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Chapter 26 Kyousai and the Devil

“Nushisama, I can do it!”

They went down the mountain and walked a little to the meadow. Then, they met a beginner's level, Wolf. Kyousai instructed Luna to weaken and tame the wolf. Misha and Leia were exploring the surroundings.

“You did it well”

Kyousai stroke Luna's head. They seem like elementary school student and a high school student, but they were of the same age.

Then Misha called.

“Kyousai-sama, I found a labyrinth ahead of us.”

“A Labyrinth?”

“Yes, don't you know?”

“Labyrinth … … Oh, it is a labyrinth. What kind of place is it?”

“To say so, it was memory loss. The labyrinth is inhabited by monsters, and the more you go underground, the stronger the monsters are. I don’t know what the principle is, but there are stairs and floors, Monster House and Boss floor. When the boss of the deepest floor is defeated, it becomes possible to get the labyrinth. It is good to do business there after you get it, and it is also good to level up by mowing monsters. ”
It was explained so, Kyousai’s curiosity was moved.

“…… Can you get a labyrinth?”

“Yes, it is also good to get a labyrinth and to lure humans into slavery. It is also good to raise and tame monsters.”

“”HM… It sounds interesting. I’m just going to capture that labyrinth.”

“How do you get the ownership?”

“Killing and plunder it.”

Then Leia came back.
“Goshujinsama, since there was a labyrinth, it has been suppressed.”

“You work fast!”

“Thank you!”

Leia answered with a smile while waving the tail. He wanted to rush in, but he could not afford it when he saw that figure.


On the way to the labyrinths, the slaves saw Luna’s Wolf and praised Luna, but they suddenly went quiet because Kyousai made a bomb remark.
“I really want to use magic”

That’s what he murmured.

At those words, Misha and Leia's faces turned blue. Luna had only seen summoning magic, so she was worried about what reaction to do, but she could tell that it was a very difficult thing.

“Stop it, stop it! This world will be destroyed!”
“No, I am just kidding because I just wanted to try it in the sky a bit.”

“If Goshujinsama is serious about magic, you are likely to divide the wall of time and s.p.a.ce! So stop shooting in the sky!”


“”It’s not good!"”

Kyousai got scolded by his slaves for the first time.

“Cannot be helped, can you endure with new magic?”

Saying so, Kyousai puts out his hand. It was clearly visible that there was dense energy flowing there.
Kyousai was concentrating in magic for the first time. And after Kyousai’s concentration, he said a word.


Kyousai forcibly synthesized all the attributes and revived one attribute magic.

—The void attribute.

It is a sealed spirit to destroy all kinds of things. The spirit is awake now.

A sphere nearly white but was not white, was in the palm of Kyousai.

“Kyousai-sama … What is that?”

The slaves were nailed to the sphere that had an overwhelming presence.

“Oh, this is what happens when you compress and synthesize all the divine magic of the attributes.”

Kyousai was talking about it dryly, but this was a catastrophe so they hope it will not finish in a disaster.
First, there are only a few who can use the Divine magic of one attribute in this world.  All of them are life-long creatures such as elves. Moreover, it takes a great amount of time and MP to use G.o.d-cla.s.s magic.

However, its power is certified, and in a war, the events could be reversed at once. Do you understand why Misha and Leia turn white? Even Luna is pure blue.

Kyousai did not look at their appearance, but turned his hand to the sky and look at a point in it.
Kyousai released “end” to the sky. “End” went straight like a bullet; s.p.a.ce distorts momentarily because of an overwhelming energy. Still, there was no damage to the surroundings because Kyousai used his energy for “demise”.

'End' with its overwhelming energy, but…


—— It hit something and dispersed.


Three people except Kyousai are amazed at the incident. But only Kyousai has not moved an inch so that I may say that it’s natural. And Kyousai opens his mouth.

“Come out. I can see you.”

The slaves did not understand the meaning of those words, but that was only a few moments.

“- No way, he really sees it.”

The voice was heard from the place where the “end” was scattered. And, the true character of the voice showed up.

It was a woman.

The height is the same as Misha and Leia. It is difficult to hold her chest with the hands. And the style was perfect.

The hair's color was a mixture of silver and purple. The length was long enough to reach the waist, and it was beautiful enough to see all shining. The color of the skin was white, but it is not as white as snow.

The face was pretty good even to surpa.s.s Misha, Leia, Mio, and Rin. The previous voice was clear; it felt mature and relaxed, juvenile and restless. It was a woman who made all the parts perfectly balanced and more beautiful. However, there was one problem. Yes, this woman…

—–had the appearance as when she was born.

Kyousai kept talking to the floating woman.

"How long have you been here?”

“From around when you used magic”

That being said, the woman descended slowly and put a foot on the ground.

“But I’m surprised, to be able to see me. How much magic tolerance and adaptability do you have?”

That woman puffed her cheeks a little. Then she glared at the slaves. Luna fainted, Misha and Leia were choking.

“The two of them are not ordinary, they are not stunned by my intimidation wave … … Well, and the most unusual is… … you."

That woman again saw Kyousai.

“I should have used powerful waves towards you, I’m overjoyed… There are more people out there.”

The woman sighs as she was amazed. Kyousai asked a question.

“We are the same in this; Luna has no choice but to be able to do just that in the aftermath of intimidating my Misha and Leia.”

Kyousai continued talking after he snorted abruptly.

“… … you, who are you?”

“Oh? When asking a name, is it a theory to introduce oneself first?”

"Fufufu" He was surprised at the woman who smiled.

“You, do you understand the meaning …?”

Yes, when he was in the Kingdom of Sika, he used the word suddenly. However, he could not understand the meaning at all, so he thought it was a word not in this world.

“Tell me whether to answer my name or the meaning of the words”

That said she became calm again.

“Oh yeah, my name is Kyousai, I'm from the human race.”

“You are a human? Do not make me laugh.”

At that moment, Misha and Leia collapsed.

“What are you going to do with increasing power?”

“Look, there are no living creatures that will not faint as a result of the intense intimidation wave so far, and is as lively as a while ago. Are you really a human being or a G.o.d?

“So, I said that I was a human, hadn't you heard the answer just a moment ago? Who are you?”
“Oh no, I am sorry, I am a spirit of emptiness, I have not had a name, but it was as if I had been told a devil once.”

Kyousai was convinced by her words.

(Devil … …. surely the level is low on the display)

In the past, Misha had taught Kyousai a little about the devil.

—- It is terribly strong though the level is low.

That’s what she meant.

What? What? What?

LV 10 (35000000)
HP 1000/1000 (4.32991 E + 34 / 4.32991 E + 34)
MP 1000/1000 (7.10526E + 36 / 7.10526E + 36)
STR 100 (5.46208E + 30)
DEX 100 (4.94052 E + 30)
VIT 100 (5.57430 E + 30)
INT 100 (2.78821 E + 32)
AGI 100 (5.10284 E + 30)
MND 100 (3.72448E + 31)
LUK 10 (150)
(Abnormal State disabled)
(Curse system disabled)
(Fire Attribute LV 90)
(Water Attribute LV 90)
(Earth Attribute LV 90)
(Wind Attribute LV 90)
(Light Attribute LV 90)
(Dark Attribute LV 90)
(Void Attribute LV 99)
(Torture LV 80)
(HP automatic recovery speed increase LV 90)
(MP automatic recovery speed increase LV 90)
(Increase magical attack power LV 90)
(Magical defense power increase LV 90)
(Physical Attack Power Increase LV 90)
(Physical defense power increase LV 90)
(Recovery system magic Ⅸ)
(Limit break)
(Transcendental person)
(Super Hiding)
(Intimidating Wave IV of the Spirit)
(Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Darkness, Emptiness (All Attributes))
(G.o.d’s recovery magic (SP unique))
(The Spirit queen of emptiness (???))
(She who destroys the world (???))

“What’s wrong? You keep staring at me”

When Kyousai looked at the status of this woman, he was asked about what he thought was suspicious.

“For the time being, wear clothes. It’s dangerous."
Kyousai puts out his coat from the item box.

“Oh, you are a boy, but I can’t. I’m sure someone stronger than me can command me. ”

Saying so, she refused to take the coat. Kyousai saw the woman’s eyes and said.

“You were planning to meet me from the beginning?”

The woman smiles at the words.

“It’s fast and I appreciate it. A person that manipulates the attribute of void beside me appeared, and I finally came to be able to move. Is this enough?”

“I do not have any merit”

The Lady was a little sullen about the words. Then she came with an idea?

“Well, let’s do this, the one who won this battle can make the opponent a thing – this is fine, is not it?”
“Does not it look like becoming a slave?”

“Well, because I use a spiritual contract, it is a bit different from slavery. The difference is that it is not so easily lifted to ensure the life, clothing, and shelter.”

“Why do you make that proposal?”

“Because I want you because there is no user with a void attribute. No one’s ever been able to use anything other than spirits.”

“Can you exist in the absence of a master?”

“At that time, I was not erased. I am a devil born out of the void. I’m born from such place the 1st time, but when a user doesn’t appear, the transmigration after twice is impossible. Because I fought with G.o.d and I lost, it disappeared by that. ”

And the woman said “well"…

“I think you understood it by listening to the previous story, I have the same power as G.o.d. Well, so I was told but I am a devil. So, do you fight me and become under me? Why don't you do yourself a favor? ”

“I think it’s a good proposal,” She added.

“Well, if I win and have you brought down, what are the benefits for me?”

“Yeah … well, if by any chance you can win me, you will be able to manipulate some spirits, isn't it?”

“Well, I do not know the spirits more than advanced, but I would be able to command the spirits of any attribute if below the intermediate?”

“Is the attribute different?”

“Yeah, even if the attributes are different, I will hear what it says, I am a spiritual king and having a king subordinated… I think that I do not hear that higher grades are not spirit kings of that attribute.”


“How was it motivated?”

“Oh, it will be nice, I will fight with you!”

“That’s OK!”

Thus the battle of The Devil vs. Kyousai began.

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