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Chapter 324: A greedy fellow by nature

“Are you threatening this old master?” Tian Xu’s expression was calm. The punishment had no effect on him, but it would have a huge impact on the magnificent flame sect. “No, I’m not threatening you. I’m just telling the truth.” “Holy light!” The blazing sovereign raised his finger and gathered a bit of holy light. He then extended it in front of a naked little angel to feed these cute little things. One by one, the little angels gnawed on the Holy Light. Then, with their bellies bulging, they sat on the shoulders of the blazing glory monarch. They even forgot to scatter flowers and blow trumpets as they laid there leisurely. Looking at these cute little angels, the White eyebrows of the sovereign of blaze twitched. He was obviously very happy. Then, his expression turned serious as he looked at Tian Xu. “I’ll report this matter to you. Tian Xu, you’re too bold to invade the sunshine sect and bring them endless trouble. After all, we signed an agreement when we stopped the war. As a top elder of the magnificent flame sect, have you forgotten about it?” As soon as he finished speaking, his spirit exploded. The little angels who were lying on his shoulders were shocked. They flew around and continued to work. Tian Xu waved his hand dismissively.”Do as you wish. You, blazing sovereign, are the most greedy and Tattletale-like person. No one can compare to you. I’ll watch over the magnificent flame sect and see how the heaven sect Hall will punish us.” “Hahahaha, Tian Xu, things are different now. When you were still a disciple, there was a tall one to hold you back. But now, you’re the only tall one. Can you hold on? if you can ‘t, the magnificent flame sect will be in trouble.” “Let’s go,” sovereign blazing flames said indifferently. Others might fear Tian Xu, a demiG.o.d, but they were not. The demiG.o.d-level powerhouses of the Saint convent sect were unimaginably powerful. Han bi Kong whispered into Lin fan’s ear,””Senior brother, this is a little troublesome. I was discovered hiding in the sunshine sect. It’s normal for me to be killed, but master came to rescue me and took me away by force. He’s in trouble.” “And now, he’s plundering the sunshine sect’s Treasury. If the heaven sect hall pa.s.ses the punishment, our sect will be in big trouble.” “Furthermore, with the verification of this sovereign blaze, all the stolen wealth has to be returned to the sunshine sect and even compensated. It’s good to join the sect, but once you’re in, you have to consider things carefully.” He had been in the sunshine sect for a long time and was very open-minded about some things. The sunshine sect did not have any demiG.o.d-level powerhouses, so they had always been relying on the Saint convent sect. Whenever someone from the Saint convent sect came to the sunshine sect, they would welcome them with the highest standard. Lin fan didn’t say anything. His mind was spinning, and at the same time, he was sorting out the wealth that he had plundered. He knew that the magnificent flame sect was restricted because they didn’t have the ability to surpa.s.s these major sects. If they had absolute power, they wouldn’t have let these people do whatever they wanted. “Blazing glory monarch.” At this moment, he stood out. This matter was actually very easy to resolve. He had activated colored eye and allowed his teacher to kill the blazing sovereign. However, the consequences were a little too big, and even a little unbearable. After all, there was nothing to hide. If they were in a desolate and dangerous place in the dead of the night, perhaps they could solve it perfectly. But now, if he really killed them, the consequences would be unimaginable. Although he would be fine, the magnificent flame sect would definitely be killed. Thinking about the current situation, he felt a little uneasy. “Hmph, Tian Xu, your disciple has no respect for his elders. He’s not someone who can interrupt our conversation.” “Hmph!” The blazing sovereign snorted coldly as a tremendous pressure swept over. Tian Xu wanted to make a move, but he was stopped by Lin fan. The pressure spread but Lin fan was calm. He didn’t feel pain or discomfort like nothing happened. Sovereign blazing glory’s expression changed slightly. He was a demiG.o.d realm expert, and his pressure was extraordinary. It was as if the world was crushing down on him, but this brat didn’t seem to have any reaction at all. It was impossible even if he had a Supreme treasure. “Don’t be too nervous. I have something to discuss.” Lin fan said calmly. He wasn’t afraid even when facing a demiG.o.d. He was just born earlier and cultivated earlier than him. Give me another year and I’ll definitely smash your head. “Interesting, this is really interesting. A little brat at the fifth level of heavenly Dipper actually dares to negotiate with me? this sovereign really wants to hear what you have to say.” A smile appeared on the corner of sovereign blazing glory’s mouth. This smile was filled with disdain. “Let’s get straight to the point. You’ll pretend you’ve never seen us and help us hide. I’ll give you a quarter of the wealth we got from the sunshine sect.” Lin fan said. He had heard from his teacher that the demiG.o.d expert in front of him was an extremely greedy person. He could give it a try. “Hahaha, are you trying to bribe this Lord? Let me tell you, I’m not the kind of person to be bribed. The Saint convent sect protects the safety of all sects in the world. How dare you come to the Sunshine sect to destroy us?” Sovereign blazing glory was filled with righteousness. As he spoke, his voice was loud and clear, as if he represented the most righteous existence in the world. “Fine, forget it then. Even if you tell the truth, you won’t get anything out of it. However, the wealth of the sunshine sect is so vast that even a quarter of it is not something you can acc.u.mulate.” “Since you’re a righteous man, go back and tell everyone that although the magnificent flame sect doesn’t cause trouble, we’re not afraid of trouble either. So what if they punish us? we’ve survived even more difficult times. Why should we be afraid of this?” “Teacher, let’s go.” If he left without saying anything, what was the point of staying? it would only add to his troubles. “Wait!” Sovereign blazing glory was moved. The wealth of a sect was an ocean’s worth. Even if he was a demiG.o.d expert, he would definitely not be able to acc.u.mulate such a huge amount of wealth. He had never taken the sunshine sect seriously. At the same time, just like what the other party had said, he would not get anything even if he told the truth. After all, he was already a demiG.o.d and a top elder in the sect. How could he be rewarded? Lin fan chuckled. Human nature was greedy. No matter how high one’s status was, no matter how strong one was, the greed in one’s heart would not dissipate. If one was unmoved, it was only because wealth was not enough to enter one’s eyes. “I want half.” Sovereign blazing flame opened his mouth like a lion and directly took half of it. “You must be dreaming. Half? there are three of us here, and you’re one of us. That’s a total of four. You want half? we’ve worked so hard, but we didn’t earn as much as you. Do you think it’s possible?” “One-fourth, that is the price I am willing to pay. If you don’t agree, then the deal is over and you won’t get anything. Go back and tell the sect that we did it. Even if we are punished, we are not afraid.” Han bi Kong felt that something was wrong. Everything had been fine. Why did it suddenly turn out like this? To think that senior brother Lin would make a deal with a demiG.o.d and even convince the other party. Tian Xu’s smile widened. Wealth no longer mattered to him, but he knew that the most greedy person in the world was the blazing sovereign. They had once crossed paths when they were young, and greed had already become part of his nature. At that time, the words of the blazing glory monarch were still fresh in his memory. “I want to become the strongest and obtain more wealth.” Perhaps, he had become a demiG.o.d because of this. “Good brat, a mere fifth level heavenly Dipper and you dare to negotiate with me? fine, I’ll do as you say. A quarter then.” Sovereign blazing flames spoke. He was unable to reject such a vast amount of wealth. Lin fan said,”make an oath.” “I swear to the heavens that I’ll take a quarter of your wealth and help the magnificent flame sect hide the truth. If I break my promise, my soul will be destroyed and I’ll never be able to reincarnate.” A demiG.o.d expert’s oath was extraordinary, and if one were to go against it, the consequences would be dire. “Alright, I’ve already sworn my oath. Hand over the wealth.” Lin fan chuckled out. Raising his finger, a treasure light shone out and transformed into a long Dragon that roared out from his storage items. He didn’t take out the treasures in the stone door. They were just the wealth in the Treasury. But even so, it was still shocking. How could one person acc.u.mulate so much? Fortunately, he had already categorized all the items and divided them into good and bad ones. The items that were given to the blazing glory monarch were only the worst. But even so, sovereign blazing glory was still very tempted when he saw these dazzling treasures. With his status and strength, the quality of this wealth was naturally nothing to him. However, as long as it was wealth, he wanted it all. This was especially true for something that he could obtain by swearing an oath. It was really too satisfying. “Okay, okay. Don’t worry. I’m a man of my word. Now that I’ve made the oath, I’ll definitely help you hide it.” The blazing sovereign tore through the void and headed straight for the sunshine sect. “What a greedy fellow.” Lin fan laughed coldly, but he didn’t take it to heart. What was meant to be returned had to be returned. I’ll just leave it with you for now. When you’re stronger in the future, you can kill it and get back a huge amount of interest. The blazing sovereign’s name had already appeared on his kill list. “Senior brother Lin, I didn’t expect it to be resolved just like that.” Han bi Kong said happily. “If that’s the case, it’s the best solution,” Tian Xu said.”That old fart, Yao Zhi, is still so greedy at his age. He hasn’t changed at all. But with him here, this matter will be fine for now. As for whether the sunshine sect believes it or not, it’s up to them.” “It’s all thanks to the Saint convent sect for having such a greedy expert. But I’m really not happy about it. If this was a dangerous place, I would have just killed him and ended everything. No one would know. There’s no need to talk so much.” Lin fan said. “En, disciple’s words are extremely true, but it’s a pity that the place isn’t right.” Tian Xu nodded, agreeing with Lin fan’s words.”But, my disciple, when will you give me my quarter?” Lin fan said,”master, the relationship between you and me as master and disciple is as deep as the earth and as deep as the sea. It’s hurtful to talk about such things. Let’s hurry back to the sect. If those two beasts catch up, we’ll start fighting again.” Tian Xu’s beard almost floated up at the mention of this. If it wasn’t for this disciple of his calling those two demonic beasts over, there wouldn’t be so many problems. Suddenly! Two extreme auras spread over from the distance. “Let’s go back to the sect. ” Tian Xu was stunned for a moment. Then, he swept the two of them away and disappeared. DemiG.o.d realm experts were extremely fast when opening a path. The icy sky demonic Dragon and the blood-eye demonic Ape King missed.

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