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Chapter 298: Dragon Bloodline

"Code Red! Code Red!" the City Lord roared as his neck snapped at the two Golden Snakes biting through his scales. "Call for the Elders! Our Race is being attacked!" 

Even though his body has been through a few thousand of years of tempering, Thunder G.o.ddess' Lightning was too explosive. Its penetrating power was enough to bite through the toughest opponents and her Qi seemed bottomless. 

Thunder G.o.ddess didn't show any emotion as she slowly tortured the poor Dragons but Xuefeng knew she was having fun. She has already ma.s.sacred the whole team and just played with the City Lord who was trapped in the constant a.s.sault. 

"How are you doing babe?" Xuefeng questioned playfully as he flew over and embraced her waist. "Enjoying yourself?" 

"Do you want me to finish him?" Thunder G.o.ddess asked back indifferently, treating their lives like dirt. 

"You can bring him over but don't kill him just yet," Xuefeng suggested while observing the struggling City Lord. His scales were already damaged enough for Xuefeng to kill him by himself.

"Sure," Thunder G.o.ddess nodded and tightened her fist as if commanding her Golden Snakes. 

They momentarily turned aggressive and launched at the City Lord with their maws wide open. He counter-attacked, slashing them in half with his claws but it was all a trap. The snakes exploded on collision and a giant net wrapped around his body before tightening until he could no longer move. 

"You b.i.t.c.hes! You are so dead! The Dragon Race will not forgive you for this! You two are done!" the City Lord roared in anger while struggling to break free but the Lightning ropes didn't budge. He was dragged through the sky until its ma.s.sive body was right in front of Xuefeng. 

"My, my, was it worth it attacking us?" Xuefeng asked as he looked at the City Lord in pity. "I don't think the Queen of the Dragon Race is as ignorant as you. Your fate was entirely in your hands and you decided to throw your life away. Even at your last moment you are still insulting us. Sometimes I wonder how come everyone has such high egos when they are just a small fish in the ocean."

"f.u.c.k you!" the City Lord cursed at his face and opened his maw to spew flames at them. Thunder G.o.ddess was faster though and shut him up with another rope.

"City Lord, you don't know what's good for you! If only you admitted your mistake, this Sir would definitely let you off the hook!" the young Dragon called out from afar after watching everything happen. "I apologize for my Race, Sir. I'm truly disappointed in them." 

"Did you hear it? The younger generation knows how to act properly," Xuefeng chuckled as he pointed behind. "I wanted to spare you but you are not leaving me any choice." 

As he spoke, Xuefeng extended his arm and his Dragon Edge appeared in his palm. The City Lord froze at its sight but Xuefeng didn't give him any time as he pierced it straight through the open wound in his chest. Blood spilled everywhere but instead of being wasted, it floated back to the blade before flowing towards its hilt. 

'You can absorb his Blood Essence directly and start forming your Dragon Bloodline,' Ming led him in his mind while Xuefeng consumed the Bloodline Essence from the dark red blood. 'Judging by its purity, it should get us at least ten perfect of the full Bloodline.'

'So low?' Xuefeng questioned disappointedly. 'Isn't he like a City Lord who lived for thousands of years?'

He has only absorbed just a small chunk of the City Lord's Bloodline Essence yet he could already feel his body reacting to its power. It was gathering in his Soul and each drop merged together as if trying to create a figure of a Dragon. Ming's words turned out to be true in the end as only a single claw was formed. 

'Dragons have been mingling with Humans for ages which lowered the overall quality of their bloodline. We could absorb everything and create a weak alternative but I am only taking the purest drops of Dragon Bloodline,' Ming explained. 'If we can complete it fully, you would be multiple times stronger than a normal Dragon.'

Xuefeng's eyes brightened and he no longer complained, actually looking forward to it. Knowing Dragon Bloodline was one of the strongest, his defense would only get stronger.

"Alright, I am done," Xuefeng informed as he finally kept the dead body of the City Lord and pulled Thunder G.o.ddess by the hand. "Let's grab something to drink, shall we? Our guide, lead the way!"


While Xuefeng was casually sightseeing as if he didn't just ma.s.sacre tens of Dragons, the most important lady in the Dragon Race wasn't even aware of his actions. She was focused on much more important matters to her and that was strengthening their Bloodline through carefully selected births. 

A cheerful middle-aged woman stood in a flaming pit filled with newborn dragons roaming and b.u.mping into each other. She was smiling while caressing a small Dragon baby in her arms as if it was her own child. 

"Another successful birth… If I continue my plan, we will be able to create a new Bloodline that is stronger than ever…" the Dragon Queen muttered to herself when she turned around, spotting an elder approaching her from behind. "Did something happen?"

The Elder was also in his humanoid form since the Dragon Pit couldn't fit their ma.s.sive bodies, not to mention they would trample all newborn Dragons with their feet. 

"My Queen, two Humans broke into our Realm and they are causing trouble," the Elder informed without beating around the bush. "They had a conflict with the City Lord of the Western City who tried to arrest them but ended up dying in their hands. More than sixty adult Dragons have fallen as well." 

The Dragon Queen frowned as she pa.s.sed the newborn Dragon to a servant. "What exactly happened?" 

"It started with one of our adult Dragons insulting a human woman so she killed him. It was also the reason for the City Lord's stop," the Elder informed with a sigh. "He underestimated their strength and many died." 

"Ugh, those idiots…" the Dragon Queen rubbed her forehead in annoyance. "Why wasn't I informed that our Realm was breached?"

"That's because we didn't discover any disturbance," the Elder replied hesitant. "The barrier is still intact so they must have used a different method to enter or they are too powerful for us to deal with." 

"How powerful are we talking about? Any estimations?" the Dragon Queen asked with a serious expression. 

"They claimed they are from Beyond the Heavens, but none of our safety measures warned us. Their strength must be either deeply concealed or they are lying," the Elder guessed calmly. "I'm betting on the latter but we can never be too careful. Should I gather other Elders?" 

The Dragon Queen felt a brewing headache. "Just prepare to act just in case but don't tell them the details. You know how prideful they can be. If our visitors end up being from Beyond the Heavens, their presence will only make it worse. I will go talk to them and see for myself."

She gazed at her newborn Dragons and added, "If anyone dares to endanger my project, only one fate awaits them."

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