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Chapter 950: Big Brother, I’m Not Gay

“Academy sister, where did you go just now?”

Yi Yunmeng replied coldly, “I was just walking around.”

“Oh… Academy sister, who is that person?”

Yi Yunmeng coldly glared at him and said, “I don’t know him.”

The man’s expression hiddenly darkened as he bowed and said, “Oh, it was me who spoke too much.”

Yi Yunmeng didn’t want others to know about her relationship with Luo Tian.

She wasn’t afraid for herself but didn’t want to give Luo Tian any trouble.

She was very clear about how ruthless this seemingly harmless, handsome young man beside her was. And the man behind him was even more cruel. Most importantly, his talent and his cultivation were all in a very terrifying realm!

The top ten of the devil sect’s bounty list!

Suddenly, the handsome youth added, ”Academy sister, just now we saw a few devil sect disciples in the crowd. They seem to be here for the green giant. Since Misty Cloud Academy also sent us here for that green giant, should we…?”

Yi Yunmeng knew the reason why her academy mates were here, and she just happened to be here as well.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t even want to hang around these people.

Yi Yunmeng said coldly, “You guys go ahead if you want to, but don’t blame me for not reminding you – that green muscle head isn’t someone you guys can handle. And don’t even try to bring him back to the academy. We don’t have the capability, and neither does the devil sect. But of course… if you guys wish to court death, you can go ahead and give it a try.”

Her heart faintly trembled when she recalled the berserk green muscle head.

A peak Martial Void expert was smashed left and right to his death without any power to resist at all. That guy was too fierce!

Even though she wasn’t sure why the green giant saved her, she was still very grateful to him and even almost wanted to marry him. In order to return his grat.i.tude, she could only stop the people from the Misty Cloud Academy from meddling in this matter. She then said to herself, “If he wanted to be known, he would’ve made his appearance public very early on. The reason why he has not been discovered until now should be that he wants to be a rogue cultivator. He wants to be a person who is free and unrestricted and doesn’t want to be disturbed by others.”

The handsome youth’s expression faintly changed, “Thank you for your reminder, academy sister. I understand what to do.”

The devil sects issued a bounty.

The orthodox sects naturally had to issue a corresponding strategy.

As long as anyone can recruit the big green muscle head, then the reward they will get would be just as much as the devil sect’s bounty list. This was the main reason why they had traveled thousands of miles to come to Martial Mountain City.

However, the appearance of this handsome youth may not be for the green giant.

He was ordered to come here for Yi Yunmeng.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t want to come to a tiny place like this.

“Academy sister, should we leave the city today?”

“I’m tired and want to rest for a bit. We will stay in Martial Mountain City for the night and go back to Misty Cloud City tomorrow.” Yi Yunmeng turned around to leave right after saying that. She hadn’t even glanced at the handsome youth all this time.

The handsome youth didn’t care. He watched Yi Yunmeng’s back walk away and only revealed a cold sneer.

Gambling Pavilion.

Dongfang Shuo was a bit overly pa.s.sionate.

He had been hovering around Luo Tian ever since they left the stage. It was as if he was afraid Luo Tian would trip over or suffer any type of injury.

When they reached the Gambling Pavilion, Dongfang Shuo immediately commanded, “Go and bring me the Imperial Dragon Pill.”

The elderly steward was briefly stunned before saying, “Young master, that’s something the patriarch left you when he was still alive. It’s a tier six spiritual pill…”

Dongfang Shuo widened his eyes and shouted, “I told you to get it, so just get it! Why are you talking so much nonsense to me?!”

The elderly steward briefly glanced at Luo Tian, who was sitting down in a chair, before leaving.

Only Dongfang Shuo and Luo Tian remained in the room.

Dongfang Shuo kept staring at Luo Tian for a while, ”Good, good, good! You are really good! I won’t let you die. I definitely won’t let you die. You, kid, are really very interesting! Hahaha…”

Luo Tian’s head was in a fog from being stared at by Dongfang Shuo like this. The hair on his body was rising from being stared at so hard. Luo Tian unconsciously blurted out, ”What the h.e.l.l? Big brother, I’m not into gay stuff!”

From the stage to the Gambling Pavilion, Luo Tian couldn’t get away or reject Dongfang Shuo. He was practically dragged all the way here.

Luo Tian wanted to look for that silly queen, but there were too many people, so he couldn’t even catch a glimpse of her figure. And because he had no place to stay in Martial Mountain City, he could only reluctantly follow Dongfang Shuo to the Gambling Pavilion. Seeing the way Dongfang Shuo was staring at him, Luo Tian said to himself, “He can’t really be into men, right?!”

“Gay stuff?”

“What is this gay stuff you are talking about?”

Dongfang Shuo grinned, “It has to be some sort of language only known to the realm you come from, right? Hahaha… Little brother Luo, there’s nothing to worry about now that you’re in the Gambling Pavilion. From now on, you are my Dongfang Shuo’s brother, so no one will dare touch you.”

Dongfang Shuo was really happy.

The resentment he had suppressed inside him for so many years was suddenly vented the moment Luo Tian killed Bai Xuan.

For many years, he had wanted to return to the main Dongfang family. But now, he figured everything out.

Luo Tian looked at Dongfang Shuo, who was acting attentively without any good reason. That usually meant something bad would follow right after. Upon thinking of the bet he had made, Luo Tian jumped out of his seat and said, “Even a biological brother needs to have clear lines when it comes to money! Big brother, it can’t be that you are unable to pay out my winnings, right?”


Dongfang Shuo then started laughing, “Be rest a.s.sured, little brother Luo. I, Dongfang Shuo, can still afford the xuan coins you have won. If it weren’t for you today, my Gambling Pavilion would be quite miserable with all the compensations. You have allowed me to earn a lot! Hahaha…”

“Someone come! Bring up the xuan coins that little brother Luo has won!”

Was he being paid his winnings and gifted with a tier six spiritual pill?

He was also being treated as a brother closer than a biological one? What is going on here?

It wasn’t that Luo Tian was suspicious, but he really couldn’t figure out what Dongfang Shuo wanted from him.

What Luo Tian didn’t know was that Dongfang Shuo was treating him so well because Luo Tian had untied a knot in his heart. From Luo Tian, Dongfang Shuo saw his previous shortcomings but also saw hope in his future. He was thanking Luo Tian from the bottom of his heart with this treatment!

Not long after, a subordinate holding onto a sack came into the room and said, “A total of 76,700 xuan coins is all here.”

Dongfang Shuo waved his hand at the subordinate, “You may withdraw.”


Dongfang Shuo said with a smile, “This is the money you’ve won.”

Luo Tian was stunned, as he didn’t really have much of a concept when it came to money in the past. But he was completely dumbstruck now. Looking at the half-sack full of xuan coins, his heart secretly rejoiced, ”After getting a few more bags of this, I should be able to buy the Power of Blood Spirits, right?”

At that time, he could finally unseal his bloodline!

When he thought of unsealing his Four Divine Beasts bloodline, his thoughts drifted to Yi Yunmeng. He then asked himself, “I wonder why she needs the essence blood of the Four Divine Beasts bloodline?”

“Little brother Luo…”

“Little brother Luo…”

“Oh s.h.i.t! It can’t be the backlash of the Heavenly Abstruse Pill is starting up now, right?” Dongfang Shuo’s expression changed as he shouted out the door, “Hurry up! Where’s the Imperial Dragon Pill?! Quickly bring it over! If anything happens to little brother Luo, you will be held responsible for it!”

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