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Published at 21st of May 2020 10:07:25 PM
Chapter 178

Xiaohua was dumbfounded .

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“Wait, you’re saying that the male leads are all that child?”

Su Yan moved her lips and said in a m.u.f.fled manner, “Yes . ”

Xiaohua’s heart bolted .

‘Stop! Hold up! Hold up!‘

So the male leads of the three planes they had been to are the same person .

How did it not know?

No, it didn’t show on the information it had!

Xiaohua was speechless for a moment .

It didn’t even know where to start asking .

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After some time, it asked, “How did the host know that they were the same person?”

Su Yan fiddled with the raindrop-shaped ruby on her wrist .

“When I meet him, this will resonate . ”

In the first plane, because her power was too weak, the crystal did resonate at that time, but she didn’t notice it .

In the second plane, his blood merged with the crystal, and the resonance became even stronger .

In this plane, the crystal vibrated and shimmered almost immediately as soon as it came close to Quan Ci .

She knew it was him .

Therefore, from the beginning, Su Yan didn’t guard against Quan Ci .

Although the killing intent on him was heavy, she still liked to stay with him .

And she’s liking him more and more .

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She pulled the sheets and stood up, wanting to go to the bathroom .

Then the vibration of her phone sounded .

She paused and picked up the phone by the bed .

It was her agent Kevin .

She had just picked it up and hadn’t said anything yet when she heard the sound of his angry shouts .

“Su Yan! What are you doing! Why didn’t you come to the crew this morning?! You let the whole crew wait for you! If you don’t want to film, you should have brought it up earlier!”

Su Yan held the phone farther away from her ear . She waited for Kevin to end his abuse before bringing it back to her and replied, “I overslept . ”

Her voice was a bit hoa.r.s.e .

Kevin was a veteran in this circle, so as soon as he heard Su Yan’s voice, he was sure that she didn’t do anything good last night .

So he opened his mouth and started cursing again, “Su Yan! I tell you, it’s your business on how you play in your private life, but now it has affected your filming!”

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Kevin was very angry, and he kept nagging and talking .

Finally, he got to the point .

“Don’t go this afternoon . This evening, I will organize a dinner party, and you will have to accompany the director . ”

Then with a snap, the phone was hung up .

Su Yan looked at the hung-up cell phone and glanced at the time displayed on it .

It was 1 AM .

She had slept for so long .

She stood up and walked downstairs after washing up .

She was hungry, and she was relying on two strawberry milk candies to stabilize herself .

She went down to the first floor, and saw the food especially reserved for her on the dining table and walked over .

Quan Ci seemed to dislike having many people in the family, so there was no one but the daily nanny and the cook .

Su Yan licked up the chopsticks and started eating .

It didn’t take long for voices to come from behind the door .

It was An Yuanfei .

“What good things are hidden in your house for you to not need business, but you still have rows of money just sitting there waiting for you?”

The door opened .

Quan Ci walked in first, and the first thing he saw was Su Yan sitting at the table eating .

Quan Ci’s eyes became deep for a moment .

An Yuanfei’s head had just poked in for a second before he was suddenly forced out the door by Quan Ci .

With a bang, the door closed tightly .

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