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Chapter 504

Time flew. Time pa.s.sed like a shuttle.

When he returned to Universe 7, it had only been a few years since he left. The G.o.d of Destruction Planet had never changed, and the cleansing of time did not seem to leave any traces here.

Melia, Melis, and April were training in the G.o.d of Destruction Planet environment created by Whis. Now, the three of them were also in the stage of rapid improvement, and their strength had increased a lot compared to a few years ago.

At this time, a silver lightning flashed.

Whis was slightly surprised and revealed a faint smile. "Muyang, every time I see you, your strength changes. If you include the ability of Acceleration World, the current you will be able to hold on for a while even if you face Lord Beerus."

Whis greatly praised the changes in Muyang's strength. The Half-G.o.d Level was a region with a relatively large gap in strength. If it were replaced by the level that Muyang knew, the Super Saiyan G.o.d had a preliminary step into the Half-G.o.d Level. The Super Saiyan Blue was the middle tier of the Half-G.o.d Level, and the Super The Saiyan Blue Evolution or Crimson stage was the peak of the Half-G.o.d Level.

Only at this stage did one have the qualifications to compete with the G.o.d of Destruction.

For Muyang, who had the Acceleration World as his backing and had no limits to his strength, the increase in strength was like drinking water. Especially in the stage of showing comprehension of the realm, his advantage was even more obvious. Using martial arts as an example, other people had to work hard to train and acc.u.mulate, while he was directly using an ace to push through.

It was really infuriating to compare people.

But even so, the current Muyang was only able to compete with the G.o.d of Destruction, Beerus.

"Whis, how is my strength compared to Beerus?" Muyang asked with interest.

Whis thought for a moment and said, "With both sides not using special abilities, your strength is equivalent to 80 percent of Lord Beerus' strength. You can last for about ten minutes. If Lord Beerus uses the power of the Destruction G.o.d and you also use the power of the Acceleration World, then it will be very difficult to judge."

"Perhaps Lord Beerus will instantly destroy you, or perhaps you will be able to resist the power of the Destruction G.o.d. Although the result of the collision of rules is hard to predict, you will most likely lose. After all, your Acceleration World is still growing, and it is temporarily unable to contend with the laws of the entire universe."

Muyang nodded seriously. "So there's still so much of a difference."

His pure strength was equivalent to 80 precent of that of Beerus.

Beerus had the ‘destruction' skill, and he had the ‘obliteration' ability. In terms of potential, he might be a little higher, but at this stage, he was definitely not a match for G.o.d like.

In the original story, Beerus faced Son Goku, who had just reached the realm of Super Saiyan, and said that his strength was equivalent to 60 to 70 of him. Now it seems like it's mostly just a joke. It's already good enough to have 10.

After all, Son Goku and the others had used the power of multiple Saiyans in order to enter the G.o.d Realm.

The real situation might be about the same. The Super Saiyan Red was about 10 precent of the strength of Beerus, and the Super Saiyan Blue was about 50 precent. The strength that Vegeta later reached was about 90 precent when he reached Super Saiyan Blue.

"By the way, Whis, there is another parallel s.p.a.ce outside the universe. Do you know about this?"

Whis was stunned. He picked up the Divine Staff and looked at it, "Eh, that's right. Did someone use the Time Machine recklessly? That thing was forbidden by the G.o.ds."

"This is bad. My Acceleration World was shaken violently before…" He then told Whis about what Pitou knew, and Whis' expression became serious.

"There's such a thing… Unfortunately, the Dark Demon Realm is beyond the entire universe. There's nothing we can do." Whis rarely felt troubled, but the Dark Demon World was one of them.

These fellows kept disrupting the Time Axis, but only Time Patrol with Supreme Kai of Time subordinate could resist. The G.o.ds of the entire universe could only stare. After all, the G.o.ds of the entire universe were G.o.ds in the field of s.p.a.ce. They didn't have deep attainments in time, so it was impossible for them to shuttle through the time axis.

Muyang nodded and sighed, "This is the most troublesome thing."

Whis nodded. "That's right!"

Supreme Kai could use the spatial ring in his hand to investigate the number of parallel dimensions. The authority of an angel was a bit higher, and he could learn more things through the divine staff in his hand. However, even an angel could do nothing against a parallel dimension that had already been born. They could only try their best to reduce the possibility of a parallel dimension being born.

At this time, Whis suddenly smiled. "In fact, the increase in the entire universe doesn't cause any special harm to the entire universe itself. It's just that there are more variables to be wary of."

Muyang was stunned for a moment and asked in confusion, "What do you mean?"

Whis thought for a moment and decided to tell Muyang some secrets. When he first saw Muyang's Acceleration World, he saw his potential.

"Simply put, the development of the entire universe is the same as the change of seasons. There is also a cycle. Every season, there is only one universe in the entire s.p.a.ce-time, and there are eighteen universes inside. But as the times develop, the number of parallel universes and the entire universe will increase one by one."

"This is actually very unstable, so Lord Zeno work hard to eliminate the fallen universe under the supervision of the Grand Minister."

"Right, Lord Zeno and the Grand Minister are the highest G.o.ds in the entire universe." Whis deliberately explained the ident.i.ty of Lord Zeno and the Grand Minister.

In fact, Muyang knew their ident.i.ties.

"Lord Zeno has a Multiverse Supreme Authority. He can clear out all universes and life, and the form is a bit similar to your ‘obliterate' ability. And when all the universes in the parallel worlds are wiped out, all the acc.u.mulated energy will form a completely new initial universe on the other side of the sea of time and s.p.a.ce, and we angels will descend along with him."

"At that time, all Zenos, Grand Minister, and Angels that were split apart because of the appearance of the parallel worlds would once again merge into one and carry out a new development. However, at that time, the newly born universe would no longer have you."

So this was the reason why Zeno recklessly destroyed the universe, and the Grand Minister did not care at all

After Muyang heard this, he roughly understood that the destruction of the universe would not affect the highest G.o.ds. Only the eighth level and below would be in danger. And when all the internal universes of all parallel dimensions were destroyed, the season of the entire universe would end.

Sometimes, when faced with problems that could not be solved, Zeno would even take the initiative to destroy all the universes and start a new season ahead of time.

This was the power and ease of a high-level G.o.d.

However, for low-level life and G.o.ds, it was too cruel.

s.p.a.ce and time is the most mysterious and forbidden power in the world. The destruction of an entire universe is certainly not a small matter. It will be accompanied by the death of billions of lives. Although I have already seen this as a G.o.d, from the perspective of human nature, it is indeed a pity.

Noticing the surprise on Muyang's face, Whis smiled and said, "I think there is hope for your accelerated world. If it develops well, it might be able to bear the life of the seventh universe. I am looking forward to it."

Muyang smiled awkwardly, "This really makes me feel flattered."

"That's why you have to work hard. Recently, I heard that the king is very dissatisfied with the current universe. Maybe he will clean up the universe at any time." Whis calmly reminded.

I know that Zeno has been cleaning the Universe for more than a decade… It was the Zeno Tournament of Power.

Muyang secretly said in his heart, but at least Whis' reminder made him mentally prepared.

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