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Mo was driving while Yumi was doing digging on her computer. "Ok Mo update me". She was still looking at her computer. "Well since Ruyu has been out of the country for over a year, and after hearing that he is back and that Dark Kingdom has a new boss, other gangs thought this would be their chance to get over some territory".

Yumi busted out laughing. "And what gang has such audacity".? Mo chuckled before answering. "The Red Dragon gang".

Yumi stopped looking at her computer and stared at Mo for a few seconds before looking back at her computer. "Hmm… is that so". She had a long history with that gang, they were the ones hired by her half sister and stepmother to beat her up.

Her eyes were full of hatred, they got a few shades darker just thinking about those times. Mo felt such dangerous aura around, so she looked towards Yumi. She gulped when she saw Yumi's eyes. They looked so scary that it looked like she was about to drill a hole into the computer.

About 10 minutes later they got to where some Red Dragon members were spotted in Dark Kingdom territory. Sure enough when Mo and Yumi got there, there were many men laughing and smoking on the street.

They all had the same tattoo on Their right arm. It was a long red dragon that went around their whole arm.

Yumi and Mo got out of the car and started walking towards the men, there were about 15 of them.

"Well well what are Red Dragon members doing on Dark Kingdom territory"?. All the men turned their heads to see who was talking. All they was two small woman. Someone walked out of the group of men. "Hey there gorgeous, want to suck on something else other than that lollipop".?

The others laughed, except the two ladies. A grin appeared on Yumi's face. "I'm afraid, if I suck on anything else it might be considered as a choking hazard because of its size". She looked at him with a smile. The whole crowd went quite.

He was furious, a little lady like her dare to humiliate him in front of the group. "You bi*tch, do you want to die today". He went to try to grab her by her neck to teach her a lesson. Unfortunately she easily Dodge it and went the other direction but without even sparing a second she twisted his arm in a loud *crack* could be heard.

"Y-You bi*ch… did you just break my arm"?. He was breathing heavily from the pain coming from his arm. "All of you get your weapons and grab her". They listened and got some bats ands blades, only some had guns but they were simple hand guns.

They were only a few feet's away when they saw black cars coming towards them. There were dozens over dozens and they all stopped a few meters from where they were. A men walked out of one of the cars and walked over to Yumi with a bag in his hand . "Here are your toys boss".

A smile grew on her face. "Yay". She put her lollipop back in her mouth and unzipped the bag.

The member of Red Dragon were curious to see what she would pull out of the bag.

Yumi opened the bag and took out a AR-15 rifle and put it over her shoulder. "Now boys lets get to business, where is the leader of the Red Dragons"?.

They all took a step back, but holding onto his broken arm he was the only one that can forward. "Who do you think you are, do you think we will let a little bi*ch like you order us around".?

He felt confident, he was starting to get closer to her but stopped in his tracks when all the men that were in the cars came out and they were loaded.

He took some steps back to where the other members were.

" i'm going to ask you one more time where is your leader".? Yumi was starting to get agitated she hated dealing with thick headed people.

They couldn't do anything they were not prepared the Red Dragon members can't do anything else but lead her to where their boss was.

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