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Chapter 658: Can You Let Us Eat

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Actually it is only so-so.”

“Those evil G.o.ds aren’t really strong. I wanted to test my strength but they aren’t strong enough. I feel a little helpless.”

“Probably only when the top evil G.o.d appears will I be able to test my strength.”

Lin Fan was really calm. His tone was not one that a human should have had.

Normally a human wouldn’t say such words.

Old Ancestor Xiao opened his mouth. He wanted to say something but stopped. This continued several times but in the end he didn’t say anything.

He didn’t know what to say to Sect Leader Lin.

He felt like even if he said it, it would just be nonsense.

So, it was good that he didn’t say anything.

He willingly decided to be a pa.s.ser-by.

As for those sect leaders, who even cared about them?

They were all stunned like they had seen a ghost. Their bodies froze up and they couldn’t move at all.

They all totally knelt down to Lin Fan’s terrifying strength.

They had no thoughts of fighting back at all.

The gap in cultivation was too huge.

What thoughts could they have?

Lin Fan looked towards the ocean eye. He was waiting for the top evil G.o.d to appear, maybe only he could fight him to the same level.

In the distant dimensional s.p.a.ce, Evil G.o.d Masaki hid in the darkness. He didn’t dare to get too cloes in case he was found out.

He saw those evil G.o.ds being killed.

He cheered.

Well done, brilliant.

But more of it was his shock about Lin Fan. What was going on with this person, how did he become so strong?

Didn’t the dao pattern laws just return not long ago?

How was such an expert born so fast?

That didn’t make sense and should have been impossible.

“d.a.m.n situation, I thought that things would continue on based on my plan but I didn’t expect it to become like that.”

Masaki was really smart and thought carefully about everything. Moreover most things would develop according to his plan.

For example after he told the sect leaders about the key to breaking through to stage eight, he would take the time to strengthen his own body.

But who could have expected?

Things were going smoothly at first, but as the storyline he scripted developed, everything changed. He was stunned and could only vent his anger on his slave King Wutong.

He was still waiting.

Postline would definitely appear. All the other evil G.o.ds were no match for him.

Moreover, just before, he sensed something.

That the evil G.o.ds were all dead… It wasn’t those deaths where they could revive in the abyss, but total death. From now on, they would never revive.

“So he really attacked.”

Masaki knew Postline’s thoughts but he didn’t expect him to really control the abyss and also the deaths of evil G.o.ds.

He was waiting.

With his current state, so what if he appeared?

It was of no use.

Thus, he hid here and waited for his chance. Maybe the chance would arise.

Lin Fan continued to lay on the chair to rest, “Gou’zi, I am a little hungry, prepare some food.”

“Okay.” Gou’zi put on an ap.r.o.n and held a vegetable blade. He started to show off his culinary skills. He knew that young master was definitely really tired. After all, he had gone through battle after battle.

Old Ancestor Xiao snuck by Gou’zi’s side and hoped that Gou’zi could do one dish.

“Step aside. My young master is definitely really tired fighting those evil G.o.ds. You did nothing and still want to eat, stop dreaming.” Gou’zi rejected it without hesitation.

He even didn’t forget to insult him a little.

Old Ancestor Xiao opened his eyes wide. He really wanted to grumble, was he the one who didn’t want to help?

Go ask your young master.

Did he let me?


Old Ancestor Xiao was really tired and didn’t want to argue with Gou’zi. He felt like Gou’zi was misunderstanding and being biased against him.

In the end, he just silently retreated to the side.

He didn’t say a single word.

They even wanted to cry.

The scenes after were a little weird. A bunch of people just stood there like they were stunned while Lin Fan just ate really casually. He would occasionally glance towards the ocean eye like he was looking forwards to something.

Who knew when would the top evil G.o.d Postline come?

Evil G.o.d Masaki wanted to curse at Lin Fan because at this crucial moment he was just eating there. Who was he looking down on?

Suddenly, there was an intense explosion.

The clouds in the sky rolled, turning from white to black. A real demon was descending.

The explosion got more and more intense. The dishes on the table shook and even the soup was being spilt.

“No.” Lin Fan couldn’t accept such a situation. He floated into the air along with the dishes. Perfect, there was no shaking at all.


The ground ripped apart like spiderwebs. The cracks spread in all directions and the entire ocean eye changed.

Old Ancestor Xiao had a solemn expression. He was too familiar with that aura.

He would never forget it.

Many of his friends all died in the hands of the owner of that aura.

Deep abyss energy spread out from the ocean eye and stirred the area.

“Sect Leader Lin, he is here.” Old Ancestor Xiao said.

“Eh, I know, eat. Only after eating will one have strength.” Lin Fan said slowly. He didn’t care about other evil G.o.ds but towards the top evil G.o.d, he placed an unusual emphasis. Especially since the energy he gave off was much stronger.

He was much more terrifying than the others.

Shortly after, a white light shot out from the ocean eye.

The light barrier was like that of a waterfall.

A giant person appeared in the barrier. This body seemed ethereal, like it was translucent. Numerous tentacles waved in the barrier.

“Lin Fan…”

A sound that caused the sky to shake resounded in the land.

Those sect leaders felt like their hearts were about to stop. Their eyes opened wide and beads of sweat seeped out, flowing onto the ground.

Just the sound caused the Sect leaders’ faces to turn ashen white. This gap in strength was just huge.

“He became even stronger.” Old Ancestor Xiao’s breathing became rushed. He was even stronger than before. At the same time, he looked different, a lot more different than before.

“Oi, Postline, can you let me finish my meal?” Lin Fan shouted.

The most terrifying thing was sudden silence.

While Lin Fan was saying that, the surrounding environment really turned silent.

To Postline, maybe he didn’t expect him to say such words.

“Lin Fan, you are about to die and are still behaving so arrogantly?” Ji shouted in rage.

“So it is Alliance Commander Ji.” Lin Fan smiled but he didn’t care much about Ji, “You should hide, I am afraid the ripples from the battle would kill you.”

“Arrogant.” One can say that Ji’s hatred towards Lin Fan had reached the extreme. It was like a volcano that was about to erupt, the magma within was boiling.

Lin Fan looked at Ji in helplessness.

But sometimes he respected him too.

For revenge, Ji acted like he had gone mad. He then turned into an evil G.o.d. Such determination was deserving of respect.

Just at that moment, Lin Fan raised his head and a sharp aura spread towards him.

Postline attacked. His main body didn’t and he just sent his aura pressing over.

“Eh?” Lin Fan raised his head ands squinted his eyes as he gathered a streak of energy to receive it.


There was no intense explosion. After the two powers clashed, it formed a black hole. The power condensed, turning into one small dot which disappeared.

“You aren’t even letting me eat, do you have some shame?” Lin Fan said.

“Nine Demon, come.”

Lin Fan reached out. Nine Demon opened his eyes and swept forth. His body turned into a liquid and attached onto his arm before slowly merging into his body.

Old Ancestor Xiao was happy when he saw that.

At least it meant that his legacy didn’t break. Even Sect Leader Lin cultivated the cultivation technique he created. One had to say that he felt really proud deep down.


Lin Fan’s body was changing. His power climbed. At the same time, he attacked Postline. When he was right in front of him, his body reached a similar size and height to Postline.

His leg landed and with a loud explosion, the ground cracked. One foot and a deep hole appeared.

“Bring it on.”

The moment he said that, Postline instantly attacked. Several streaks of light swept forth. They were extremely sharp and the dimension was sliced open like that of a mirror. The dimension turned into pieces which floated in mid air.

With a xiu, Lin Fan disappeared. Even if his body was huge, he was so quick that he couldn’t be suppressed.

The people retreated towards the distance.

They couldn’t get close to such a battle. Maybe the ripples itself would blow them up.

If one got too close, one would be asking for trouble.


When Lin Fan appeared once more, a shining sword formed in his hand. Lightning wrapped around the sword which could possibly be called the strongest sword in the world. Even if Sword Head saw this, he would have to kneel down and call him father.

He slashed.

The color of the sky changed. The sky was split into two before it landed onto Postline’s body.


The ripples swept forwards and in the blink of an eye, it totally disappeared. The land behind Postline was split into half, forming an endlessly long and deep crack.

“As expected, it is not enough.”

Lin Fan randomly slashed and it was just a casual try. He naturally didn’t expect that he could rely on this sword to finish Postline.

He just treated it as a try.

The giant sword landed right above Postline’s head before stopping. Postline raised his head slowly and using his gaze, the giant sword shattered. It turned into sword intent currents which spread in the area.

Masaki witnessed it all and muttered.

“d.a.m.n, he actually merged with all the evil G.o.ds.”

He could tell Postline’s situation with just a glance. This wasn’t his original body and was formed after he merged with all the other evil G.o.ds.

Maybe this strength.

Even if the three pillar G.o.ds and the ancient G.o.d appeared, they might not be his match.

After all, he controlled the deep abyss.

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