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Published at 21st of May 2020 10:15:49 PM
Chapter 179

An Yuanfei got shut outside of the door .

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Su Yan raised her head and blinked .

“You’re here . ”

It was unknown whether she said it from the heart or just for politeness .

After she said that sentence, she lowered her head and continued eating .

Quan Ci walked past her and looked at the suspender pajamas she was wearing .

On her white skin, he could clearly see the blue and purple marks that were interlaced with finger and kiss marks .

Her body was full of marks that showed how intense the two were last night .

Quan Ci walked over, his eyes darkening .

“When did you wake up?”

“Not long ago . ”

She didn’t lift her head, still continuing to eat food .

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Finally, after eating for some time, her hunger finally pa.s.sed .

Then she found out that the man’s eyes were dark and hot, staring at her like this and not moving away .

Su Yan raised her head, and before she could say anything, the man bullied her .

He thought that he should be restrained .

But when he saw her, he wanted to touch her, press against her, and kiss her .

His whole body and mind moved as one .

Moreover, ever since tasting her yesterday, instead of calming down, it became more intense, and he wanted to stick her with him wherever he went more and more .

His throat rolled up and down, and his voice was dull .

“You‘re not going to go film?”

He said it like it had nothing to do with him .

His hands moved around, trapping her in his embrace .

Su Yan shook her head . “I’m going at night . ”

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Quan Ci, hearing that she was going to film at night, paused . “You can’t go . ”

Su Yan licked her lips and said, “I have to go . ”

Luo Yuanjie will be there, and she still needs to avenge the original host .

Well, so many things to do .

Quan Ci listened and said nothing else, but he kept hugging and kissed her for a while .

Outside the door, An Yuanfei had been standing frozen stiff during this period of time .

He had been shut out .

What happened inside?

It looked like there was someone at the table…

After his brain began functioning again, An Yuanfei began knocking on the door loudly .

“Little Su Yan, I am An Yuanfei, open the door!”

Although he didn’t see who was at the table, only Su Yan could make Quan Ci show an unusual appearance .

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Su Yan pushed back the person that was pressing against her .

“An Yuanfei is outside . ”

Quan Ci hugged her little waist and pulled her back .

“Don’t worry about him . ”

After some time, Su Yan struggles again, but this time, she covered her mouth .

She rubbed it gently .

“Don’t kiss anymore . ”

Her lips hurt and felt numb .

She didn’t want to kiss him at all .

He looked at her reluctantly, then pulled down the skirt he had lifted up and pulled up the shoulder straps .

He looked at her looming white skin .

Then he took off his suit jacket and put it on her, b.u.t.toning her up meticulously .

She became entirely covered .

Only then did she stand up and walk to the door .

The door opened, and An Yuanfei finally stopped calling .

He smiled . “h.e.l.lo, Little Su Yan . ”

Quan Ci walked out the door, then closed it again .

An Yuanfei’s words stopped abruptly .

He expressed his dissatisfaction .

“I just said h.e.l.lo to Little Su Yan, and I saw that you kissed her mouth till it was red and swollen . She has to film, what will she do about it?”

Quan Ci narrowed his eyes and his sight swept past An Yuanfei .

An Yuanfei laughed immediately in the next moment .

“I haven’t seen you for a long time, and Little Su Yan has become more beautiful . ”

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