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Chapter 853: The Crisis Between Life And Death


This was Luo Tian’s only plan.

He needed all thirty heavenly flames to be off their cooldown.

The destructive power of all thirty heavenly flames was pretty crazy!

Even if that guy was a True G.o.d, there’s no way for him to resist since he was in the Tianxuan Continent. Luo Tian’s heavenly flames ignored all defenses, so you will still be smashed to death even if you are the Lord of all G.o.ds.

The only unknown is whether the heavenly flames will have the same effect in other realms.


Wild Blade then suggested: “How about we go ahead first to explore the path? My World of Slaughter should be able to resist for a period of time.”


Luo Tian continued saying: “The guy down there is most likely Devil Monarch Veil, a super expert from a certain higher realm. Even though he’s just a clone, his strength is beyond our imagination, and we could all end up dying instantly.”

Just the words spoken by the guy could injure them.

If they went down there unprepared, they would definitely be killed off in an instant.

Moreover, who knows how long Devil Monarch Veil has stayed in the Tianxuan Continent and absorbed how many drops of Tianxuan Origin Essence. His power already surpa.s.sed what they could imagine.

The only outcome of going down there will be death.

It would be the same outcome for whoever goes down there.

“What should we do then?”

“Boss, we don’t know what’s going on down there at all. It could be that Devil Monarch Veil, or it could be a group of Nightmares. Since we don’t know anything right now, let us go down and check it out,” begged Fatty Lei.

He wanted to do something for Luo Tian.

Even if he has to die, Fatty wouldn’t even frown once.

Xuanyuan Yi looked at Luo Tian and said: “Boss, let us explore the way for you and understand what’s going on. That way, you can kill the guy with better chances.”


“No means no! Whoever doesn’t listen to me can stop calling me boss from now on.” Luo Tian would never let them do something like that. “You guys need to live on so that I can bring you all to a higher and more interesting realm. I need you guys to be alive in order to do that.”

“You guys don’t need to worry because I have a plan to deal with him.”

“The only thing we need to do right now is to wait.”

Luo Tian’s tone of voice was harsh and gave them no room to mess around.

He was very clear they would lose their life the moment they went down there.

He was worried about not knowing what was going on down there.

His plan was to enter the molten rocks level and activate his Invincible Mode. Then lock down where Devil Monarch Veil is and smash him to death with thirty heavenly flames. This was the only plan Luo Tian could think of.

This was probably the only way for him to win.

If Devil Monarch Veil’s health bar exceeds the damage parameters of his heavenly flames, then he will die because of this quest.

If he gets duped by Devil Monarch Veil the moment he enters the molten rock level, he will die.

If he enters the molten rock level and gets surrounded by Nightmares, unable to lock onto Devil Monarch Veil, he will also die.

He only had one chance.

He felt like he only had a ten percent chance of success! Even though this was the case, Luo Tian didn’t want his brothers to send themselves to death. They were his brothers!

Half a day after Luo Tian entered the earth’s core.

The Arcane Dark King led eight of his warriors, who, in turn, led Murong Wanjian, the Soul King, Cang Tianlong, Old Ancestor Sta.r.s.ea, and the other experts killed by Luo Tian. They all headed toward Mount Hua Immortal Sect in a show of might.

Their speed wasn’t fast, but not a single blade of gra.s.s grew wherever they pa.s.sed.

They didn’t leave behind any survivors.

All the people that were killed were resurrected before joining the Arcane Dark King’s army.

Mount Hua’s main hall.

“The auras of those devils are raging throughout the sky. This is the Tianxuan Continent’s greatest calamity in all of history, so we have to be united no matter what.” Han Hua said with a calm look.

The people she was speaking to were all the sect leaders of major and minor sects.

There were also some leaders of their own races.

Even though there weren’t ten thousand races, there were at least a thousand different kinds here. Everyone had a heavy look on their faces as they looked toward the distant sky that looked like it was covered in a black cloud. The black cloud kept coming closer to Mount Hua Immortal Sect, and this made their hearts shiver.


Everyone was afraid!


“Reporting to the Sect Leader – the Arcane Dark King’s army is slaughtering everything and is growing bigger. They aren’t even letting the ordinary people or demonic beasts off. After killing them, they would resurrect them to increase the army size. They have split up into three armies and are heading toward Mount Hua’s mountain range. It is estimated that they will kill their way here in three days’ time.” A disciple of Mount Hua anxiously reported.

Han Hua’s face turned serious, “They’ve come so quickly…”

“What should we do? The Arcane Dark King is about to kill his way here.”

“Sect Leader Han, everything was caused by Luo Tian, so where is he now? I don’t see a trace of him. I really don’t want to accompany him to his burial.”

“Did you make all of us come to Mount Hua just so that we can be buried together?”

“Luo Tian killed Murong Wanjian, Cang Tianlong, the Soul King, and Devil Monarch Crimson Flame. It’s very clear that those guys are aiming to take down Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Do you think all of us here can protect ourselves? Have Luo Tian come out!”

“That’s right! Have Luo Tian come out!”

“He was the one that caused the mess, yet he gets to hide somewhere while we stay here to wait for our deaths?”


The person that clamored the loudest was suddenly smashed flying out of the main hall.

Eggy’s dragon might shook the area as he shouted: “You guys want to leave? Go ahead and leave! But if you step out of Mount Hua Immortal Sect for half a step, you can forget about coming back in! If you don’t want to leave, just wait obediently here! If you keep clamoring around right now, this daddy will immediately kill you!”

Suppression from dragon’s might.

Everyone had an ugly look on their face.

When have they ever witnessed such a scene?

No one dared to say anything as they were suppressed by Eggy’s aura.

At this time, a voice was heard: “The Gnome tribe’s Fan Zhangjian and his tribesmen are here!”

“Devil Sect’s Leader, An Laoxiong and my disciples are here!”

“Dark Mountain Corpse City is here too! I wonder if my old bones can handle this, hahaha…”

“The ten great immortal sects are all here! Greetings to Sect Leader Han!”

As those voices were heard, the area outside the hall was quickly filled with people. A short moment later, the entire Mount Hua Immortal Sect was filled with people.

At this moment, the karmic luck of Mount Hua Immortal Sect reached its peak and made the immortal force so thick that people could almost grab a hold of it.

“What concentrated immortal force!”

“I think this is at least ten times stronger than when the Imperial G.o.d Immortal Sect was at its peak.”

“Boom~! Hahaha… I made a breakthrough! I broke through to the Profound G.o.d realm! The immortal force is so dense and pure here that everyone should start absorbing it!”

Han Hua had a smile on her face as she secretly clenched her fists. “Good! Good! Good! Thank you everyone! I will represent Luo Tian in thanking you all for coming. We have three days left before they get here. During these three days, we need to do everything to raise our cultivation. This will be our last chance.”


Outside the stone door.

Luo Tian opened his eyes and grinned, “The cooldown is over!”

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