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Chapter 199

The Mountain Sect

BOOM! The loud sound of an explosion rang out, causing sand to fly everywhere. Chu Shen stood in front of a primordial beast. Drawing a dagger at his waist, he cut out the beast core from its stomach before moving on.

Just like Master Ti Wu had said, he’d attempted to go to a local tavern to buy the information. It had taken a bit of travelling for him to find a town in the desert, but he’d found one within an hour or two. 

Upon arriving, he had realized he’d forgotten something. Money. Without it, he couldn’t even get in the tavern to ask around. With the beast cores he now had, Chu Shen would finally be able to get some money.

Going back to the town, Chu Shen sold the beast cores before going into the tavern. Sitting down at the bar, he ordered some food. He hadn’t had alcohol before, and he wasn’t planning on starting now. Luckily, this tavern was a part of the local inn, so it wasn’t something out of the ordinary for a person to eat there.

While he was eating, he listened to everyone talking. Unfortunately, he didn’t hear a word about the Five Heavenly Mountain Sect. They were talking about their last hunt and their children's breakthroughs, normal talk.

He still hadn’t heard what he wanted by the time he’d finished his meal. He raised his hand, summoning the bartender. He was a scruffy-looking man, but with a kind face. “What can I do for ya, sonny? Need some wine?”

Chu Shen shook his head. “No. I’m looking for information about a sect.”

The bartender eyed him weirdly before nodding. “Alright sonny, ask away. Though the answers come with a price.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Thanks. I want to know about the Five Heavenly Mountain Sect.”

The bartender’s face scrunched up as he started thinking. He shook his head. “Sorry sonny, don’t know about any Heavenly Mountain Sect in these parts. Though, I can send you to an information broker if you’re really interested. They’ve got a whole map of all the sects if you’re just looking for it, some info on most if you’ve got the coin.”

Chu Shen gave him a handful of coins. “Tell me where I can find them.”

The bartender grinned. Soon after, Chu Shen wandered through the town before coming to a tall building. The words “Information Broker” could be seen on the outside. They made no effort to hide themselves.

Chu Shen shrugged. He’d thought they would be in some back alley, but apparently not. Information brokering was a booming business, especially in the cultivation world.

Chu Shen stepped inside. “Welcome, honored customer~!” A receptionist greeted him as he walked inside. “What kind of information are you looking for today?”

Chu Shen decided to cut to the chase. “I’m looking for information on a sect. Its location and power, to be precise.”

The receptionist nodded. “A very common question. Often people want to know what sects they should try out for, and if the one they chose is the correct one. Please follow me, one of our brokers is available now.”

Chu Shen followed her to a weird room. The room only had a grated window and a chair in the middle. No one else was in there. “Please sit down, honored customer. The broker will be with you shortly.”

Chu Shen nodded before sitting down. He glanced around while he waited. A minute later he heard the sound of footsteps. What confused him was that the sound was coming from the grated window.

A cough came from the window. “Ahem. I’m the information broker. What is your question for today? Payment will depend on how valuable the information is, so keep this in mind.”

Chu Shen nodded. So this was to protect the ident.i.ty of the information broker. How cautious! Not only that, but Chu Shen could sense inscriptions that would block soul sense, so it was safe for the broker. “I want information on the Five Heavenly Mountain Sect.”

The broker was quiet. “You are lucky you asked for me. History isn’t the forte of other brokers. As for me, I know what you are asking about.

“The Five Heavenly Mountains Sect has a very complex history starting three thousand years ago. Their founder, Ji Lan, was the first to discover Heavenly Qi. Using this unique Qi, they were able to dominate all other elements. 

“Two thousand years ago, this sect faced annihilation from the Void Sect. It was a sect that used Void Qi, the only one that wasn’t affected by the Heavens Qi, and actually suppressed the Heavens Qi 

“Finally, seventeen hundred years ago, the Void Sect was annihilated overnight by the combined forces of many high-level sects, including the Five Heavenly Mountains Sect.

“Thirteen hundred years ago, the founding father and patriarch of the Five Heavenly Mountains Sect finally died. Afterwards, internal strife set in. Their fight over the patriarch seat lead to most of their powerhouses dying. The sect became weak from their infighting. 

“The sects that had united with them against the Void Sect once again united. Nine hundred years ago, the Five Heavenly Mountains Sect was wiped out, without any survivors. This is the history of the Five Heavenly Mountains Sect.”

Master Ti Wu heard all of it from inside the gauntlet. His face was twisted up with emotion. He wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at this outcome. All of the training and caution, all the patience and torment. Seventeen hundred years of waiting, and his enemies were wiped out by their own allies.

The emotions he was feeling couldn’t be described. What was he supposed to do now? What was his reason for continuing to exist if his enemies were already destroyed?

Chu Shen sighed. “Thank you for the information. That’s all I needed.”

“The information isn’t worth much, only ten gold coins. You could have found what you needed if you’d gone to the library. Are you sure there is nothing else you want to ask?” 

Chu Shen shook his head, even though the broker couldn’t possibly see him. “No. I’ll pay the receptionist on the way out.”

Chu Shen paid his bill before leaving the town. He made his way into the desert. He prepared the charm that would take him back to his own dimension. He sighed. “I’m sorry, Master Ti Wu.” Then, he disappeared.

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