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Chapter 505

For High Level G.o.d, the lives of mortals were not the focus of their attention. Their values were different from that of mortals. For them, ensuring the operation of the laws of the universe was the top priority. It was rare to see a G.o.d like Whis who could consider the lives of mortals.

After learning the secrets of the entire universe from Whis, Muyang finally solved the doubts that had been buried in his heart for a long time.

Why would the entire universe be destroyed without restraint? The reason was that the entire universe could be reborn again. Sometimes, using the life of a universe to exchange for the death of an unstable factor seemed to be quite cost-effective.

Of course, this was the perspective of life on another level of consideration. Muyang could not understand this.

In G.o.d of Destruction Planet, the wind was gentle.

After ending the discussion with Whis, Muyang took a step forward and instantly appeared between Melisa and Melis. When the three people who were fighting saw Muyang appear, their bright eyes suddenly lit up and they actually attacked him at the same time.

Muyang chuckled and raised a hand, drawing a beautiful arc in the air.

Based on Muyang's current realm, although Melia and the others were comparable to Super Saiyan 3, they were still far from being comparable to "Half-G.o.d Level".

Taking their attacks lightly, Muyang's figure flashed like a ghost and hit the three of them on their b.u.t.ts.

"Muyang, you actually hit my b.u.t.t again." Melia looked shy, as if she was recalling the scene when she was a child.

Muyang laughed, "This is your punishment for attacking me. Do you want to do it again?"

Melia rolled her eyes. "I'm not coming. I can't beat you at all."

"Senior brother, when can we become as strong as you?" April's small body leaned over. As her realm increased, the closer she got to the Half-G.o.d Level, the more she understood how difficult it was. Sometimes, when she was stuck for a step, no matter how much time she spent, she would not be able to break through.

"Take it slow. The cultivation realm must be calm and collected," Muyang consoled. April walked the traditional path of the entire universe, and what mattered most was the realm.

As a "Legendary Super Saiyan", due to her innate nature, the road ahead was even more difficult. Because she could not comprehend the realm at all, if she wanted to advance to the Half-G.o.d Level, she could only rely on brute force. This kind of advancement was equivalent to leaving the mainstream in the entire universe.

If Melia was a beastman Saiyan, she could try to break through to Super Saiyan 4 in the GT World at this stage, but unfortunately, she was not!

Moreover, Melia's so-called Golden Pupil State was essentially holding the power of the Giant Ape in her human form. Its content was already equivalent to Super Saiyan 4, so how could she achieve the breakthrough of Super Saiyan 4 in the GT World?

Of course, the Legendary Super Saiyan was also an extremely unreasonable physique. It was not that there was no hope of breaking through, but it was more difficult compared to it.

After staying with Melia and the others for a while, Muyang took them away from Weiss and returned to Earth.

"Whoosh". After a sparkling light flashed, the four of them appeared in the small building on Great Azure Mountain. After not seeing each other for a few years, the two children had grown up. According to Melia and the others, Lazuli and Lapis had already been transformed by Android. Their bodies were now soaking in the underground laboratory.

After meeting the two children, the few of them talked about the situation on Earth for the past few years. Only then did Muyang know that Earth had been invaded by the people of the universe not long ago.

Although the plot had been changed beyond recognition due to the influence of Muyang, Vegeta still came to Earth as usual and was now following Bardock, Son Goku and Piccolo to Planet Namek.

"They have been away from Earth for almost a month. They should have already reached Planet Namek…" Muqiu asked Muyang if he wanted to go to Planet Namek. Muyang shook his head and felt that it was enough to deal with the problem with Piccolo and the others.

"Oh right, what about the Saiyan called Nappa? He and the son of Vegeta, Alex, are now detained in the Lookout by Sister Ka.n.a.lita. Sister Kanat.i.ta wants to send them to the central star of the G.o.d Mu Force."

"Send them over. In the future, they can stay with Raditz," Muyang said.

Muqiu smiled. "Because the battle a month ago was broadcast live all over the world. After knowing the strength of aliens, the martial arts atmosphere on Earth seemed to have become hot again. I heard that the videos of the Martial Arts Tournament have been sold crazily in the past few days."

"This is because I felt danger at close range. It was the same when the martial arts era first opened. It will calm down after a while."

Humans were often a hot species and needed to be stimulated regularly. After a period of madness, they would calm down and forget many things.

Muyang and Melissa hadn't returned home for a long time. However, their home had been cleaned up by Muaiu, Amelia, and the others. After a short gathering with Broly and the others, Muyang brought Broly's son, Elek, to the Lookout to visit Ka.n.a.lita. There, he saw the Old Kami.

The Old Kami's forehead was full of vicissitudes. He had been living in seclusion above the temple for the past few years. His body was already emitting an aura of decay. He had a feeling that life was coming to an end.

"Muyang, I always have a bad feeling in my heart during this period of time. I thought it was Saiyan who invaded, but now it seems that it is not the case."

The Old Kami said the worry in his heart with a gloomy face.

"Oh, is there such a thing?" Muyang was a little surprised. When he looked at Ka.n.a.lita, Ka.n.a.lita shook her head in confusion.

Muyang thought for a moment and suddenly thought of something. He said to Ka.n.a.lita, "Ka.n.a.lita, hurry to the west side of Earth, especially in the area near a mountain, see if you can find a strange flying device and confirm if there are any signs of corrosion on the gla.s.s cover of the flying device."

Even though Ka.n.a.lita didn't know what her teacher meant, she still went to the side and began to seriously search.

"Muyang, do you know something?" The Old Kami asked.

Muyang shook his head, unable to determine if his thoughts were correct.

The few of them waited patiently. At this time, little Elek began to run around the shrine mischievously. He met Alex, who was of the same age, and the two children began to play.

In a corner of the Lookout, Nappa carefully hid behind a pillar. "It's the person who took away Raditz. It turns out that he is a member of the G.o.d Mu Force. This is their base camp. Fortunately, when he came here with Nappa, he did not cause a big trouble. Otherwise, he would have been slapped to death."

After seeing Muyang, Nappa was scared out of his wits. Fortunately, Son Goku and the others came in time. If he waited for him to kill a portion of the people on Earth, what awaited him would be to be buried with him!


About ten minutes later.

"Teacher, I saw it. In the mountains near District 1050 in the west, I found the s.p.a.ceship you mentioned."

When Muyang heard this, a light flashed in his eyes!

"There are signs of corrosion on the gla.s.s cover of the flying device?"


Sure enough.

Cell, who was riding the Time Machine, actually came to this world.

Muyang did not think too much about which parallel world this Cell came from. He got the specific location from Ka.n.a.lita and told her to take good care of Ilk. Then, Muyang teleported away from the temple.

In the next second, his figure appeared in Mount Paozu

"Uncle Muyang?" Bulma, who was drying clothes in the courtyard, cried out in surprise when he saw Muyang.

Muyang said, "Bulma, come with me to a place. There is something you need to study."

"What is it?" Bulma asked.

"Time machine!" Muyang cut through metal.

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