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Chapter 847: Eight Formations Chart

Sometimes when you are already annoyed with life, more irritable things will crop up.

Luo Tian was irritated about being killed off in a month.

He was also irritated with the soul poison exceeding the severity of his imagination.

And now, there was going to be a bunch of demonic beasts descending from the Arcane Continent. As the supreme expert of the Tianxuan Continent, Luo Tian naturally had to protect the continent but this added to his irritation.

He had also promised Mount Hua’s progenitor that he would kill that Devil Monarch Veil. Each problem was very difficult to take care of so Luo Tian’s head was about to explode from irritation. He would love to split himself into a hundred different clones right this instant.

He then thought to himself: “If only I had Naruto’s cloning ability. One person will tackle one problem. I would level up fast and take care of matters quickly. Even the girls… wait, I should personally take care of my girls. Only then will I be able to enjoy the tide of ecstasy it brings.”

Luo Tian became irritated once he thought about his women.

Li Xue’er was still unconscious.

Those girls originally promised Luo Tian that they would roll around on a bed with him after saving Li Xue’er. Now that they were back, Tang Tang, Yue’er, and the others were just guarding the bed of Li Xue’er.

They had completely pushed him to the side! Even An Chunchun wasn’t paying him much attention.

Of course, Luo Tian wasn’t really in the mood to roll on the bed when Li Xue’er’s condition was still unstable.

The main issue he was focused on now was the Arcane Dark King’s army. “Eggy, go find Fan Zhangjian and have him look for everyone in the tribe that can refine arrays at Mount Hua’s Mountain Range. We need to set up a huge defensive array there.”

“Murong Bai, go to the Dark North Sea and find the little carp along with his t.i.tan guardian and bring them back.”

“Jingang, you will head to the Sky Palace.”


Luo Tian quickly relayed his orders.

The time of life and death was nearing so those small forces became very important as well. Luo Tian wasn’t only relying on these forces, he was going to call up those ordinary mortal sects, those dynasties, and even some other minor races!

“Order received!”

Several people flew out and became a beam of light that disappeared into the night sky.

Feng Lei asked: “Boss, what about me? Give me a mission or something instead of keeping me idle.”

“Me too!”

“Count me in.”

The remaining people all crowded around Luo Tian.

Luo Tian looked at them and felt his heart tighten. Eventually, he gave up his thoughts.

He wanted to bring Feng Lei and the remaining people to the earth’s core.

But he wasn’t sure if he could come back alive. It was fine for him to die but if he dragged his brothers down with him… Luo Tian couldn’t do it.

Luo Tian smiled and said: “Your missions are the most important, and that is to protect Mount Hua Immortal Sect. Many forces big and small will be joining Mount Hua soon. I think by now, most people will know the Arcane Dark King will be coming to our Tianxuan Continent soon. They will all flock to Mount Hua and join forces with us, so you guys need to make arrangements for them.”

“You can just leave those matters to a normal disciple to take care of, so there’s no need to use us. I was hoping I could follow you to sneak attack them or something.” Fatty Lei was a bit disappointed as he felt uncomfortable if he didn’t fight at least once a day. He was similar to Luo Tian who they had no need to cultivate by comprehending the energy from heaven and earth.

“This is a huge matter.”

“When those forces merge with Mount Hua Immortal Sect, there will definitely be conflict arising. You guys need to coordinate and unite all the forces against a common enemy.” Luo Tian said with all seriousness. “I’m going to head off to arrange some arrays.”

“You guys go rest early or go cultivate some more.”

After saying that, Luo Tian’s figure disappeared and instantly reappeared at a place a hundred kilometers away.

Mount Hua’s main hall.

Fatty Lei was the first to speak: “You guys heard what happened the last time, right? He broke into the Geocentric Tower by himself so that no one else would be at risk. And those guys only saw the first level of the tower while there was a second and third level upward.”

“When the boss came out of the tower, his strength rose up by leaps and bounds. This time, he’s definitely going into the earth’s core which is even more dangerous. We cannot allow the boss to risk danger by himself.”

Fatty Lei was a detail-oriented person.

He knew what Luo Tian was thinking just by looking at his face.

Luo Tian didn’t want the others to follow him into danger.

He didn’t want others to lose their lives for him!

Wild Blade said: “That brat Luo Tian has always been like this, always trying to give us the best things. He would rather take risks by himself and never mention what difficulties he has been through. The Arcane Dark King is about to descend unto the Tianxuan Continent, Li Xue’er is in a coma from the soul poison, he has to set up a defensive array, and he has to enter the earth’s core. He has been fighting with his life all by himself. We are his brothers but he is placing our lives as being more important than his own.”

“No matter what, we have to follow him in. My old life was saved by him. If we have to die, I will be the first to die!”

Xuanyuan Yi then said: “Uncle Wild Blade, there’s no need to talk about who should be the ones dying. My life was given to me by the boss so I should be the first one to die, so don’t fight with me about it.”

Blindman Liu grinned and revealed his yellow teeth, “Do you two want me to play a song for you?”

“No thanks!”

“Blindman, you’re too awesome and powerful. I want to die whenever I hear you playing your Erhu.”


“This time, we will all follow the boss and have a blast! Just thinking of fighting along with the boss is making my blood boil!”

Everyone looked toward the direction Luo Tian disappeared off to with an excited smile.

Around this time, their spiritual senses were focused on Luo Tian as they were worried he would run away by himself.

Mount Hua’s Mountain Range was a dangerous place naturally formed by nature.

This was the reason why Mount Hua’s progenitor chose to set up a sect here.

Luo Tian stood on a high peak while looking at the sky full of stars. The scenery naturally made him think of Li Xue’er as he muttered: “Little sister Xue’er, I will save you. I will definitely find an antidote for you. I promise you this with the heavens as my witness.”

After saying that, Luo Tian started moving around like crazy.


He had to refine an array never seen before by this world!

This array will not have a high attacking strength, but it will have very strong defensive properties. There will be a maze inside the array and even the most powerful experts won’t be able to get out that easily. Of course, the experts being trapped there will only be the ones below the great perfection of the Profound G.o.d Sovereign realm.

“Eight Formations Chart!”

An array with the eight trigrams as the base.

The array will contain Luo Tian’s knowledge and philosophical thoughts he learned during his time on Earth. Of course, those things he learned only existed in games or in movies. But somehow, those things that looked completely made up in his previous life were refined into new working things with his comprehension abilities in this world.

An hour later.

Luo Tian used the energy pillar from the Arcane Dark King to form the eye of the array. After activating the power, it is capable of instantly enveloping an area of more than 5,000 kilometers and withstanding an army of ten million.

Around the same time at Shattered Sky City, an explosion that shook the sky was heard.

Even though they were hundreds of millions of kilometers away, Luo Tian could clearly sense the powerful impact force. There was also a golden glow that seemed to have lit up the entire night sky. “So big! This will definitely trigger the system’s reward, right?!”

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