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[Medes Kingdom]

--- Marquess Evans mansion ---

In the house of Marquess Evans, there is a place, a hidden pa.s.sage. Inside of it is full of jails, the scent of blood, the scent of molds between the bricks. A little bit of air can go inside of this pa.s.sage. It's a dungeon where people are tortured to death.

At the end of the dungeon, there is a door, inside of that door is a large square 10 feet wide x 8 feet high room. It has a strong scent of blood, molds in the walls, and torture materials, in that room. There is a man tied up on chains, and Marquess Evans with 5 knights next beside him looking at the tortured man.

"where are your daughters?" said by Marquess's Evans

"... I... Don't know...maybe in a place you would never be able to reach... Ptew!"

Said by the man with disrespectful response, he even spit a saliva with blood in front of Marquess which it hits his face.

Marquess Evans, wipe off the saliva blood to his cheek and was about to say something but...

" hmm, such a-"

" BANG!!! "

Before he finishes his words, a large sound came at the door, then a guy with trim hair, orc like appearance just like his father, with freckles in his face, wearing expensive n.o.ble clothes which is not fit to him, he makes an entrance which made the whole people in the room get surprise.

"your impudent insolent b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" said by the guy " how dare you speak like that to my father! Why don't we cut that tongue of yours!"

"My son, take it easy, your anger. No, our anger is not worth for this man." said by the Marquess "also, you are my only heir, a heir should not express his emotions to others. Otherwise, they might use it to their advantage, that would be a problem, right?"

"... As expected of father!" said by the heir of Marquess "I'm sorry father for what I have done right now, it seems that I was still too naive."

"as long as you learn about it, it's fine... Now then..."

Marquess Rield Evans look at the man tied in chains.

"what was the name of your daughters? Hmm..." said by Marquess " ah! it's Andrei and... Lily, perhaps?"

The man didn't answer the Marquess, he only looks at them with blood shot eyes.

"how dare a Carl like you look at us like that!" said by the heir of the Marquess" hey you! Cut his eyes! "

" stop! That would be too cruel my son..."

The heir looks at his father with confused expression.

The Marquess didn't mind his son's expression, he looks at the man.


He 'tch', he was actually envious of this man, for a commoner to have a handsome looks for a middle age man, a beautiful wife that looks like at her 20's, an appearance of a gentle face with brown hair and blue eyes. And great physics, compared to his appearance, he was quite angry at the same time envious.

"for I am a merciful n.o.ble, I would appreciate it if you accept my offer" said by Marquess Evans " here, your last supper, it's a delicious food that you will rarely find in the street nor the n.o.bles food. Of course, even the royalty didn't know about this."

The tortured man has been free from his chain to make him eat the food in the bowl. When the man looks at the food, his eyes started to wide, and wanted to puke.

" w... What the h.e.l.l... " said by the man with terrifying look" this... Is this what you call food? A human fl-"

before he even finishes his words, Marquess Evans interrupts then started to talk not minding the man expression nor his words.

" My, do you like it? " said by Marquess" it’s really troublesome to get that animal you know? That animal was a mother with 2 daughters with her, they started to run when they saw my knights in the forest, they manage to shot the mother on her feet, but sadly. Her daughters manage to escape. " the Marquess paused" you know, that mother animal has a beautiful appearance, so I let her embrace the moon together with lots of male, of course I was there too... And, it was a splendid performance, the mother died there due to exhaustion, well the body is... There, in front of you... "

The man, was crying with full of despair, he shout out loud while touching the bowl, not long before, they were living peacefully, no n.o.bles will notice their life, in short it’s not worth for the n.o.ble to notice them, not long until their younger daughter manage to use all elements except dark, they hide it to others fear that they will used their daughter for their own greed, they manage to live like that for 3 years, not until this man, the Marquess of house Evans, came in front of them with knights.

He deliberately acts as if wondering what the Marquess doing there, he talks with respect while secretly ask the mother to run with their daughters.

That act was failed, the Marquess ordered the knights to get his wife and his daughters, he tried to fight but knocked out quickly. And then now.

In front of him, is his wife parts.

"are... You... Even a human...?" said by the man with madness, pains, despair "YOU MONSTER! MOTHER f.u.c.kER! YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE a.s.sHOLE!"

Said by the man with full of killing intent, Marquess was got stepped back, he thinks ' how dare him to make me feel like this! ' without saying a word, he only looks at the man then smirked, this sight is splendid to him, the fear before has been changed into feeling of pleasure, a depravity of enjoying a situation like this.


The man said with full of curses and sharp words, he is not able to move, they break his limb to prevent from running, they cut his fingers and full of whip mark on his body, the man lost his reasoning and slowly crawling towards the Marquess, Marquess Evans looking down at the man then said.

"I shall look forward to it, commoner." said by Marquess Evans while smiling then wiping his sweat, then he gave a sign to one of his knights.


Blood scattered everywhere, the body of the man bathed at his own blood, there is a blood on the sword that the knight use. The head of the man rolled at the ground; his expression can be seen at his head. Not even guilt in the eyes of the knight nor to Marquess Evans, can be seen. His son sees this as if he saw something truly remarkable. No one, felt fear, nor guilt for what they did.

" that was truly a splendid father, sadly we didn't able to get their daughters..."

Said by the heir while looking at the dead man.

"do not worry, even if it takes so many years, we will find them, at first I got an eye on his wife, but after I learn about the information of their daughter, I got more excited, I even forgot about what my true purpose... To have a night with his wife... Well, I manage to do it yesterday so I guess I still manage to pull it off. "

" as expected of father. Then, I should prepare myself and go to the forest of no return"

"wait, before you go take this..." said by the Marquess "also, I shall appoint 50 knights to you, 20 of them are elite and retired mercenary. It should be enough for you to survive there."

Said by the Marquess while patting his son's shoulder.

His son whispered to him.

"are they talented? They won't be a burdened right?" said by the heir " what's more, can they be trusted?"

The Marquess's chuckle at him and spoke.

"of course, they can be trusted, ordered them, use them. They're just a mere tool, when they can't be use anymore, disposed of them." said by the Marquess. "also, take this."

The Marquess gave his heir a sword, it's appearance is radiantly beautiful, crimson red blade with a zigzag appearance, it's handle is made up in gold. It gave off a sacred aura.

"is this the sword of our Ghure? I remember his where about can't be found..." said by the heir " only this sword, they found it in standing at the ground..."

"yes, even Ghure didn't survive in the forest of no return, probably those two insolent peasants too." said by the Marquess" never mind that, this sword is called Caladbolg. "

" Caladbolg, you mean the first hero's sword!? "

Said by the heir with full of surprised, and his eyes started to glow.

" Yes, but only a fragment of the real sword"

"what do you mean?" said by the heir.

Marquess Evans touched his mustache and started to think where he should start.

"Caladbolg is the sword of the first hero Gawain, ending the war in the whole continent 200 years ago, after the war, the hero decided to destroy his sword and scattered every fragments of the sword. The sword was destroyed into 7 fragments." he paused a little then continued" and each fragment contains different appearance and powers, that sword that you are holding can nullify any magic, and can increase your speed and strength. "

" where can we find the other fragments? "

" no one can tell where I'd the other fragments but I know the other three kingdoms has one of the fragments of Caladbolg, it's a national treasure my son. "

The heir started to wonder, he put his finger to his lips and raise his eye lens then said.

"then, why is this sword being here, not to the royal family?"

"son, the royal family didn't know that this sword is one of the fragments of Caladbolg, and if they find out. They would do anything just to manage to get a hand of these, did you get what I'm trying to say?"

"!!!" the heir realize what will happen to them" yes! Now I should go! "

" Yes son, kill anything in that forest, it will suitable for your training, remember the knights with you are strong, now go... "

The heir moved out enthusiastically thinking to be a hero just like the first hero. He will have to prepared what he needs and move out tomorrow with a carriage and knights in him...

The Marquess didn't know, a splendid karma will happen to him, and fear and despair will slowly hunt him.


"Ana! Here comes our dinner!" said by Rael with a smile.

"Rael, why vegetables in the fridge again? We've been eating the stock this past 3 days, what happen?"

Ana, notice that something was wrong to Rael, she knew that Rael is kept looking at the window. She finds this disturbing and weird. She felt that something was wrong.

" is there something wrong? "

'are there dangerous being at the outside?', Ana think. Rael looked at her.

Should I tell this to Ana? That in the past three days after we defeat the scorpion dude, there was a being staring at as?

At first, I didn't mind it for I thought it will disappear, but I was completely wrong. The stare somewhere is getting closer, this being might be waiting for a time to attack us, or rather, waiting for us to separate our own way. This is dangerous, I felt like one wrong move can lead us to death.

I tried to let my shadow clone to go outside to check the surroundings, but there's nothing can be seen, except birds’ rabbits and lizards. It feels like that being can conceal itself camouflaging on some object. I don't know... s.h.i.t... I guess I should tell this to Ana.

"Ana, the truth is..."

I explain everything to Ana, she drinks some water and gulfed it down and pa.s.s through to her throat.

"what should we do then?"

Rael can see it, even though Ana was calm her arms are trembling a little bit. It might be too shocked to her, because she is using her mana to spread around 130 ft to know if there is something dangerous is coming... It might be that, her pride was hurt because she has completely confidence on her area sense.

"let's wait... I don't know what to do, this being is getting closer somewhere, and I don't know where that being is." I said" but be ready, if you, yourself can't sense this being then it might be strong, strong enough to take care both of us. "

Ana, looked at Rael this is the first time for her to see him serious, 'don't make a rush choice, patience is what we needed, find a right timing to make a move.', one of Rael teaching of survival. Ana, remember that words, and the next word of those words. In front of her Rael said, "but it is also depending on the situation." she knew, they have no choice but to wait for the enemy to move. She trusts Rael because she knows, they will leave here alive.

A while after, the sky cry loudly, it gave a heavy rain, a large noise of thunder could be heard, the rain drops. .h.i.tting the ground and the roof of the house, to others this is nothing but an ordinary heavy rain but for Rael.

's.h.i.t, in my past life memory, I was watching anime and reading Manga, and this kind of situation where a heavy rain suddenly came and the Mc is in the window looking at the sky. There is only a one thing answer.'

Rael think so.

"oi, oi, oi, seriously?"

Ana, tilted her head to the right side, looking at Rael, thinking what made Rael act nervous.

"isn't this cruel?" said Rael while befuddled. "is this a f.u.c.king joke?"

In this situation only one thing that Rael came to his mind. In their life experience over this year. They never encountered such complicated things; it was full of life of survival and living.

"ah s.h.i.t... Ana, be ready..."

A calm before the storm has been created.

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