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Chapter 659: This Might Not Be Yours

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Truthfully, Masaki was filled with envy. He was so envious that his heart was about to twist from it.

He also wanted to merge with all the evil G.o.ds.

But he had no chance to do so, so what could he do?

“With Postline’s ability, could this fellow really deal with him?”

Masaki was really curious. Postline was really terrifying. Compared to before, his strength had increased to a really high level.

“Lin Fan, is that it?” Evil G.o.d Postline asked. His tone was filled with disdain. To him, that sword was really strong but it was not enough.

Compared to him, who had merged with so many evil G.o.ds, this strength was not enough to break apart any defences.

“You seem really confident.” Lin Fan smiled, “Not bad, it is good that you have confidence. If you have no confidence at all, then this battle would be pointless.”

Evil G.o.d Postline scoffed coldly, “You are facing death and still want to argue. d.a.m.n thing.”

The moment he said this, before waiting for Lin Fan to attack, Postline took the front foot. In that ethereal barrier, numerous tentacles swept out at high speeds.

Its attack range was huge and even if Old Ancestor Xiao and the others were far away, they were still covered.

Naturally, Lin Fan wouldn’t sit there and ignore it.

He raised his hand and dao pattern laws descended from above.



The ground shook and the entire s.p.a.ce was being locked. The s.p.a.ce here and the outside s.p.a.ce seemed to have turned into two different things.


Postline’s attacks were really intense, smashing into s.p.a.ce like raindrops. Slowly, many cracks appeared.

“Decent strength.”

Lin Fan exclaimed. Postline’s strength made him really satisfied.

His comprehension of the dao pattern laws had reached a really high level or rather. No one would dare to fight him.

Even old dao realm stage nine experts like Old Ancestor Xiao were the same.


Lin Fan disappeared from the spot. After merging with Nine Demon, naturally, he was going to fight face to face.

Releasing skills from long distances looked awesome and one’s hair wouldn’t get messy either. But the feeling of hitting something was really weak.

“You overestimate yourself,” Postline said. He didn’t even care about Lin Fan’s actions at all.


A tentacle merged with the light and sped forth. In the blink of an eye, it pa.s.sed through time and dimension. To others, it felt like time had frozen up at that moment.

But to Lin Fan, everything was proceeding as normal.


Lin Fan reached out and pa.s.sed through time and the dimension to grab the tentacle, “Postline, not bad, but…”


Before his words ended, Lin Fan punched. Terrifying strength gathered together and sped forth.

Postline sensed this power and his heart was shocked.

He sensed an unstoppable power sweeping forth towards him.


Postline’s giant body shook. Ripples spread out from where Lin Fan struck. This was a destructive blow.

The power he showed was enough to destroy any evil G.o.d.

Even if he merged with all the evil G.o.ds and his strength had reached a high level, but from that fist, he felt like his body wasn’t in a good situation.

“How is that possible?” Postline shouted crazily. He didn’t believe it, condensing strength even more terrifying than before, “Lin Fan, you deserve to die.”

How would Lin Fan bother to talk nonsense to Postline? No matter whether or not he deserved to die, he would just beat him up.

“Do you know what is the strongest?”

“I think you don’t know. Then let me tell you, it is when I can kill you by randomly punching.”

Lin Fan hollered and appeared in front of Postline. He raised his fists and started to hammer down in a frenzy. At the same time, he had unlimited uses for the Blood Demon Reversal Technique. No matter what, it was important to keep his body at its optimal state.



Power from one fist that was able to shatter the entire sky landed on Postline’s body.

Of course, Postline wouldn’t allow Lin Fan to beat him up.

Evil G.o.d’s power spread all about.

The tentacles brutally struck Lin Fan’s body.

But what Postline couldn’t accept was this fellow’s situation. When his body was badly injured, it would instantly recover. d.a.m.n, what was going on?

When Masaki saw this, he slowly felt like things weren’t right.

“That’s impossible, this person is too strong.”

He didn’t say that Postline was strong but that Lin Fan was strong. He was actually crushing Postline.

This was different from what he had thought.

Suddenly, something even more shocking happened.


Lin Fan got close to Postline. He raised his head and then bit down. With a twist of his neck, a piece of evil G.o.d flesh was ripped off.


Postline screamed, “d.a.m.n, you human deserve to die.”

He didn’t expect that Lin Fan would bite off his flesh.

“Good stuff.” Lin Fan’s eyes slit up. When that piece of meat entered the darkness G.o.d domain, it instantly caused shocking changes.

He needed more.

This evil G.o.d was what he needed.

Lin Fan pushed his arms forwards and pinned Postline on the ground. He crossed over his body and started ripping his flesh.



Some was the sound of Lin Fan ripping flesh off but some was the sound of Postline’s tentacles piercing Lin Fan’s body.

What shocked Postline was the fact that the tentacles that had pierced through Lin Fan’s body were being consumed.

“You fellow, you are a monster right,” Postline grumbled. He thought about Monster Emperor.

Monster Emperor’s situation was exactly the same as his.

“Whether or not I am a monster does not matter. The key is that we will just hurt each other.” Lin Fan smiled and said. He knew that Postline wouldn’t die.

But all of this didn’t matter.

He would just kill him. As for whether or not he would revive in the abyss was another matter.

Si la!

Screams resounded in the area.

Along with Lin Fan biting down, the statue became stronger and stronger and more and more complete.

Not long later, a pool of blood water dyed the ground.

Evil G.o.d Postline’s corpse became smaller and smaller and it disappeared in the end.

Lin Fan slowly got up and stood in the sky before activating the Blood Demon Reversal Technique. The injuries on his body instantly recovered.

The thing he paid attention to most was the changes within his body.

The last patch of the statue that wasn’t covered was finally covered by flesh and blood.

Right when all of it was grown, a golden light shone in the statue’s eyes like it had come alive. A shocking aura spread out. A storm swept within the Darkness G.o.d Domain and everywhere it pa.s.sed, an astonishing change occured within.

“Darkness Chief G.o.d.”

“The only G.o.d in the world.”

Memories surged into Lin Fan’s mind and constantly crashed into it.

Old Ancestor Xiao looked at Lin Fan in astonishment, but shortly after, he realized that Lin Fan wasn’t in a good state.

“What is going on?” Old Ancestor Xiao didn’t dare to make a move.

He didn’t know what had happened.

All of them saw how Postline was swallowed by Lin Fan.

To Old Ancestor Xiao, what was going on with Sect Leader Lin? Why could he consume evil G.o.ds, that was something that he couldn’t understand?

Masaki’s expression changed.

The way he looked at Lin Fan changed.

“This aura…” Masaki frowned and was filled with disbelief. Maybe he was wrong because how was that possible?

Deep abyss.

Postline revived in the deep abyss and his furious roar shook the sky. He didn’t expect things to be like that. He was actually eaten by a human.

To him, this was humiliation that he couldn’t accept.

“d.a.m.n fellow, I will make you pay the price.”

Postline roared. He wanted to bring the abysss to Lin Fan to let the power of the deep abyss cover that land.

Then, he looked towards Monster Emperor.

This was another monster.

But even so, then let’s just let this monster return too. When the time came, he wanted to see how Lin Fan would stop all that.

Outside world.

“So that is the case.” Lin Fan opened his eyes and smiled.

Who knew that the Darkness G.o.d Domain he got actually had such a background?

Why didn’t he notice in the past?

That made sense.

There were no evil G.o.ds in the past. He didn’t swallow evil G.o.ds, so how could he notice all of this?

“Old Ancestor Xiao, don’t worry. It is already over.” Lin Fan replied. He thought that he would continue to battle the first evil G.o.d, but looking at the situation, it was so boring and pointless.

“What?” Old Ancestor Xiao was stunned and didn’t know what Sect Leader Lin meant. How would things end just like that? Could he stop being so confident?

Suddenly, the ground shook once more.

A more terrifying aura exploded.

Masaki was astonished, “Has Postlnie gone mad? He actually summoned the deep abyss out.”

He was familiar with the aura of the deep abyss.

But he didn’t expect Postline to be so crazy. It was obvious that he was going all out to kill Lin Fan.

He was looking forwards to this.

Continue fighting, it was best if they continued fighting.

Only with both sides paying prices would he have the chance to make a comeback. If Postline died, then he would be the only evil G.o.d left. Wouldn’t the deep abyss belong to him?

When he thought about that, Masaki started to look forwards to the situation.



The tremors became bigger and bigger.

“Lin Fan, you deserve to die.” Postline’s furious roars spread out, “Your actions have totally infuriated me. Now, you will not only face me, but also the deep abyss.”

Postline shouted. He was filled with confidence towards the abyss. At the same time, he was really furious.

He wanted Lin Fan to pay a terrible price.

“This aura is too familiar.” Lin Fan looked at the deep abyss that appeared behind Postline. Although this was just the corner of the iceberg, but due to the Darkness G.o.d Domain in his body, he knew many things.

“Postline, there is something that I want to tell you but I am afraid that you can’t handle it.” Lin Fan said.

“Hahaha, can’t handle it? What do you have to say? Just say it.” Evil G.o.d Postline roared.

Lin Fan said, “The deep abyss isn’t yours.”

When Postline heard this, he was stunned. He then laughed like he had heard the biggest joke in his life, “If it is not mine, then whose could it be? Yours?”

Lin Fan looked at Postline and nodded. He said slowly,

“It really is.”

“Deep abyss, return.”

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