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Chapter 299 Authority

"Is it really okay if I stay outside?" Lisa asked cautiously as she held a cup filled with hot wine. "What if we are attacked once again?"

Although she was inside Xuefeng this whole time, she could see everything happening around him. It felt disappointing to not be able to help in battles but Xuefeng's hug helped forget about those concerns.

"Of course it's okay. We came here to enjoy all together so unless we battle, you are free to join us," Xuefeng a.s.sured as he caressed Lisa's cheek and reached out to the floating plate of sweet fruits. "Those purple ones are very good, you should try them."

He put one on Lisa's extended tongue and she immediately brightened. "Yum! So sweet and soft! Sis, you should try it too!"

Thunder G.o.ddess gazed at Lisa who was having fun on Xuefeng's lap and shook her head while taking a sip of her wine. "I'm good. I don't really like sweet things."

"I thought you liked it when you tasted me," Xuefeng commented playfully, causing Thunder G.o.ddess to squint her eyes at him. "What, you didn't?"

"I didn't say anything... This just isn't the place to talk about it," Thunder G.o.ddess reminded and grabbed a jug of wine to pour him another cup. "How long do you plan to stay here?"

When the owner of the top restaurant saw a fist-sized Fate Stone, he immediately reserved a whole floor just for them. The place wasn't entirely private where they could fool around freely. Many beautiful servant ladies were ready to a.s.sist them with anything but Xuefeng's eyes were only at the two of them.

"We will stay until the reinforcements arrive. They already know about us so the Queen should meet us soon. It would be nice if we can talk directly to her," Xuefeng replied, sneaking his palm onto Thunder G.o.ddess' thigh. "We can enjoy ourselves until then."

Thunder G.o.ddess suddenly trembled to his touch, almost spilling the wine on him. She bit on her lips to swallow the pleasure, but when Xuefeng squeezed her harder, a soft moan slipped out her mouth. She was still under Xuefeng's slave contract which reacted to his desires.

"We can't... The Dragon Queen can come at any moment," Thunder G.o.ddess rejected softly while trying to resist her urges and changed the topic. "I will have one of these then. Can you feed me?"

"Whenever you act like this you make me want to tease you more," Xuefeng pointed out as he grabbed a fruit with two fingers and extended it to her mouth. Thunder G.o.ddess leaned over on her own and coiled her tongue around his fingers before finally taking the fruit away.

She would never think about doing it in the past, but the Slave Contract was too strong, forcing her to please Xuefeng at all times.

"It tasted good," Thunder G.o.ddess admitted and she gave in to Xuefeng's invitation. "Only kissing, nothing more."

Xuefeng snickered and brushed his hand behind her head to pull her for a deep kiss. Lisa wasn't jealous at all and only joined them as she sucked on his exposed neck. They could feel the burning gazes of the servant ladies but it only added to their pa.s.sion.

"Sir!" Just as they were starting to enjoy themselves, the young Dragon stepped in from outside to bring some good news. "The Eldest Elder came to inform that the Queen of Dragon Race will arrive shortly. He also wants to talk to you right now."

Xuefeng sighed as he pulled away reluctantly and ordered, "You can let him in."

"Right away!" the young Dragon nodded firmly, already becoming more confident of his role.

"Stay close to me," Xuefeng suggested as Lisa slid to seat next to him on the sofa. "Ling will protect you in case it gets dangerous."

It was harder to protect her while flying and killing but a friendly negotiation shouldn't be a problem. The Queen wanting to meet them was a good sign but one couldn't be hundred percent sure.

Xuefeng didn't forget to wave at the chef to start bringing food over and the tables began to fill when an elderly man in a robe appeared. He walked ahead while the young Dragon walked behind with his head lowered. His arms and legs were shaky, a complete opposite to how he was just before.

"What happened?" Xuefeng questioned with a frown while his Elemental Stones began to shine. "Did you do something to him?"

The Elder raised his eyebrows and followed Xuefeng's gaze to the young Dragon. He turned around and smiled, "Are you talking about him? He was a little disrespectful earlier so I taught him a lesson. Don't worry, he will be fine after a bit of rest."

Xuefeng's eyes grew cold as he heard it and commanded, "My guide, come over here."

To his surprise, the Elder countered his words and suggested, "I think you should wait outside until everything is over. Let the adults talk."

The young Dragon shivered even harder and bowed lower before trying to leave. Now it was almost certain that the Elder did much more than just teaching him a lesson.

'The Elder must be using his superior bloodline to influence the young Dragon,' Ming informed, causing Xuefeng to grow angrier.

"You want to talk, huh?" Xuefeng asked as he extended his palm and his skin began to cover with scales until a strong Dragon Claw was formed. "One of the things I hate is when someone challenges


Xuefeng didn't finish speaking when the time in the restaurant stopped and he dashed out like a phantom. He appeared by the frozen Elder and slashed a large cut on his cheek before grabbing the young Dragon back. When the time resumed, Xuefeng was back in the same spot while the young Dragon was standing next to the sofa, fully recovered.

"...my authority." Xuefeng finished his sentence just as blood began to flow out of the Elder's cheek.

"You..." the Elder muttered in shock as he touched his face.

"Shut up. Call me you one more time and I will kill you," Xuefeng snapped back while pointing at the young Dragon. "This kid works for me now and you don't have the right to order him. Touch him again and I won't be meeting with your Queen. Now get out."

He ignored the speechless Elder and focused on the young Dragon instead with his expression softening. "Don't worry boy, no one can touch you while I'm here. Next time just come to me directly and I kill them for you."

"Thank you, Sir!" the young Dragon nodded happily, his fear of the Elder completely gone.

Xuefeng nodded at him in response and withdrew his Dragon Claw back to normal so he can embrace his wives. All the servant ladies were shocked at how he treated the Elder but seeing he still didn't leave, Xuefeng added more fuel to the fire.

"Why are you still here?"

didn't leave, Xuefeng added more fuel to the fire.ReadNovelFull.com

"Why are you still here?"

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