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Chapter 325: Chapter 325-tragic! Tragic! It’s really F * cking tragic!

“Tragic!” Sovereign blazing glory shook his head and sighed. His Treasury being plundered was no small matter. It was probably a serious injury. However, for some reason, he was very happy. If the Treasury had not been plundered, perhaps he would not have had a quarter of it. “Lord Monarch, please do US Justice! Tian Xu of the magnificent flame sect and his wicked disciple robbed our treasure vault and destroyed our hundred years of hard work!” Ji Yuan’s old tears flowed freely. He witnessed the great change in the sect, and his heart was filled with grief and indignation, but he was helpless. Blazing sovereign looked to the side. The sunshine sect’s sect master had snow-white hair, a Haggard face, and wrinkles appeared on his face. It was obvious that he couldn’t bear the great change and had even spat out a mouthful of blood. Although he sympathized with her, he would not express anything. If not for this, where would he have gotten this wealth? “I’ve already learned about this. The sect’s Treasury wasn’t robbed by Tian Xu and his disciple. It was robbed by someone else.” The blazing sovereign had already discussed with Lin fan on how to explain this matter. “Impossible.” Miyamoto Takeshi roared. His short right arm hung high in the air in an abnormal manner. Not only was it thin, but it was also very short. It was clearly deformed. “What?” A wave of pressure pressed down. Sovereign blazing glory revealed a look of displeasure,”what? Are you guys doubting my words? The Saint convent sect protects the safety of all sects in the world. Although the magnificent flame sect is at fault, they didn’t do anything about the treasure vault. Don’t think that you can frame them just because you hate them. ” Under such pressure, Miyamoto Takeshi’s face paled.”Lord Xiao monarch, the elders of my sect saw it with their own eyes. The faceless King came to our sect and destroyed our buildings. He was luring the Tiger away from the mountain so that others could plunder our treasure vault.” “Are you suspecting me?” The little angel wrapped around his body gradually turned black, revealing a ferocious face. He no longer scattered flowers and blew trumpets. Instead, he sharpened his knife and prepared to kill the pig. How could Miyamoto Takeshi and the others withstand the aura of a demiG.o.d? “I don’t dare to.” Miyamoto Takeshi’s mind went blank. He came back to his senses and lowered his head. “Hmph, it’s best if you don’t dare. I came from thousands of miles away after receiving your help. You’ve been suspecting me for a long time, and you deserve to be punished. However, considering that the sunshine sect has just been severely injured, I won’t argue with you.” Blazing sovereign was extremely domineering and didn’t give them any face at all. The sunshine sect was just a dog to the Saint convent sect. Explaining to these ants as a demiG.o.d was giving them face, yet they still dared to doubt him. They were simply courting death. Miyamoto Takeshi and the others did not dare to get angry, but they clenched their fists so tightly that their veins were bulging. This was the crushing power of the Saint convent sect. They were much stronger than the sunshine sect. They didn’t have any right to speak in front of such an expert. They couldn’t even think of disobeying him. Blazing sovereign could not wait to go back and see his wealth, but the sunshine sect was still useful to the Saint convent sect, so he had to give them some comfort. “Alright, I’ll report this to the sect. They should have some support. Since they’ve been plundered, there’s no turning back. Just be careful from now on. The Saint convent sect will protect you and ensure that your sunshine sect is safe.” “Thank you for your mercy, Saint convent sect.” He didn’t believe it. He didn’t believe any of this. He only believed that the magnificent flame sect disciple must have robbed the treasure vault. Blazing sovereign nodded.”However, the magnificent flame sect has sent their disciples to infiltrate the sunshine sect for so many years. Tian Xu even took them away by force. You can report this to the heaven sect Palace and ask for an explanation from the magnificent flame sect.” “Yes.” Miyamoto Takeshi nodded. Right now, he was the only one who could answer. Suddenly! Ji Yuan stood up. His eyes were bloodshot. He seemed a little crazy.”Lord Monarch, I want to divine this. I want to divine this scene to prove that the magnificent flame sect has robbed our Treasury.” At this moment, the celestial extreme reincarnation stone floated out, and the runes imprinted on it were shining. Pfft! Ji Yuan spat a mouthful of blood essence onto the grinding stone. His aura gradually weakened, but he still held on. He wanted to deduce everything. “Limitless and daoless, tracing back the heavenly fate.” BOOM! The heavenly extreme reincarnation stone started to spin, and the aura of heaven’s secrets burst forth. “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it …” Ji Yuan forcefully deduced. He had to deduce the entire process. The power in his body roared out. He was simply playing with his life. He wanted to prove everything. In the sky, dark clouds rolled. There seemed to be anger in the world. Those who peeked into the secrets of heaven would suffer. He was spitting out mouthfuls of blood, and he had already become a b.l.o.o.d.y man. However, he didn’t stop. The aura on the millstone became even stronger. He couldn’t accept what had happened to the sect this time. The Treasury was the sect’s Foundation. Now, the blazing sovereign said that it wasn’t the work of a magnificent flame sect disciple. He didn’t believe it, and he wouldn’t choose to believe it. He wanted to use the heavenly extreme reincarnation stone to deduce it and prove that the blazing sovereign was lying. Suddenly, the surrounding temperature dropped. The blazing glory monarch’s expression darkened. This matter had nothing to do with the magnificent flame sect anymore. It was the ant-like sunshine sect that dared to disobey him and not believe what he said. This was an insult to him, an insult to a demiG.o.d. “Ji Yuan, you’re really bold. You dare to disobey me and doubt me. You deserve to be killed.” With a pause after every word, the voice of the sovereign of blaze cut through the air like a blade. “What?” Ji Yuan’s expression changed drastically, but it was too late. “Lord Xiao monarch …” Miyamoto Takeshi shouted at the sight. A terrifying force swept over and crushed the heavenly extreme reincarnation stone. Pfft! Ji Yuan was severely injured. Fresh blood spurted out as his body fell to the ground and twitched continuously. Kachaa! The celestial reincarnation stone was crushed by the demiG.o.d expert’s power. It cracked and shattered into countless pieces. “Hmph, I’ll spare your life. But remember, if you dare to disobey me again, you’ll die.” “Let’s go!” Blazing sovereign glared at him coldly before entering the void and leaving the sunshine sect. Ji Yuan fell to the ground and vomited blood. His eyes were glowing.”I don’t believe it … I don’t believe it …” This was the sunshine sect’s advantage, but in the eyes of the Saint convent sect’s demiG.o.d-level Masters, they were like pigs and dogs. They would suffer the consequences if they disobeyed a single rule. Weak sects were not guilty, but if they wanted to rely on other sects to become stronger, they had to be good servants. If the master wanted to kill them, they had to extend their head and let them cut it. The sunshine sect leader’s hair turned white. He couldn’t figure out how all of this had come to this. “d.a.m.n it, d.a.m.n it …” Anger burned in Miyamoto Takeshi’s heart, and his face gradually became ferocious. “Teacher, you’ve just come out of the sect, will you be alright?” Lin fan asked. He knew that Tian Xu’s main purpose in guarding the sect was to resist the divine religion. If the divine religion attacked them now, the consequences would be unimaginable. Tian Xu smiled and did not say a word. Lin fan didn’t ask anymore. He already knew his teacher’s answer. Han bikong was touched. She knew how much of a risk Tian Xu had taken to save her. However, Tian Xu was shocked. He had thought that the sunshine sect would be full of danger, and a huge battle was waiting for him. He did not expect that the sunshine sect would not even think that he would go. The magnificent flame sect. Huo Rong’s mind was tense. Since his senior brother had left the sect, he had lost a demiG.o.d to guard the sect. Suddenly, a few auras came from afar. “I’m back. ” He knew who this aura belonged to and heaved a sigh of relief. If it didn’t come back soon, he would have thought that something big had happened. The sect disciples raised their heads and looked at the figures that streaked across the sky. Tian Xu mountain. Huo Rong came over in a hurry.”Senior brother, is everything safe?” “Yes,” Tian Xu replied.”It’s safe. There’s just a small problem.” His words were interesting. He even looked at Lin fan. Actually, it was fine. But now that the icy sky demonic Dragon and the blood-eye demonic Ape King had left, things had become complicated. Fortunately, he still had his former prestige. It was no problem to deter these two little things. Lin fan smiled. He was in a good mood. He had gained a lot from this trip to the sunshine sect. As for the look in the teacher’s eyes, he ignored it. However, when he saw han bikong’s face, he felt that it was a little strange and didn’t know what to say. Suddenly! Han bi Kong took out a white mask and put it on. “Disciple greets elder Huo Rong.” Huo Rong sighed and patted han bikong’s shoulder.”It’s been hard on you all these years. The sect has let you down.” “It is bi Kong’s honor to serve the sect. Even if I die in a foreign land, I will have no regrets.” Han bi Kong said. Lin fan said,”master, Junior Brother Han has done so much for the sect. Now that he’s back, there’s no need to hide anymore. I suggest that you promote him to the tenth top elder of the sect. After being in the sect for so long, I’m afraid no one is more familiar with the sect than you.” Tian Xu nodded.”Hmm, that’s a good suggestion. Bi Kong is in his forties and left the sect at 28. He’s been in the sunshine sect for 15 years, and it hasn’t been easy. He’ll have no problem becoming an elder.” Huo Rong also agreed. Bi Kong’s cultivation base was at the ninth level of heavenly Dipper, which was more than enough. “Master, elders, senior brother, I’m afraid I can’t stay in the sect. I have to return to the sunshine sect.” Han bi Kong said. Lin fan was bewildered. This wasn’t in line with his train of thought. If han bi Kong was in the sect, he could bring him out for a walk. If they met any experts, he could just let Junior Brother Han go up and he could harvest from the back. It would be much easier. “Bikong, you …” “I’ve been in the sunshine sect for 15 years. I’ve been in contact with a few organizations that are hiding in the sunshine sect. Now that I’m back, I want to go back to those organizations and protect them. Otherwise, with their strength, they won’t be able to survive if they encounter the sunshine sect. Please help me, master and elders.” To Lin fan, they didn’t even give him time to rest. They had just escaped from the sunshine sect and now they wanted to go back. Respect, respect. Tian Xu and Huo Rong looked at each other and finally agreed. “I’m already very happy to be able to return to the sect again,” han bikong said with a smile.”Let me take a good look while I’m away. When our sect is strong, I’ll return to the sect again.” “Fine, this is your choice. Pay attention to everything.” Tian Xu said. “Yes.” [PS: it takes time to write. I’m not a typewriter that can come out with a snap. It takes time. One chapter takes more than an hour.]

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