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Chapter 4090: my only female lead

Translator: 549690339

since Pheonix had never played a soundtrack for a movie before, this was the first time he had won this award.

the fans were so excited that it was as if they were celebrating the new year.

as expected of the male G.o.d that they had been fans of for so many years. even though he had retired from the entertainment industry for a few years, once he returned, he easily won a big award!

what was strength? what was talent?

this was it!

in comparison, he jinsi’s att.i.tude was much colder.

his mind was filled with thoughts about the proposal, so he was still in a daze until he stood on stage and took the trophy.

the host could not help but tease him. ” no wonder he’s the G.o.d-level Pheonix.

when other people receive an award, they’ll be so excited that they’ll cry.

however, for the G.o.d-level Pheonix, this should only be a small award, right? ” there was a burst of friendly laughter from the audience.

the host was right. when Pheonix first started his career, he had already won many pop music awards. before he started his career, he had won many gold awards in major international piano compet.i.tions.

the oscars was not a professional music award. in the past, he would not have taken it seriously.

however, things were different now.

he jinsi smiled and shook his head slightly. ” no, this award is very important to me. this is the first time i’ve had the opportunity to work on a film with my fiancée. the songs in the film were also written by her. i’m very happy to be able to receive everyone’s recognition. ‘

“then … who do you think will win the best female lead award this year?” the host asked. will miss teng win the award?” this question was very tricky.

however, it wasn’t difficult for he jinsi, who had been in the industry for many years, to answer.

he chuckled. ” well … i believe that with the professionalism and fairness of the board, they will definitely give the award to the most capable actor. let’s just wait quietly for the final moment of the award announcement.

although his words were slightly official, it still made the fans in the live audience and live stream channel cry out in excitement.

[ when G.o.d Pheonix was talking, his eyes never left our qing qing’s face!!! ]

[ prince charming is too arrogant. although he didn’t say that the award would go to my wife, his eyes clearly meant that! ]

[ Pheonix: qing qing is the only female lead in my eyes! [ no other woman is worthy of being compared to her! ]

[ it’s too sweet, too sweet! [ ever since i changed my mind and went from a girlfriend fan to a couple fan, my symptoms of sugar poisoning have not improved. ]

[ she eats dog food every day. my mother even thinks that she’s raising a dog instead of a daughter … ]

[ that’s strange. why isn’t the little cutie christine here today? ] didn’t he also partic.i.p.ate in “lingering voice”? [ is he not in good health, or is it that dad doesn’t want him to interfere with my public display of affection, so he doesn’t want to bring him here? ]

if it had been seven years ago, many fans would have been unable to accept that their idol had someone he loved. they would have gone crazy for her and written songs for her.

however, it was different now. after seeing he jinsi and teng siqing’s love that was as beautiful as first love after so many years of ups and downs, who wouldn’t yearn for it?

looking at it from another perspective, compared to those celebrities who were easily exposed, not only did G.o.d Pheonix have heaven-defying abilities, but he was also a good man who doted on his wife and family. he was really a clear stream in the entertainment industry!

now, all of his fans had become fans of his and teng siqing’s love line, and a portion of them had become teng qingze’s mom fans..

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