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Published at 12th of August 2019 10:05:04 AM Chapter 1163: 1163

In comparison to Hai Wei, Kong Fan had a better understanding of Mu Ru Yue .

He understood that wealth and treasure meant nothing to her . What she needed was power she could use…

“Lord, don't fret . I believe several people will come to sign up for those ample conditions!”

“Alright, I will pa.s.s the rest of this matter to you all . ”

Mu Ru Yue yawned . She walked out of the room after tossing those words, heading to the seclusion room Ye Wu Chen was in…

However, the door was still tightly shut . A powerful aura was leaking out of the room, making people know that he was still breaking through…

“I don't know when Wu Chen will be coming out from seclusion training . He is taking such a long time this time . ”

Mu Ru Yue sighed, but she didn't say further . She turned around and disappeared into the morning sunlight .

“What did you say?”


Yin Hua stood up after hearing his subordinate's report . With a gloomy expression, he asked coldly, “Did the Region Head Manor really said that?”

“Reporting to the head, this matter indeed had spread out from the Region Head Manor . Currently, everyone within the Nanyang Region knows about this . More importantly, influential power from different parts of North Wind Plains has come to report . It is rumoured that everyone that has been successfully recruited into the Region Head Manor will not only be able to obtain spiritual stones monthly from the manor but they also can use their contributions to the Region Head Manor to exchange for pills . Therefore, many people are trying to squeeze their way into the Region Head Manor…”

Yin Hua gritted his teeth in hatred as he asked coldly, “What does the Wen family and Qiu Mei plan to do? Our Nanyang Region ordinarily had three major powers . But an influential power is trying to share our power . It can't be they don't mind it, right?”

The subordinate of Yin family glanced carefully at Yin Hua upon hearing that before he continued to report, “Head, Lady Qiu Mei had dispatched people to help out and people of the Wen family had also dispatched people to help the Region Head Manor to manage the situation…”


Yin Hua's expression turned ashen as he said furiously, “Can they really be recognizing an outsider to enter the Nanyang Region? I, Yin Hua, will certainly not let such a thing occur! Someone, immediately follow me to head to the Region Head Manor! I really want to see what capabilities she has!”

In Yin Hua's point of view, the Nanyang Region belonged to their influential power . Even if it was people of the academy, they didn't qualify to barge into this place .

However, it was different for Qiu Mei and Wen Hao .

If Mu Ru Yue didn't have the capability, perhaps they wouldn't have placed importance on her . However, people in this world was realistic . They could only see the benefits of being on good terms with Mu Ru Yue . As for other reasons, they tossed it to the back of their minds…

The three major influential power would still be able to swim freely within the Nanyang Region no matter if she was there . They at most would lose a little influential power . However, she could give them more profits so why not?

“d.a.m.n, why do you keep on trying to squeeze in? Queue up from the back of the line! Don't you think of cutting queue!”

“That's right, don't you think you are the only one that wants to enter the Region Head Manor . We are more anxious than you are! Yet, you still dare to cut queue!”

People were packed like sardines outside the Region Head Manor . Sea of heads could be seen when looking afar .

Everyone was trying to squeeze forward; frequent shout outs were heard…

Yet, the crowd stopped shouting at this moment . Their gazes shot behind when they saw a path opening behind them . They looked curiously at Yin Hua, who was leading a group of people over .

“Isn't that the head of the Yin family? What is he doing here?”

“Do you need to ask that? He must be here to seek trouble! The Head of Yin family generally hates other influential power barging into this region . Furthermore, he had recently slandered the Region Head . How can he remain unconcerned when the Region Head created such a huge commotion now?”

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