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Chapter 944: Soon To Slaughter Chen Yan, Explode

The difference in a small realm was quite large already, so how big a difference was a complete realm?

The Spirit Martial 9th rank was not comparable to the Four Elements realm at all.

Luo Tian’s previous series of attacks only damaged Chen Yan for about one-third of his health. It looked like a lot, but it wasn’t sustainable. The reason is that G.o.d Flame had a ten minute cooldown.

Within the next ten minutes, Luo Tian wouldn’t be able to attack Chen Yan as he did before.

In order to take down the other two-thirds of his health, Luo Tian needed two more G.o.d Flames. Which meant he needed a total of twenty minutes to accomplish it.

In twenty minutes of time, it was enough for Chen Yan to kill Luo Tian over a hundred times!

Luo Tian was out of choices!

Since a Spirit Martial 9th ranker wasn’t a match, how about a Four Elements ranker?

Chen Yan’s expression changed when he noticed Luo Tian’s strange movement. He tightened his sphincter muscle because the previous continuous attack made him somewhat afraid. He immediately circulated this power in order to put up a defense.

But Luo Tian’s target wasn’t him!

It was a martial artist with a dazed look who thought he was just a guy watching a show close up on the stage!


A full powered punch directly sent that martial artist off the stage.

This particular martial artist had been struck by Luo Tian a few times previously, and his health bar was already low. Luo Tian used his full strength this time and sent him sprawling to the ground. The guy convulsed a few times before he stopped breathing.

Luo Tian heard an alert tone go off.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing…”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for leveling up. You are currently at the Four Elements 1st rank!”


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining a system reward. You have been rewarded with the Power of Invisibility!”

The several alert tones then stopped.

Luo Tian could only sigh internally as the X-ray vision he was hoping for didn’t appear. “Sigh~, Why wasn’t it X-ray vision? It would be great if I had it, so I could see through all the girls’ clothes! Hahaha…”

The reward was a one-time use reward similar to the card that allowed him to transform into the Hulk. In the future, there will be ones for him to transform into Superman, Buddha, or even the girls from Sailor Moon. Maybe he might be able to transform into the super awesome Teacher Sola Aoi!

But these bonus abilities seem to derive from the main characters of those urban novels. Apart from X-ray vision, there could be ones to phase through walls and other mysterious and obscene supportive powers.

Luo Tian wasn’t too surprised at getting invisibility.

On the stage.

All the challengers and Chen Yan were shocked.

“Why did he kill Liu Hai? What’s the use in killing him?”

“Luo Tian is probably anxious like a dog trying to jump over a wall. Before he dies, he wants to kill as much as he can to drag them down with him. It looks like he’s getting scared. Even a three year old knows that a Spirit Martial 9th ranker isn’t a match for a Four Elements ranker.”

“Wait a minute…”

“You guys look! Look at the aura suddenly coming from him! It seems to contain the power of the Four Elements!”

“Could it be…”

“No way! He made a breakthrough?!”

“He made a breakthrough into the Four Elements realm under these conditions?!”

It was like a bomb had been dropped into the crowd.

They were dumbstruck but also boiling with excitement!

How did he break through while being in the middle of a fight? And it happened just right after he killed someone! How did he break through? No one could figure it out. Something like this was in a realm of impossibility according to their knowledge of this world.

But it happened right in front of them, so they had to acknowledge it.

“What a good kid! Sure enough, he isn’t a normal person.” Dongfang Shuo had a look of joy on his face. He vaguely sensed that there was something different about Luo Tian when compared to other martial artists. Even if one uses their toes to think, wouldn’t they wonder how someone with a shattered dantian could cultivate?

How did he make his breakthroughs in a lower world and then shatter the void to ascend to the Ancient World?

It was supposed to be impossible.

“Interesting! This is very interesting! Hahaha…” Dongfang Shuo laughed cheerfully. He was even happier than when he had just earned more than a hundred thousand xuan coins.

Amidst the crowd, the ice cold but gorgeous woman under a black cloak was also in shock. She then started muttering in a low voice that no one could hear, “He can also make breakthroughs from killing people… It looks like I’ve still underestimated him.”

She then smiled and stared at Luo Tian on the stage, “The Misty Cloud Academy looks forward to your arrival.”

She turned around and was just about to leave before turning back to look at Luo Tian. She then said with a smile, “I am also looking forward to seeing your arrival.”

She then disappeared into the crowd.

Over to where the devil sect disciples were.

Four people were blown away by what they saw.


“Is there such a devilish skill amongst the devil sects? Getting stronger from killing people is too powerful!”

“Senior brother, it’s time for us to leave.”

“Don’t be in such a rush. This kid might have a top talent, or he might be a genius with a super talent. If he can become a disciple of our devil sects, then… heh heh… interesting… very interesting!”

“Old Four, go to the edge of the stage and protect him.”

“No matter what happens, he cannot die. It’s best if you save his life at a critical time so that he will be grateful to us. When he becomes a disciple of the devil sects, we will have good days in the future once the sect leader knows it was our contribution. This will definitely be simpler than killing that green monster.”

A single stone can stir up thousands of waves.

Luo Tian’s breakthrough caused the entire Martial Mountain City to boil in excitement.

Within the plaza, only a small number of people could tell Luo Tian broke through from killing Liu Hai. The majority of the people believed it was pure coincidence for Luo Tian to have an epiphany at that moment to make his breakthrough because it was impossible to kill people to make breakthroughs.

Luo Tian experienced his new Four Elements realm power by submerging himself in it.

His health had become full once more.

His yuan energy became full.

Even the cooldown timer of G.o.d Flame disappeared.

The injuries on his body all recovered like he was completely fine.

This was the benefit of leveling up!

Luo Tian bent his neck, and cracking sounds could be heard. He then clenched his fists, and cracking sounds could be heard. His whole body started making cracking sounds as his mouth curved into a smile. He then looked at Chen Yan with a playful smile, “The Four Elements realm is so amazing, huh?”

“You want to step on this daddy’s corpse to climb up, huh?”

“Come! Come! Let me experience your strength once more!”

Chen Yan looked shocked, but he understood what the Four Elements were all about. Luo Tian had just made a breakthrough, so he wouldn’t be able to control the powers of four divine elephants. He had broken through to the Four Elements realm for three years now, and his cultivation was already at the peak of the 1st rank!

He was still confident he could defeat Luo Tian, who had just broken through to the Four Elements realm.

Chen Yan sneered, “So what if you made a breakthrough? Luo Tian, you don’t even know anything about the Four Elements realm. Do you think by breaking through, you will be my match? I was careless just then and allowed you to successfully sneak attack me. This time…”

“I will not make the same mistake again!”

Chen Yan’s expression turned fierce as he shouted, “Luo Tian, die for me!”

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