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Chapter 4091: you’re not even willing to be apart for a few minutes?

Translator: 549690339

he jinsi said a few simple words, then got off the stage and returned to his seat. the award ceremony continued.

this year’s oscars was full of stars. the compet.i.tion for many awards was fierce, and the audience’s attention gradually shifted to other celebrities.

one award after another was announced. finally, it was time for today’s most important award, the best female lead.

the camera once again fell on teng siqing.

teng siging was also considered a person who had seen many big scenes. Over the years, she had won many big and small best actress awards.

however, at this moment, she still felt nervous from the bottom of her heart.

she could even hear her own heartbeat.

after all these years, the award that she had been pursuing was just one step away from her. furthermore, this was the first film that she had worked with he jinsi in.

he jinsi had successfully won the best soundtrack award. she … yearned for this award more than ever. she yearned to stand side by side with the man she had loved for so many years.

suddenly, he felt a warm feeling on the back of his hand.

he jinsi held her hand. he didn’t say anything, but with just a look, he was able to calm her down again.

the big screen on the stage began to play the exciting clips of the nominated candidates in the movies.

the person in charge of announcing this award was a senior in the film

industry who had been famous for nearly 40 years. when he was young, he had played many tough roles on the big screens. now, although he was nearly 60 years old, he still often appeared in various action blockbusters.

he flipped open the name list and smiled. ” the actress who won today is considered an acquaintance of mine. the first time i worked with her, she was a new face in hollywood. she looked thin and weak, like a porcelain doll from the east.”

“i once thought that a girl like her would not be able to complete an intense fighting scene and would drag the entire crew down. but i was wrong. with her amazing perseverance and perfect acting skills, not only did she convince me, but she also conquered the entire audience. at that time, i knew that this girl would not be unknown.”

” as expected, in the next five years, she continued to overcome all obstacles in the film industry, unaffected by any disturbances from the outside world. She focused on challenging one difficult role after another, and as a result, she won one award after another for best actress.”

“now, she’s only missing this little golden man in front of her.”

“speaking of this, i believe everyone has already guessed who she is.”

“yes, this year’s best female lead, yingying, is from the cast of” yu yin, “teng siqing. congratulations!”

as soon as he finished speaking, the enthusiastic applause almost overturned the entire roof, and screams came one after another.

teng siging was so surprised that she almost cried tears of joy.

he jinsi put his arm around her shoulder and said in a low voice, ” ” my girl is amazing. go and receive your award. i’ll always be watching you.” teng siging took a deep breath and tried her best to calm herself down. Under the gaze of thousands of people, she slowly walked up to the podium.

the emcee smiled and said, “congratulations, movie queen teng.” however, I have to say that you’re the slowest to go on stage today. is it because our G.o.d Pheonix won’t let go of you and won’t even be separated from you for a few minutes?”

a burst of laughter came from the audience.

it had to be said that the superstar couple, teng siging and he jinsi, was really impressive. today, the camera had swept over them at least a dozen times, and every time, it captured the two of them holding their hands tightly without letting go at all..

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