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Boyfriend? I was shocked by this t.i.tle. The happiness came so suddenly that I didn’t know how to welcome it. “You just found someone useless to be your boyfriend? Or do you want to humiliate me?” While I was happy with my new t.i.tle, Chen Lu’s face turned so ugly. “Is this any of your business?” Ouyang even leaned on my shoulder, which made me a little stunned. I guessed my expression at that time disappointed her. “Useless, tell me how much you want. I will give it to you, and you’ll leave her.” Chen Lu saw her change, and he laughed and turned to me. “How much? Whatever number I say, you agree to pay it to me?” I pretended to be interested in his proposal, and be excited at the thought of getting some money. I felt Ouyang tremble on my shoulder, and I also saw Chen Lu’s spiteful expression. Though he was not willing to answer this question, he nodded at me. Seeing him enter my trap, I held Ouyang against my chest and laughed. “Do you think I am really useless? How much? Then, how much is your mother? Do you think money is almighty?” Though I was ordinary, I wouldn’t submit to a rich boy, especially in front of the girl I liked. When he heard my words, Chen Lu’s expression became enraged, but soon he turned to Ouyang; obviously he didn’t think I was qualified to talk to him. “Hey, to be honest, why are you with someone like this? Shouldn’t you have found a better choice?” Ouyang didn’t think I could speak those words, so Chen Lu’s advice made her a little confused and she didn’t how to answer him. When she tried to say something, I interrupted her to say, “To be honest, I am the right type she enjoys. Don’t you admire me? I accept your envy.” We three fell into some deadlock. Somehow, a cunning look suddenly shined in Chen Lu’s eyes. Hum. . . ? He spoke to Ouyang, saying, “You are still playing LOL? And you’re still using the ID I gave you? Ouyang, I know you can’t forget me. Why do you want to break up with me? Besides, do you remember the story of this ID?” I took a look at the game interface, then I returned my focus to Ouyang. She had nowhere to turn. So, it was still my turn to deal with Chen Lu. “Oh, thank you! You reminded me, I am going to buy a card for changing names right now. Thanks for the reminder, by the way.” Then, I planned to go to the counter for the card. But when I touched my pocket, I felt awkward. I was out of money. Gosh. . . At this urgent moment, I was out of money. Taking a look at Chen Lu, I asked Ouyang with regret, and I tried my best to lower my voice, “Do you have money? Lend me some money. I will repay you later.” Ouyang for sure was surprised by this inquiry. Though my voice was very low, Chen Lu heard us, and he laughed. “So, you don’t have the money to change a game name? Only dozens of Yuan. Ouyang, you still want to be with this guy?” I was so distressed to meet someone as boring as Chen Lu. Ouyang, however, took out her wallet from her bag and gave me several hundred Yuan. “Keep it. Though I am not as rich as Prince Chen, I always have enough for my boyfriend. Anyway, I am willing to spend my money on someone I like.” I guessed I heard the sound of Chen Lu’s heart breaking. I hurried to the counter to buy the game coins. When I returned from the counter, Chen Lu was holding Ouyang’s hand. d.a.m.n it! I never had such a bad temper. I walked directly to Ouyang, and took her back to me. “Hey, Chen what’s-your-face. . .  My fist has a question for you: would you rather have the right side of your face get smashed? Or the left side? Choose one side; my fist is very thirsty.” Seeing Ouyang was taken away, Chen Lu’s face also changed. “Do you play LOL? Why not have a solo match with me? Whoever loses has to leave her.” Chen Lu raised a proposal. I was a little surprised by this offer. Before I could react, Ouyang suddenly held my hand and said, “Don’t play with him. He is a diamond player. You can’t win.” I was moved by her concern. But this advice also stimulated me. “Don’t worry. You have me.” I didn’t know if it was because my words were so manly or so warm, but Ouyang agreed and didn’t say anything else. “Don’t say that I am stingy. Take this computer and play with me. No need to return my money.” I pointed at a chair to instruct Chen Lu to sit down. But Chen Lu refused my kindness and he turned to the counter to ask the service to light up another computer. Taking this time, I changed the ID. While I was doing my business, I felt how obvious it was that Ouyang was unhappy, or, that is to say, she wasn’t fond of losing that meaningful name. Just then, Chen Lu came back from the counter. Seeing that Ouyang’s eyes had turned red, he reached his hands toward her again, and he even had some time to demonstrate to me. But soon he saw that Ouyang’s ID had changed. Then, his reaching hands stopped in the air. Because I’d changed the name to “Ouyang is Liu Ming’s girlfriend.”

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