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The biker guy was going in different lanes. I was getting so tired running after him. I was screaming behind him to stop but it was like he couldn't hear me. The cold I felt was all gone by then. Ben really warmed me up! I was sweating like a pig!

I could see a paper role in behind of his bicycle! I only needed to get that. I needed to know about Ben more. I needed to know everyone. If I do what he tells me I'll surely find a clue.

I saw the guy slowing down because thr was a stair in front of us. I thought he would stop. But he just started getting down by the stairs riding his bike! He glanced at me before getting down, I felt I could see his eyes behind his black shades!

"Wait please!" A plead came out of my mouth so that he stops but he didn't.

The biker guy had an amazing physic. He smoothly got down from the stairs with him bike making me amazed.

I didn't know where I was going! I don't know this city's lanes either. But my focus wasn't on getting lost but was on getting the paper.

When I got down from the stairs I saw he already got far from me. I was already out of breath, I couldn't catch him by running anymore. I looked down in despair putting my both hands on my knees that I lost such a nice chance to find out the mystery. When I looked up, I found myself surprised as I saw the guy in bicycle stopped a little far from me. He pointed down on the ground and I saw he placed the newspaper near his feet. I started running to get it again and finally got it. He was already gone by then. I opened the newspaper but saw nothing out of ordinary in it. Suddenly a piece of paper fell from one of the pages. I picked it up and saw that it was the address to nearest phone booth. It was in the next lane  from where I was standing. I quickly ran to the booth checking the road sign and stopped right before it. I only had few coins I guess I could call Helena with it. I tried to memorise her number again as I was entering the booth when suddenly the phone started ringing on it's own again. I got it that Ben planned it all. I picked up the phone being angry at him.

"What the h.e.l.l do you want from me?"

"Whaa...Bella! Are you alright?" Helena's voice surprised me!


"Yeah it's me. What happened to u? First you ask me to call then u become surprised urself. I really don't get you!"

"I asked you to call really?" I was trying to remember if I really forgot all of these as I forgot a lot of things from my past it isn't impossible forgetting this either.

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