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*DASH!!! *

"Ana, use fire Lance!"

"Yes, Rael!"

Ana, use her fire lance, she produced 5 sharp-like icicle shard that came into her own magic circle; around her, then she targets the monster and throw the 5 sharp-like icicle shards towards the monster.

The monster, who looks like a scorpion, its appearance was like a humanoid. Half human, half scorpion, its upper body is a human dark knight, its head is like a human head but even though we can't see it's face due to its helm covering its head, you can see that its mouth has a sharp tooth, like the teeth of an angler fish.

Its lower body is a body of a scorpion, it has eight legs which is also sharp and dangerous, and a tail of a scorpion, which can move by the monster own will.

It tried to escape using its own tremendous speed, that it's hard for you to follow. It's more and much faster than a cheetah in my previous world, but before It escape; I used my shadow to restraint its legs. It struggles but my shadow was able to handle it. Then I created 3 clones and simultaneously attacked the scorpion dude, while Ana's fire lance hit its body then the fire slowly spread out to the monster.


It gave off; a rough eerie scream which can stun you.

'now, we are prepared. That scream of yours is nothing!"

I jumped through mid-air and raise my b.a.s.t.a.r.d sword, then slash the scorpion dud vertically, when my feet touch the ground. I quickly rotate my body and swung my sword horizontally and hit the monster again!

The scorpion dud spurted a blood everywhere, its color is not red, instead it's purple-like blue with a thick smell, it's so strong that if you even want to cover your nose; you'll still able to smell it.

When the scorpion dud monster died, I quickly look for its magi orb. When I finally saw it, it's was an orb with dark violet color. I gave it to Ana because she has storage using her s.p.a.ce magic.

"huuu... Good job Ana..."


She smirked happily then she gave me a piece sign.

It's been 3 years since we live in this forest...

In those 3 years, 1 year ago, Lyn and I change our name. Lyn decided to use her original name that her mother gave to her. While me I change my name to Rael (Rafael), I erase two letters in my name you know?

Just Rael, there's no last name, it's disgusting. We don't even need a last name in the first place. We will live as a commoner but that's fine, I should also prepare everything that we need. Because there's only one year left before we go to that 'Kingdom', we don't even know if we can go inside. We don't have an imperial money, because we live in this forest for 4 years.

In all those 4 years of living here, 3 years ago. Ly- no Ana ask me to teach her how to hunt, how to fight. At first, I am not okay with IT, so I disagree but 2 days after that I agree with her. Why? Can you endure to see your little sister in the corner pouting then stamping the floor and not talking to you for a whole day? NO!

So, I teach her about hunting and fighting, I didn't teach her about magic for I don't have a great aspect in that. So, she self-study, and as I expected. Ana, learn magic by herself without chanting s.h.i.t, and she can easily use wind, fire, s.p.a.ce easily as if she didn't go through hard days’ worth of training.

We decided to go back, I grab the scorpion dud monster and started to walk. Hm?

"Ana, why don't we put this monster into your storage?"

"nice idea, but that's disgusting and I don't want to, why don't you put that thing inside of your shadows then? Probably that will be easy right?"

Hmmmmmm, where is my cute and sweet little sister? Where did she go? I want her back please!

Ana matured a lot, well her mind is already matured since she was a kid, but now her body as well, it's not the same as before, a child body with cute soft skin and a bit chubby face, I can't see it now. Well, she is already 12. But this growth is incredible.

She looks like a young pretty lady, plus her deep purple eyes, platinum blond hair, snow white skin, her lips look red but it's actually pinkish, sharp eye lashes with round eyes. With a nose that perfectly suited on her cute face.

Well, even though her personality changes due to poverty(?), I still love my little sister, even if she gets angry every time I called her "My little sister", she probably don't want me to call her that... Hic, my little sister matured so much...

"hmm, I don't want to... Hmm. Ah!"

suddenly, i had a great idea!

I create three humanoid shadow with a height twice as my height. They took the scorpion dud monster to me and lifted it. The two-shadow clone change its appearance and combine each other and become a two-wheeled hand cart. The other clone lifted the monster and put it on the shadow vehicle then started to walk towards us, while holding the shadow two-wheeled hand cart.

"Rael, I hope that you will be the last person who can do something like that..."

"whatever do you mean? Anyway, why don't you call me brother?"

"you are not my brother and never will be my brother!"

I-ugh... This s.h.i.t hurts a lot that getting headb.u.t.t by a boar...

"why... *sad face*"

I feel like a heavy large object fell down towards me...

"you... Idiot!" she turned her back to me "Hmmp!!!"

Then she walked fast enough for me to follow her.

Haaa... What happen to my little sister...? She's still cute tho...

"Here comes our BBQ boar ribs! "

Ana deliciously ate the BBQ with a satisfied face, man. Seeing her ate like this is more satisfying, but I should start to eat too...

Using soybeet, garlic, salt, onion. Pepper fruit. And also, lemon that I saw last year. I marinated the boar meat yesterday, and put it on the magi refrigerator. And these is the outcome. It's somehow delicious for this world cuisine. We happily ate the meat until nothing is left.

We continue our lives like this to the point it turns into boring days, so as to kill sometime, we hunt and hunt until the refrigerator is full... I actually thought of making a domestic animal but I discard about it... Because we will leave the house someday. We still have 1 more year left. So, I should dry some animal hides for making a leather and sell it.

Ana goes back to our room and lock herself there, while me I practice my dark magic again. Back then, I can only make a shadow clone, a humanoid. And when it separates to my own shadow or the shadows of an object, the clone will start to disintegrate, but now, it can separate itself to some shadows, they will not disintegrate or turn into dust when they got hit by the lights, but it's different now. One single order and they will move accordingly, I can also create a shadow animal, boars, birds, etc.

How did I do that is simple... Making the impossible turn into possible. I turn my dark magic into tangible and intangible type. Like they can hit you but you can't hit em. Of course, it's still weak against light magic, but that's fine. Now, I will prove that shadows one of the dark magic type is also dangerous and worthy to be called 'weapon'. Well. I don't know when I will prove that. I don't even want to be seen. Alas, I forgot to say. I can even hide in the shadow... Maybe I will hide to Ana's shadow. Well, you must be wondering what is inside of the 'Shadows', I tell you... You might be thinking that it's full of darkness, that's what I thought too but I'm completely wrong.

Inside of the shadow is a wide and white rectangular size, with a length of 150 yards and the width of 67 1/2 yards. It's long right? Back then when I discover this, I was amazed and speechless, then I tried to put an object inside of the shadow on a whim and it worked.

Thinking about it now, everything I've done so far seems so easy; an easy task for me and me alone, probably others will find this difficult and I can understand that, if I didn't remember the past 'me', I wouldn't even be able to think like this. Also, 1/4 of the past 'me' memory is slowly coming to me. I can even now remember every name of the villainess, the heroine and also the prince’s name. The others I still don't know.

Lemme introduce the Three's name.

Erica Avril Lavigne, the villainess.

Lily, the heroine who is a commoner who got the scholarship at Amethyst academy (which is the school where the game begins)

And lastly the crown prince, Edmund Adne bartolomew.

The other 4 capturing target, I still don't know their name, nor their face. Same to the other three.

This is quite a headache, well we still have 1 year left, now then what should I do...

3 days has pa.s.s, same lifestyle. d.a.m.n it, is there anything that I can do? Something like a monster suddenly appear near at our house like that!? I'm borrreeeedd!!!

Well, I didn't put it in my heart and I actually hope that it won't happen. That's why I regret it.

Earlier, some part of the forest


A large monster with a height of 11 ft tall, with a weight of 710 pounds, long dark fur, large hump on shoulders, long muzzle, long front legs, long claws, dark eyes, it has a terrifying aura, large scar on its front body, its claws is sharp; sharper than a sword, long sharp teeth. All the monster is terrified on this thing. When it's eyes spot something, it won't stop not until that thing gets the target.


Just like one of the wolves who got target by this monster, it didn't able to escape, completely overwhelm by this monster, the wolf didn’t have a chance to move due to fear.

Just a single glare of this monster, every monster nearby trembled in fear, no monster manages to escape by its claws.

While this large monster enjoying eating other monsters as a food. It's sharp fang pierce through the body of the boar, it gave off, a sound of a flesh that has been forcefully pull out on the body. The hard back of a boar was completely teared up, as if it's only a soft marshmallow that can easily tear apart.

The large monster raises its head with a flesh on its mouth, chewing the flesh slowly while each drop of blood that comes to the flesh hitting the ground... After finishing eating the boar, the large monster start wondering again, looking for a prey, a food that will fill its stomach.

That was the time, the large monster spot something, glaring to its next target, two silhouettes fighting a humanoid scorpion, they manage to defeat it with an excellent cooperation, the large monster only watch the two as if it has its own mind. No, the large monster is smart, it only watches the two silhouettes, where the monster won't be able to see, it erases its presence and followed the two silhouettes. As if studying every move of those two.

The large monster eerily smiled while drooling as if it found its next prey. The large monster only watches the two humans; whole day, not minding the other monster in front of it.

This was the time; a disaster came to their life.

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