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All were shocked and anger at what Yumi said and all that echoed through the room was Ruyu's laugh.

They really thought that Yumi would just agree.

"Yumi you disgrace, don't embarra.s.s me you know the consequences if you cross me". Reo was so mad he got out of his seat and was pointing his finger straight at Yumi's head.

Grandma and grandpa were getting mad also, they looked like they were about to lose it because of what Reo said. Yumi saw them and she didn't want to involve them in this stupid family drama.

"Consequences?Mr.Yan please behave your self, I'm moot the same little girl I was years ago, people change, either for good or bad, so don't test or you might find out how i changed".

She gave him such a death glare it looked like she was about it still a hole in his head. He was shock to the core, 'just what has she become over these years'?.

There was a long silence in the room, the air was so thick you could cut if with a knife. Everyone was scared to their bones. Both Yumi and Ruyu were giving such murderes aura, it looked like they could kill you with a look.

They could though, every employee of Starlight or any place owned by Ruyu or Yumi, all the employees were part of Dark Kingdom. All they have to do is give someone a single and an employee would kill whoever they were told to.

"Ruyu How could you call such a disrespectful woman a friend, I'm very disappointed in you". Joe looked at Yumi in disgust. "I don't be-friend people to get your approval or make you proud Father".

Ruyu was rock solid as he looked at his father.

Joe was in rage, both him and her were such care free people yet he can't do anything about it. Ruyu was beyond his reach of power.

But Yumi, What does she do exactly. She seems very close to Ruyu and already so close to his grandparents. Joe gave it more thought as he debated wether or not to go against, but why not what's the worse she could do.

Joe has a smirk on his face but before he could even reply to Ruyu and continue to look at Yumi in disgust, the doors opened with a *BANG*.

" BOSS"!!

A Starlight employee cake running into the room.

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