door, "I have to make some preparations!"

Meng Qingwu felt a headache come on.

"Think of it all as an exercise."  Chu Tian did not feel like anything was improper, "We would have left Central State sooner or later, even leaving the Southern Summer Country.  There will be many unknown dangers in the future and many things we have to face."

Meng Qingwu could say nothing.

Yingying was leading mercenaries to provide support, this really would not be dangerous.

Just like Meng Yingying said, this disaster really was a business opportunity.  It would allow them to enter the other three counties and would expand the influence of their company, allowing them to open market routes outside of Central State.

"I'll leave the eighteen Yin Corpses to protect you."  Chu Tian did not allow the young miss to reject by saying, "Chen Bingyu is enough to protect me."

The young miss had already learned how to use the Yin Corpses to create an array.

These eighteen divine blood refined Yin Corpses were amazing.  If they coordinated using the array Chu Tian invented, they could surpa.s.s an expert of the 5th Awakened Soul Layer, even being able to stall someone at the 6th Awakened Soul Layer.

The young miss had the Starlight Immortal Body and these eighteen divine blood refined Yin Corpses, so there was no need to worry about her safety.

This mission was very urgent, but if they followed Chu Tian's plan, it wouldn't take too long.  It would just take seven-eight days to complete and the three great clans will not have enough courage to act in this time!  Even if they did take action, there were Yun Tianhe and Xiong Wuji still in Central State, so they could stall for a few days.

Chu Tian found Chen Bingyu in the practice room.

Chen Bingyu had followed Chu Tian for a while now and her cultivation techniques flaw had been solved, even increasing its level by a step.  She could finally feel movement from her bottleneck and she would breakthrough soon.

Chen Bingyu was already at the peak of the 8th Awakened Soul Layer!

Her strength could be imagined!

Chu Tian did not say anything.

Chen Bingyu had taken the initiative to offer her protection, which surprised Chu Tian.  It seemed like this beautiful girl was dead set on him!

On the other hand, with a super powerful bodyguard by his side, even if he encountered the worst scenario, he would be able to run away without a problem.


On the same day.

At dusk.

Everyone gathered at Central State City's dock.

Meng Qingwu had sent over all the materials Chu Tian wanted.  Chu Tian could use the several days long boat trip to prepare them.

Meng Yingying had the Underworld Mercenary Group send over a hundred boxes of canned food to signify Miracle Commerce's support for this mission.

All the soldiers cheered.

How precious was canned food from Miracle Commerce?

It had all been s.n.a.t.c.hed in Central State and was hard to find!  The underground market was selling out even with four-five times the normal price, normal people did not have a chance to taste this stuff!

Meng Yingying's one hundred boxes raised morale because everyone was happy about having good things to eat!

In this kind of disaster relief mission, speed was of the utmost importance.  Even the ruler's orders said that they had to be quick and could not dawdle.  The rescue army was as small as possible.  The Divine Wind Marquis picked one thousand and five hundred cavalry members, and only brought rations needed for the journey, getting rid of all their supplies to rush to Thunder State as quickly as possible.

The vanguard army would follow Chu Tian's suggestion.  They would ignore the captured cities and charge right to the center of the disaster zone.  Thunder State would provide a normal army to bring supplies and guard the rear.

If the vanguard army encountered anything in the disaster zone, they would have support and could easily retreat if need be!

"The ship is here!"

Five giant warships slowly approached the sh.o.r.e.

This was Chu Tian's first time seeing the warships from close range.

The ship was very ancient, actually using wood as its base.  However, the ship had various arrays engraved on it to reduce its weight, increase its speed, and strengthen its hull.  

The model of the five ships were alright.  The size of the main ship was a little bigger, being fifty meters long, twelve meters wide, and having a mast of thirty meters tall.  It seemed to weigh around six-seven hundred tons judging with one's eyes.  There were fourteen different cabins inside the ship divided into two levels.  The nine lower deck s.p.a.ces were used to store the mounts of the cavalry and the five cabins up top were ordinary cabins.

Even this slightly bigger flagship could only hold four hundred people, including their mounts.  This was the limit.

Nangong Yun asked in a curious voice, "Do we have to take a boat to Thunder State?"

"We have to go by ship!"  Yun Yao explained, "Thunder State is to the northeast of Central State and there is a primitive mountain range to the east of Central State that has a giant lake to the north of it.  We cannot pa.s.s through the Demon Beast Range to the east because there are more Demon Beasts there than people in Central State, and the area is very precocious.  In comparison, it is more convenient to go on the water route!"

"These are the fastest ships in Central State!"  This was Feng Caidie's first time going out, so she was clearly very excited, "The hull is built with strong and firm lumber that are engraved with "Falling Feather Arrays", significantly reducing its weight.  The sails are engraved with "Wind Gathering Arrays" so even with calm weather, there will be wind blowing us forward.  The speed moving forward is sixty kilometers per hour and the maximum speed is eighty kilometers per hour!"

When Meng Yingying heard this, she immediately began to calculate with her fingers, "Like this, if we move smoothly, won't we be able to reach Thunder State in two days?  Wa!  It's so fast!"

This was the most advanced warship?

Chu Tian gave a helpless sigh!

The Divine Wind Marquis even found a guide.  This guide was an old sailor, sailing the Four State Lake for over twenty years now, so they were very clear about the layout of the Four State Lake.

"Prepare to leave!"

Chu Tian's group boarded the main ship.

Meng Yingying's little face turned red with excitement.  Standing on the deck, she raised her hands and loudly shouted to land, "Elder sister, you can be a.s.sured!  Yingying will come back safely!  Yingying will develop the canned food business in the other states!  You can be a.s.sured in buying ships to ship the canned food with!"

Meng Qingwu watched her little sister disappearing into the distance and a helpless smile appeared on her face.

This little girl was getting harder to control!

The Four State Lake was the largest lake in the Southern Summer Country!

Because it flowed into four states, that's how it obtained its name.  The lake was very calm, with nothing happening for a thousand miles, so they took advantage of the situation.  After the five warships left Central State, they continued forward for around seven to eight hours.

Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun were shouting on the deck.

When night fell, those two ran out of energy and went back into the cabin to eat canned food with everyone else.  The two of them had not seen Chu Tian today.  They asked Yun Yao and found that Chu Tian had locked himself up, secretly preparing something.

This fellow was very mysterious, the two of them were already used to it.

At this moment, an old man with a fl.u.s.tered expression came in, "Marquis!  Marquis!  I have something important to report!"

"What is so important?"  The Divine Wind Marquis was a little surprised to see this old person.

This person was the guide that they found, the experienced old sailor.

"We can't keep going forward!"  The old man said with a voice full of fear, "If we continue forward, we'll enter an area of death!  It is the graveyard of ships, the place of lake G.o.ds.  It is the most forbidden area of the Four State Lakes!"

The Divine Wind Marquis asked the captain, "How long would a detour take?"

"It would add around a day to our journey!"

The Divine Wind Marquis frowned, "Have you heard of this forbidden area before?"

"This…..I have heard rumours!"  The captain gave a slight nod, "It is the forbidden area of the lake.  It is a place with no wind, so normal ships cannot move through and that is why it is known as the graveyard of ships."

This was a problem to a normal ship.

These five warships were very advanced, what did it matter if there was no wind?

The old sailor kneeled on the ground, "Marquis, you really cannot enter!  There has never been a person who came out after going in!  It is the territory of the lake G.o.ds!  If we intrude on the lake G.o.ds' territory, the lake G.o.ds will punish us!"

The Divine Wind Marquis asked, "What are the lake G.o.ds?"

The captain disdainfully said, "The merchants and ordinary warships bypa.s.s this area because this place has no wind, so it is a very dangerous location.  The pirates are very fierce and Southern Summer has sent soldiers to capture them, but they gave up in the end…..As for lake G.o.ds?  I see it as nothing but pure nonsense!"

The Four State Lake was very wide, spreading out like an ocean, so it was not strange to find pirates on these waters.

They only had strength equal to normal people.

Would the Divine Wind Marquis have to fear them?

"We don't have time to take a detour!"  The Divine Wind Marquis ordered, "We won't change routes!  Go straight forward and charge through!"

The old guide fell onto his b.u.t.t, "It's over!  It's over!"

His face paled with fright and his pants became wet.

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