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Chapter 2 A Trusty Mission When I saw the sentence on the screen, I couldn’t help but throw her a few more glances. What a humorous lady! She was so familiar with the homeboys’ thoughts. Then the way this girl operated her hero made my eyes sting. She ran straight over to fight an opponent four levels higher than her face-to-face. Then, when she was killed, she chose to be teleported to the battlefield again, and came to feed them again. What’s more, she rushed to challenge the enemy hero by running past more than ten soldiers. After the game carried on for about twenty minutes, Riven got control of the whole situation. Meanwhile, the in-game chat box was flashing quickly. “Needs to work hard (the Prodigal Explorer): I am waiting for the livestream.” “A quick man (the Blind Monk): Don’t forget to send me a package of yours after it’s cut off.” “I love baths (the Deceiver): The livestream is more worthy.” “The Black and White little Panda (the Great Steam Golem): Hey, remember to send me a piece, too.” ... Once the game reached this point, the beauty began to realize that the situation was not friendly to her. She, now Level 4 by endurance, hid under the tower, away from the attacks of Riven on Level 9.  She was staring at the computer screen, not knowing how to handle this out-of-control situation. Then, from her purse, the endless sound of an incoming call notice emanated, reaching my ears: “Ma’am, the grandson is searching for you again. . . Ma’am, the grandson is searching for you again.”   Our beauty took out her mobile phone from the pack while still in the midst of fighting, and I peeked at her screen. The call was from someone labeled “The Dead Love.” It seemed that there was a story behind the nickname. I didn’t expect that the beauty would turn to me for help, saying, “Hey, handsome, would you do me a favor? Do you know how to play the game? . . .Oh, actually, you don’t need to be a player; you just have to sit here for me and run around so you don’t get hit by this man, okay? Quite simple. I have to answer a phone call. Thanks!” Lucky me! How could I say no? I didn’t know if it was because I just woke up from a snap, but I found my face hot. Yes, surely that was the reason. The lady left to answer the phone. Mundo was a hero capable of tanking a lot of hits. However, when he faced the strong power output Riven, his advantage was meaningless. Not to mention that I was three levels lower than him. He already had a Black Cleaver, while I, on the other hand, had only a Ruby Crystal and two Cloth Armors. My mission was an impossible one. Right now, the enemy army was pressing on, and Riven himself walked toward me coquettishly. Tower Dive! He wanted to kill me with a Tower Dive. I turned off the W skill, and released a Flash toward the Tower. Riven seemed not to have antic.i.p.ated that I would use Flash. He hesitated for a while and then released a Flash, too, adding a W. I gave him a W plus an R. At first his attack should’ve stunned me for about 0.75 milliseconds. But the W shortened the time. So I used this recovery time to run around the Tower. Though Riven was a Boss, his blood was the same. After one round, he was. .h.i.t to death by the Tower. At this moment, the girl came back. “What? You killed Riven?” She looked like she’d just discovered something quite unusual, and sat beside me, on my previous seat, to watch. When she got closer to me, a fragrant smell drilled into my nose.  I had thought that she would like to take back the game, however, she chose to let me continue. Though I was a bronze player, my hero operation didn’t seem up to par, since I was underleveled. But even so, the golden Riven, who was three levels higher than me, was killed by me four times. Her eyes on me were full of admiration. At least, I thought so. “Hey, you don’t answer my call, and you come to this junky cafe alone?” some boy in golden clothes said as he sauntered over to us. He was dressed in a style of arrogance and pride that I used to hate. “Who is this guy, Ouyang? Which waste are you hanging out with?” he asked while pointing at me. So, the beauty’s last name was Ouyang! While I was guessing who this guy was, Ouyang suddenly took hold of my arm. I was out of words, shocked by her movement.    “This isn’t any of your business, Chen Lu,” Ouyang said to him as she raised her head. I thought that only I heard her voice had a little tremble to it, because her hand holding my arm tightened.  “I told you, I didn’t mean to break up with you,” Chen Lu said in an urgent voice as he suddenly took her hands. And then, I heard the most exciting sentence I’d ever year in the nineteen years I had lived. “What? Break up? I’m sorry; this is my boyfriend. Let me introduce you.”

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