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Published at 12th of August 2019 03:05:04 PM Chapter 1164: 1164

Yin Hua walked briskly forth while the crowd was discussing about him . With a cold and stern expression, he shouted, “Make the Region Head scram out here!”

Nonetheless, a disdainful voice was heard from within the courtyard at this moment .

“You don't qualify to meet her!”

The crowd looked at each other at that instant, subconsciously moving out of the way . Following that, a handsome, confident, and at ease man gradually walked out from the courtyard . With a sneer in his gaze, he swept a scornful gaze at Yin Hua .

Yin Hua's gaze darkened as he asked coldly, “Who are you?”

People of the Region Head Manor couldn't help but laugh out in laughs when they heard that .

“Yin family's head, this is our Region Head Manor's Grandmaster Hai Wei! Our Grandmaster is a King Stage Alchemist . You don't have the qualification to talk to him!”

Hai Wei raised his chin arrogantly . He didn't even look at Yin Hua as he basked within the crowd's compliments .

“Alchemist of the Region Head Manor? Can it be that you're the one that refined that G.o.d Foundation Pill?” Glimmers danced within Yin Hua's eyes . He offered, “It is a waste of your talent in staying within this Region Head Manor . How about you jump ship to our Yin family? We will give you better conditions!”

In Yin Hua's point of view, the puny Region Head Manor was negligible . If it wasn't for Grandmaster Hai Wei, perhaps she wouldn't be able to make such a commotion .

She couldn't enter his eyes…

The crowd was stunned .

Was this the rumoured undermining of talents? He was also doing it in front of the Region Head Manor . If the Region Head Manor lost this alchemist, the manor wouldn't be able to oppose the Yin family .

The crowd felt a little pitiful upon thinking about that .

The influential power of the Yin family was really strong . Besides, the daughter of Yin Hua had married a young master of a powerful aristocratic family as his concubine . Even though she only had a concubine's status, she was doted heavily upon . Therefore, he should know who he should follow for a better future .

Just when everyone thought Hai Wei would abandon the Region Head Manor, Hai Wei just snorted coldly . With an arrogant expression, he refused, “Is the Yin family that great? I'm sorry but I am not in the slightest interested in the Yin family . Manager Kong, don't let these people step a foot into the Region Head Manor to prevent them from sullying the grounds of our territory . ”

Yin Hua's expression changed drastically as he stared at Hai Wei's back after Hai Wei turned around and walked away .

'Has he refused me?

'How can this man refuse my invitation?

'Can it be the conditions I offered didn't satisfy him?'

Yin Hua's eyes moved around .

'It seems I can't rush in some matters . I will temporarily let them off today . With time, I can make the Region Head despair after roping him into the Yin family . '

In comparison to the liveliness outside, Mu Ru Yue was currently entertaining guests within the large hall .

Qiu Mei's alluring red robes wrapped around her hot body figure within the large hall . Her smile was captivating . She was like a seductress captivating people's soul .

“Cough! Cough!”

Wen Hao coughed dryly . His sickly complexion was slightly pale . With a slight smile, he said, “Lord Region Head, we have a matter to discuss with you for coming here today . ”

“What is it?” Mu Ru Yue's brow raised as she asked indifferently .

“The three major influential power of our Nanyang Region had discovered a tomb before you came . That tomb should have been left behind by an expert several years ago according to our investigations . As for who that expert is, we will only know once we enter it . Since you have come to the Nanyang Region, we will need to let you be aware of this matter . I wonder of Lord Region Head is interested in that tomb . ”

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