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"Where are you right now..."

Somewhere, under the beauty of orange glow of the twilight sky. Beside the serene lake, a young girl sit under the shade of a banyan tree inside her courtyard. Glimpses of longing could be seen in her cold, pitch-black eyes. Her facial expression is very indifferent giving off a kind of chill rising from the heart, pure cold, a pair of black eyes that did not hold even a trace of vitality.

A drop of sweat tricking down on her Indifferent beautiful oval shaped face, her white and smooth skin looked like a beautiful polished white-jade. She has an extremely well developed figure that is somewhat inconsistent with her age. If not seeing her young face, very likely one would believe she is an adult young lady, especially the imposing bosom, even more could attract all men's attention.

"Fate has brought me upon you, I don't know how this fragile heart of mine able to contain this longing..."

"Our fate has intersected even before we were born, my father, your father, has spoke upon their brotherhood to betroth you and me..."

She sweetly whispered under her breath, gazing at the horizon as if waiting for someone precious to comeback for her.

"The first time I saw you, curiosity filled me. You're eyes filled with doubt yet each of your step depicting confidence. You're scared yet still act on..."

A beautiful smile shyly blooming oh her rose lips, she tilted her head sideways and resting her head on the stout trunk of the banyan tree.

"When your spirit was awakened, peoples kneeling to you, to your greatness. We're all know that a conqueror has been born, and... My heart was the first one that you conquer."

"When I was basked in your aura, my soul screams her desire to be with you. At that time, my very being feels its longing toward you."

Her smile blooming even more sweetly, she gazed at the dawn sky reflection on the lake water.

"Another time we met, you were training at the sage hall. I was dazed when I saw your eyes that were full of determination, once again, I fall deeper in the abyss of this feeling."

She raised her hand and cupped her cheek, a faint pink blush cutely appear on her mesmerizing face.

"Our gaze met, you suddenly disappeared then appeared right behind me with a beautiful transparent rose that you created from your spiritual energy. You gave it to me while smiling like a prince that come straight from the fairy tale."


"Beautiful rose, for the Beautiful lady."


The sun has set, and the graceful moon accompanied by the sparkling stars hanging on the night sky forming a wonder of the nature.

"At that time, the moon was at its fullest. You and me, we both sit under the brightly lit starry night sky. That was the first time you talk about your dreams to me, and you entrust a technique for me to get stronger so I can keep accompanying you."

She closed her eyes, straighten her back, and channeling her 'technique'. The spirit energy on the surrounding flowing to her restlessly, if there's people here to see her, they will see a faint warm glow on her body that slowly getting brighter each second pa.s.sed.

Her spirit mark was summoned behind her back, her features began to changed. A pale white feline ears appear on her head, her limbs slowly covered in white furs with soft yellow tone on it until her shoulders and knees, her pupils changed into golden colored slit feline like pupils, and her hair color changed into the same color as her fur.

"Mubai, please wait for me. I'll become stronger and be worthy enough to stand proudly beside you!"

"Then, when the time is ripe. I will come for you, to be together with you 'till the end of time, so that I wouldn't feel this crushing feeling anymore. Even though you once said..."


"Qing'er, Don't miss me, That's too hard for you. Let me miss you Instead."


"Mubai, I miss you..."

"You're right, it's too hard for me. This feeling almost killed me. But, you've become the reason for me to hold on."

Tonight, under the watchful moon and the serene night sky, a girl contemplating about her heart and about a man whose steal a part of her soul.

"Mistress, It is time for your dinner."

Zhuqing's facial expression turned back to her cold and Indifferent self, she just nodded and went back to the dining room.


Meanwhile, our Mubai...

"Wha... What kind of sorcery is this? Its feel so good!"

Now he's inside a room in a building at the Yule City, and there's just him and a 'girl' with an ecstatic expression on their face.

"Mmmfaahhh~, Gimme please, Gimme your thick white stuff." the girls said while licking her lips seductively.


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