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Hearing the loud Bang, both Aika and Akane came back from the bathroom. The employee came running to both Yumi and Ruyu. Though the other's didn't know who he was actually going to, he stopped between Ruyu and Yumi and started whispering

They all wanted to hear what he was saying to them but alas they couldn't hear a word.

As the waiter kept whispering, Ruyu gave a light but scary chuckle, while as Yumi wholeheartedly started laughing. "Is that so, and I thought today would be so boring". Yumi was grinning ear to ear.

The temperature was slowing decreasing by the two people laugh and aura coming from them

"Well lets go". Yumi was getting out of her seat when another loud *Bang* was heard again. This time it was not an employee, but it was Mo and Rubin behind her.

She started walking to Yumi as she was laughing "I can't believe they actually have the guts do that". Yumi joined her in her laugh session, but a few seconds later they stopped. "Ok that's enough you,get going". The two looked down to meet Ruyu's eyes.

"Ok ok he's right". Yumi's look turned serious within a second. She turned to look at Rubin. "Rubin get me a hundred unmarked men, make sure they are not there before I am". Rubin nod his head and left to do so.

There are many different types of members in Dark Kingdom and one of those differences is that some are Marked while some are UnMarked. Being marked meant they have the gang sign on them visually so that with one look someone could tell they belonged to a gang and which one.

The Dark Kingdom gang sign was a crescent moon that had a skull coming out if, but the skull had a rose by his head and another by his chin.

Being unmarked off course meant that the sign was not able to be seen so easily. Those members looked like normal citizens, but they were ready to fight anytime.

"Yumi your cloths are ready and will be here soon". Yumi nod her and tuned to Ruyu. "Sorry I have to use Rubin for a moment, It'll be done quick anyways". He was looking at her in the eyes with such admiration. "Off course I expect nothing less".

A second later a y'all man in a black suit and black gla.s.ses came in with a suitcase. "Boss here are your cloths and other accessories". He bowed and gave the suitcase to Yumi. "Thank you, I'll go change and Mo check the situation and update me when I come back".

About two minutes later Yumi came out with her changed cloths. Everyone in the room was shocked to see her wear such cloths, but only Ruyu was smirking and slowly licking his lips, but n.o.body say that off course.

Thought everyone fought in suits and such, Yumi refers to her own likings.

She had a cute white tank crop top, with black and white cami pants, and for her shoes she had some black Faux Suede laced up high heel Boots.

She came strutting to Mo who had also changed her cloths. She wore a long sleeved crop top, with high wasted ripped jeans and some black high heel boots.

The two were about to leave when someone grabbed Yumi by the hand. "You wench where do you think you're going". When she turned around she saw that it was Reo. She didn't even reply, just looked at his hand grabbing hers. She was debating weather keep calm or break his hand

Before he could say any more two big men dressed in all black suit and black gla.s.ses stopped in front of him. "Sir let go while we are asking nicely". They stood firm, but Reo kept a hold of Yumi's hand. "Do you both know who I am"?. He was looking at them in arrogance. "We don't care who you are, we are asking you to let".

One of them reached into his pocket and soon Reo could the handle of a gun. Without hesitation he let go.

One of them tuner to Yumi and opened it in front of her. "Here are your things boss". Yumi looked happy. Everyone wanted to see what she would take out.

She took out some gla.s.ses and a lollipop. "Ok we're done let's go". She popped in the lollipop in her mouth and left with the others following her.

When she left with the others the room want quiet, it was so quite you could hear a pin drop. Ruyu and his grandparents were just there sipping their tea while the Yan and Lee family sat there in shock.

"R-Ruyu what does Yumi do exactly". Joe took a gulp as he asked the question. "Something that will give you nightmare". Ruyu's answer made everyone shiver to their bone. After that they all just decided to keep quite.

"Excuse me Father I'll be back soon". Roe left the room and soon the hotel. He turned the corner to saw Yumi, she taking to Mo. she had caught his attention. Earlier he thought that she refused the marriage because she didn't want to seem easy, and now he couldn't wait to play with her.

Roe was grinning from ear to ear that he didn't notice that Yumi and Mo had seen him. "Yumi do you want me to take of him". Yumi smirked. "No let him see".

After a few minutes Roe saw many men dress in blacks suits come to Yumi. He heard that they addressed her as boss. Also they had brought a huge back with them, each one had one with him. Roe was curious to see what was inside the bag, and to his surprise Yumi was about to open one of them.

She unzipped the bag and it rolled to the ground. It had items attached to it. She was smiling. "Aww my beautiful toys".

Roe's eyes grew wide till they couldn't anymore. When she opened the bag she it rolled down to the ground displaying rows of guns!. He took some step back as held his mouth shut. When she saw Yumi put her hands on them, she was smiling and even called them her toys. Just what was this woman.?!

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