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Chapter 11: depressed departure

The number of accesses jumped up…

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A cute voice is produced by a blonde Leia with a beautiful appearance suitable for that voice. And, after finishing her motion, she turned towards Kyousai, waving his hand with the finest smile.

–while having a huge Mace full of blood.


This also has a beautiful appearance as much as Leia and a voice that makes a youth feel somewhere manly. It is Misha.

She properly and quickly detains the vital point of the monsters, turning to the direction of Kyousai with a somewhat positive face that was telling you that she wants to be praised and PIKOPIKO moving her wolf ears. [SFX for computer sounds; games, a sound of someone controlling joystick.]

–While hanging many daggers.

And it was the shape that two people glaring at each other around Kyousai.

“It ended unexpectedly early, Leia. I thought it would take a little more time to get rid of monsters by force.”

"Trash! I thought you’d take a little more time because you’re powerless. ”

They were staring at each other enough that it seemed like sparks were scattered only with the eyebrows.

And, in the center of that Kyousai was thinking…….

(The Skills …… The Skills cannot be robbed!)

It was totally irresponsible.

… … …

A week has pa.s.sed since he bought Leia. Leia also registered as an adventurer and now she was ranked 4. And, Kyousai has not touched demons at all in this week.

Initially, he was practicing collaboration between the two people, but already in this forest, it was overkill even in the outback. So, Kyousai picked a weapon that suited them and was practicing that. But the opponent was a monster with skill. Because he did not even touch monsters, he did not take their skills. And speaking of practice, there was another change in Misha.


“Good work both of you…. By the way, Misha, can you use it?”

“Yes, I’m getting used to it”

“Well, there came a monster again… A Goblin? … OK, Misha, try using it”


Misha starts it from a position slightly away from the goblins.


Then a sphere of earth like a softball has formed in front of Misha.

And the earth ball hit the goblin directly.

“Yes, it does not seem to be a problem.”

“Yes, but I have not killed anything, I still need training.”

“Oh, do your best!”


That said she stabbed the goblin. Actually, Kyousai cannot use the technique just before. It is impossible for the Imagination Magic of Kyousai to produce things. Although it is somewhat improved in some way, it is another story.

Idle talk interruption. Why could Misha use now earth magic? That was due to some advice from Kyousai.

“Misha, are you OK?” ”

“What happened?"

“Just try using earth magic for a moment”

“… I’m sorry. I……"

“So, why don't you try using it?”

“Understood……. —— earthball"

But nothing happened.

“You understand with this -”

“No, this is fine”


(MP is declining firmly. I mean that was once triggered. … By repeating this until LV1)

And the prediction of Kyousai was right. Masha's magic art turned up to LV1.

“Now, we should go back to the inn."

“” Yes “”

“Oh, by the way, Leia.”


“I’ll have important thing to discuss tonight.”

“Important …… thing?”

Although Misha hid for a moment, she seemed to be wondering what he was talking about, looking at Leia's reaction.

“Oh, that’s it.”

“…, Yes!”

(I feel somewhat of expectation …)

In this way, I also reported that I will report the achievement to the guild and leave this town.

So they reported to the guild the achievement of the quest and that they were going to leave the city.


… … …

“So MY Goshujin-sama, what is the important talk?”

Leia looked seriously at Kyousai, but Leias' fox ears were moving as if exercising from a little while ago.

“Oh, it is about my status.”

“…, is it so?”

Leia was failing to see it. The fox ears are also shunned.

“What is it?”

“No, it's nothing, are you really going to show me?”

“Oh, I trust you, but aren´t you telling anyone about this?”

That said Kyousai showed an unchanging status.


Leia was indeed also surprised at this numerical value and fell on the rear.

“Are you OK?”

Kyousai said so and tried to take the hand of Leia, but Leia didn’t react.

(Well, it cannot be helped.)

As I said, I tried to grab Leia's hand and heard in a whisper the voice of Leia.



“It is as expected! Goshujin-sama! ”


Kyousai was pushed over by the momentum of being hugged. But Kyousai held on.

"What’s the matter with you?"

Misha moved to tear of Leia, but before that, Leia got stickier.

“There was no confusion in my eyes! I thought you were strong, but not so irregular! I love you very much! I love you all my life! Goshujin-sama!"

KYAA! Leia buries her face in the chest of Kyousai while crying.

“Goshujin-sama - Goshujin-sama!”

“Kyousai- sama!”

When Leia was sticky, Misha came near to Kyousai and went around to the rear…….

“I also love you … I love you a long time… I love you … Kyousai-sama … …”

Kyousai was hugged.

Kyousai stroked their heads silently and said.


(d.a.m.n it! Yeah yeah yeah yeah!! Two people confessed to me at the same time! It’s too cute!)

And after this, Kyousai received two people well.

… … … …

“It was under your care so far, I decided to go out of this town today.”

Kyousai took breakfast and said to the reception young man. Misha and Leia were waiting outside.

“Certainly, Well, and……”

“What’s the matter?”

“You were enjoying yourself yesterday.”

It was said that he didn’t want to be said with a pleasant smile. He was noticing as expected.

((Separately, I do not hate those guys… When something is said, that isn’t liked!)

Kyousai went out of this store saying “Well then.”

… … … …

“I keep you waiting”

Kyousai called out to the two who were waiting outside.

(These two, sometimes… but we usually get along well …)

Yes, the two are basically on good terms. However, when it comes to Kyousai, there are two people who do not give way.

“Master, let's go quickly!”

Yes, Leia hurried Kyousai.

“Leia, Do you know where we are going?”

Misha stopped it.

“… If you follow your Goshujin-sama it will not be a problem!”

Leia said, entangling his arms on Kyousai's right arm and push her overflowing breast.

“Ah! How sly!…… oh,…… Kyousai-sama…, me too …"

“Ah, yeah”

When she heard that word, she became beautifully bright and smiled with her arm on the left arm of Kyousai.

Although there is no Leia’s chest, there are enough of Misha for some people, to cla.s.sify them as big t.i.ts.

Kyousai was a little confused by the sudden thing but he had already gotten used to it, and immediately pulled out the shoulders, and began stroking two heads.

– In front of a lot of people.

While noticing the looks immediately, Kyousai stopped, but two people seem dissatisfied.

And here a typical development took place ……

“Hey, you! She’s a good woman. Give it to me.”

Grinning, there was a man who had said that to the Kyousai. He seems to be short, and he was dressed as an adventurer.

(Perhaps he is a guy who is melee with rank 3 demon, I am TUEEE) [TN: tueee it was written in romanji at the Raw. It means to be killed in French.]

Even if one looks at the status he was a bit stronger than rank 4.

The man thought that he has been ignored while Kyousai was a.n.a.lyzing, the man turned red and furious.

“Hey! Do not ignore me! Your ears are rotten! And oh…”

He hit Kyousai… while saying so and laughing….

“Sc.u.m it does not depend on Goshujin”


Leia kicked the man and the man floated in the air for a few seconds. And Misha was on the man.

“There is one hundred million in one for a person’s like you can damage my Goshujin-sama…… you will receive the punishment of insulting master. "

Misha got on the man ‘s back and hit it on the ground.

And the air gets quiet for a moment …

But -.

“Oooooh !! Strong yeah! Young ladies!”

Cheers came up.

“My Goshujin-sama …… Sorry, selfishly …”

“No, thanks, thank you, Misha, Leia”

That said, Kyousai stroked the heads of the two.

That’s right, Misha.

What is it?

I am glad that the wolf ears are moving Pikopiko through.

“Why did not you call my name, at that time? You said “Master ”

“Ah … I’m sorry … I didn't want they know your name as much name as possible … ….”

“If that is the case, please do so in future.”


He caught their heads again and left this city.


LV 38

HP 355/355

MP 201/201

STR 93

DEX 110

VIT 77

INT 72

AGI 117

MND 70

LUK 20


Taijutsu LV 6

Sword Art LV 3

Dagger LV 7

Cooking LV 4

Earth Attribute LV 1



Leia Angelique

LV 39

HP 688/688

MP 152/152

STR 2785

DEX 89

VIT 100

INT 48

AGI 405

MND 99

LUK 30


Increased attack power

Swordplay LV 3

Big hammer LV 6

Taijutsu LV 6

Intimidation LV 5

HP Automatic Recovery Speed Increase LV 5

Limit Breakthrough


Complete Attack Type (Unique)

Skill name, unique attribute name, a person’s name Katakana, Demon name, tribe name, magic name, weapon armor name are constantly recruiting!

Well, the hero left this town in three weeks…

What kind of city will you go next?

I am waiting for your impression.

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