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Chapter 1 Meeting the Sister

My name is Liu Ming, and I’m about to start my college life soon. I had thought that my life would be like most common people: you enter college, graduate, and then find a nice job, get married, and then grow older and older. . . But, that morning, everything changed.

I achieved a good mark in the college entrance examination, and pa.s.sed the requirements for a university in my city, so my parents allowed me to have a crazy holiday this summer. And I didn’t fail their expectation; I holed up in an internet cafe and played LOL for a full month.

This game has been a part of my life for six years.

However, I was still only a bronze player.

I understand your feelings right now. Though I was a brazen one, I chose a rather quiet corner in the internet cafe anyway; I was not brazen enough to lose face in a crowded public place. I knew, we were not as welcome as the master players.

As usual, without any doubts, I lost a game again today. But whenever I was a little depressed, I found that the whole cafe suddenly became quiet. I was surprised to take a look in the direction of the audiences, toward the reception, with my earphones still tucked in my ears.  

The next second, I understood why the whole cafe was as silent as everybody muted their speakers at the same time.

A girl was standing there. About 170 centimeters tall, which was a perfect match to my height of 175 centimeters. Her legs were white and slim and soft. I began to give my thanks to the summer heat, which gave the girls a chance to wear booty shorts. Then, the chest—I never thought that I would meet a girl with such a perfect size, but now I understood the saying on the internet was true. Such perfection was enough to make an idol.

Long hair draped over her shoulders.

So . . .

Soon, the cafe became chaotic again.

“Gosh, my dream just came true!”

“Look, our G.o.ddess just turned on a computer.”

“What beautiful legs!”

“She went to a corner.”

The corner I was staying at! The girl was coming toward . . . me?

I was totally frozen.

Then I got a chance to take a close look at our dream girl. She had a small face with a sharp chin, and her eyes were a suitable size for her face. A dimple revealed itself near her lips. Due to the short distance, I got the feeling that the girl had a very good quality that words could not describe.

Influenced by her, I straightened my back, closed my game, and started to visit Youku video, pretending I was watching a cute cartoon called Of Sheep and Wolves. And I could not help but sneak a secretive glance at her computer screen.


So, she was a LOL player, too?

Such a beautiful girl was also a player?

I was so excited to discover this truth. Was this a gift from heaven to allow me to have my first love before going to the college, and stop getting made fun of by my roommates?

The girl was familiar with the game. When I saw her ID, I guess my expression must have turned weird. Her name was, “Give me top, cut p.e.n.i.s if lose.”

I could not afford to let my gaze linger on her. Suddenly, I realized, if she could have such a wildly masculine name, then there was no telling if there was a dog sitting on the other side of the screen. The internet was full of such deception.

While I was still having such thoughts, the girl had already begun to choose the game selections.

“Mundo will go where he pleases!” announced her computer’s speakers a moment later.

So, I made a mistake just now. The internet was not deceptive; it had nothing true at all.  

This beauty just chose the ugliest Mundo. Not that I have a bias against Mundo, but his voice was . . . hard to describe.

Soon our diva finished choosing her heroes.

Top Solo: Dr. Mundo, the Madman of Zaun

Mid Solo: LeBlanc, the Deceiver

Jungle: Lee Sin, the Blind Monk

ADC: Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer

Support: Nautilus, the t.i.tan of the Depths

A good team, competent in both control and attack, though it lacked long-term stamina.

The girl even keyed in some spirit-lifting words into the chat: “First-cla.s.s teamwork, first-cla.s.s teamwork.”

When I was still thinking about her team composition, their game already began.

Then I took a look at the opposing team’s composition.

Top Solo: Riven, the Exile

Mid Solo: Yasuo, the Unforgiven

Jungle: Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia

ADC: Draven, the Glorious Executioner

Support: Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem

The girl had the blue buff. When I saw the team compositions, I knew our girl might lose this game. The opposing team was much more powerful in the early game, not to mention their late-game capabilities.

As for the girl, when she saw their composition, she immediately chose to return to the desktop. And she opened the Taobao homepage and started shopping.

What was more, she stayed on the shopping app for more than five minutes—yes, indeed, more than five minutes.

It looked like she had completely forgotten her game. I couldn’t help but remind her, saying, “Hey, pretty girl, it’s started.”

“What? Started? What’s started?”

I almost fell off my chair when I heard her reply. “The game! LOL! Your match started more than five minutes ago.”

“Oh. . . Jesus!” The beauty was surprised to find the truth, and she returned to the game.

It was already over. 4:0—they’d lost.

Then I got a chance to take a peek at her in-game chat.

“I love baths (the Deceiver): Where is Mundo?”

“A quick man (the Blind Monk): What about that first-cla.s.s teamwork?”

“Needs to work hard (the Prodigal Explorer): I don’t understand!”

As I read chat, I soon remembered how she had been so enthusiastic that she’d told them she wanted “first-cla.s.s teamwork.” So, she’d betrayed all of them?

At that moment, the girl also saw her teammates’ questions, and she replied without hesitation:

“Give me top, cut p.e.n.i.s if lose (the Madman of Zaun): Don’t worry! If we lose, I will livestream cutting off my thing.”

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