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Chapter 200


Master Ti Wu found himself a new purpose shortly after coming back. He told Chu Shen that “I want my disciple to be the strongest person, and for the Void Sect to once again shed light on the world.”

True to his master’s belief, Chu Shen recreated the Void Sect. Afterwards, Chu Shen created a school called Industrial Revolution School. Master Lang became the headmaster of the school, a honor he was proud to have.

Lucas helped Master Lang and Chu Shen come up with many different training curricula. Lucas planned out a series of inventions they could introduce. While these wouldn’t have any combat implications, they would be useful for everyday life.

At the school, they introduced these inventions as planned. By using a fire beast core, they were able to create the first steam engine on-campus. This was just the beginning, however. True to the school's name, they started an industrial revolution. 

By sharing these ideas, Lucas and Chu Shen were able to raise the standard of living for non-martial artists around their sect to that of the early 1900’s in thirty years. These commoners used coal and wood for the steam engines, though engines powered by beast cores were always more powerful.

Aslo wandered around the world, challenging different sects to fights. He eventually became known as the Fiery Bandit. While he didn’t steal treasures from sects, he stole their pride.

Chrissa became an elder of Chu Shen’s sect and a wonderful teacher, as well. She was praised as one of the kindest people that the world had ever seen.

Chu Lai lived inside the Void Sect, content with her life. She watched quietly as her son started to change the world around her. When Chu Shen offered to unseal her powers, she refused.

If she ever showed that she had the wood element, there would be disastrous consequences. While Chu Shen was powerful, he now had other people to worry about. Even if they couldn’t attack him, they could certainly use the lives of his disciples and students to threaten him.

Chu Lai was determined to never cause a mess like she had the last time. Instead she lived her life peacefully, all six hundred years of it.

Chu Shen continued changing the world. Technology mixed with inscriptions became the norm after a hundred years. New inventions were created and cars were everywhere.

Using Lucas’ foresight, many disasters were stopped. By informing the imperial dynasty of the dangers of pollution and resource exhaustion, many disasters were avoided. Beast cores were considered as renewable resources and were required to be used in all inventions.

The use of coal was relegated to house fires and the occasional locomotive. Chu Shen watched over his sect for the next eight hundred years, becoming an old man. During that period, he married Chrissa. He had two girls and one son, both of whom had the Void Element.

He had watched them grow up and trained them. His oldest daughter took over the headmaster position, after Master Lang died fifty years ago. His son became the sect master thirty years later, and his youngest daughter was out traveling with her uncle Aslo.

Chu Shen watched as a rocket flew upwards into the sky. Master Ti Wu floated beside him. “Are you happy, Chu Shen?” he asked.

Chu Shen thought about the question before smiling. “I’m surrounded by friends and family. I’ve grown far older than I ever thought I would. No one’s out to kill me, and I’ve accomplished far more than I’d ever dreamed.”

He looked up into sky, staring at the moon. “I would say that I’ve lived a wonderful life.”

So yeah, MVK has ended. I know the ending seems abrupt, but I actually had this planned for months. Anyways, if there are any unresolved and burning questions you want to ask, go ahead and leave it in the comments below. I'll answer them as I see them.

P.S. There's a surprise for all of you in the next chapter   

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