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Chapter 4089: this is a global live broadcast!

Translator: 549690339

when he saw the chat history, he jinsi realized that he and teng siqing had been caught on camera again.

however, this was not a big deal. showing off his love with teng siqing in front of the world’s audience was what he had always wanted.

because everyone was too engrossed in their conversation, he jinsi’s appearance did not attract anyone’s attention.

it wasn’t until he couldn’t take it anymore and @ everyone directly on the screen that the others stopped.

[it’s finally quiet.] what’s the situation now? have you all arrived?]

bai shixun replied, [ your question is too boring. you, third young master he, have already spoken. do we dare not to come? ]

[ we don’t have to walk the red carpet. we’ve already entered the venue. we’re in the private room at the back. ] your qingze is here too. don’t worry, we’ve already made arrangements for what you’ve asked us to do. ]

[ you don’t have to worry about us. you should think about how to propose to her later. ] when they saw he jinsi’s question, the three of them responded almost at the same time.

although they hated to see this kid flaunting his love every day, they were very willing to help with he jinsi’s proposal ceremony.

after all, among the few of them, he jinsi was the only one who didn’t have a proper status.

even fu linchen, who was an old cow that liked to eat young gra.s.s, had successfully gotten engaged to his young girlfriend. he was just waiting for mu weiwei to graduate and get married.

therefore, even if she wanted to enjoy the show, she had no choice but to watch he jinsi’s performance.

in order to cooperate with he jinsi, they personally brought their wives to the award ceremony.

as the big shots of the top rich families, it was naturally easy for them to get a few admission tickets. however, they were not in the entertainment industry, so they secretly entered from another entrance as sponsors.

although his brothers had all promised that there would be no problem, the proposal was still the most important thing in he jinsi’s heart. he was still very cautious and carefully asked about every detail before he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

at this moment, bai shixun suddenly said, ” [ have you really thought it through? are you really going to propose here? don’t blame this bro for not reminding you, this is a global live broadcast! “you’d better be sure that miss teng will give you a positive answer. otherwise … you’ll lose all your face today!” he jinsi’s face instantly darkened. [ my qingqing loves me so much, how could she reject me! ] he quickly kicked bai shixun out of the group and exited the group chat.

the award ceremony had officially begun.

teng siqing was focused on the performance on the stage with a slight smile on her lips. the lines of her side profile were exquisite and smooth, perfect like a painting.

he jinsi could feel his heart beating faster.

although he had retorted bai shixun earlier without any hesitation, he was getting nervous as the time approached.

he wouldn’t be rejected by teng siqing, right?

if he was really rejected, it didn’t matter if he lost face, but when would he be able to write his name on teng siqing’s household register? he had long found the word “unmarried” in the column of marital status to be an eyesore!

he jinsi was in a tense state throughout the entire award ceremony.

so much so that when the emcee read out “H” ‘s name and announced that he was the winner of this year’s oscar for best soundtrack, he was still in a daze.

it was only when teng siqing pounced over and gave him a hug that he suddenly reacted..

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